10 Industries That Rely On Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing has served as a very lucrative prospect for many industries over the past few years. To make the most from affiliate marketing, an industry must belong to an evergreen category like gaming or should have a massive audience like health, for example. In fact, many businesses rely on affiliate marketing programs for the promotion and advertisement of their products and services. Is your business a lucrative niche for affiliate marketing? Let’s find out if your business belongs to a niche that can benefit from affiliate marketing programs:

# 1 Health And Wellness

Be it weight loss and dieting or fitness and exercise, the health and wellness industry is getting more attention than ever. According to a research by Euromonitor International, the sales in the health and wellness industry hit a record of $1 trillion by the end of the year 2017 in the US alone. Considering the numbers, you can imagine the growth perspectives and opportunities for affiliate marketing programs in the health and wellness industry. Be it a promotion for a Type 2 Diabetes or a trending diet program, affiliate marketing has proven beneficial for the health and wellness industry. To get more insight about the benefits earned, a report by the CDC reveals that the US spent $30 billion on alternative health programs in the year 2012.

#2 Wealth And Money Online

Affiliate marketing programs have benefited many online money makers, generating profits in their respective fields. More and more people engage in online programs and the possibility of making money online. The niche includes blogging, freelancing, virtual assistance and much more. The possibilities are endless. The industry has plenty of services that require promotion and the support of affiliate marketing programs. Also, the industry has witnessed an increased demand all over the globe for online services.

#3 Forex And Entrepreneurship

The Forex industry is a respected and well-known niche that pays a big commission to affiliate marketing programs. In fact, it is the biggest financial market worldwide with a daily turnover of $5 trillion USD. Entrepreneurship is another emerging niche that is relying on affiliate marketing programs for growth. A report by Business Insider reveals that more people are taking up entrepreneurship over the past few years, making it a lucrative affiliate avenue.

#4 Romance And Online Dating

Online dating is gaining more popularity than ever and growing annually by 5%. According to the latest figures, the industry reached a peak of $2 billion revenue in 2017. Regardless of their age, more and more people are engaging in dating websites to seek tips on improving their romantic lives. In fact, senior dating has exploded in 2017 giving a boost to the online dating industry.

#5 Marriage Counselling

Not all couples experience a smooth marriage. Some require counseling to revive the love and understanding a marriage requires. There is a large emerging market in the field of marriage counseling where people turn to look for answers, seek advice and get counseling. It is another industry that largely relies on affiliate marketing for promotion and growth.

#6 Gaming Industry

The gaming industry hit a recorded $91 billion sales last year. You can imagine the popularity and possibilities of affiliate marketing programs in the gaming industry. In fact, the industry is growing at a never-ending pace as more and more gaming platforms such as PC games, e-sports, and downloadable games emerge every month. With new games as well as game accessories being launched frequently, affiliate marketing programs have plenty to promote.

#7 Travel

According to the World Travel And Tourism Council, the travel industry generated a global revenue of $7 trillion in 2016. It is among the fastest growing sectors with popular subsections like adventure travel, budget travel, luxury travel and more. As more and more people are spending money on travel, the industry is relying on affiliate marketing programs for promotion and growth.

#8 Luxury Goods

Amidst a fluctuating economy, there are high-earning people who are spending extravagantly on luxury goods like luxury watches and jewelry. According to a report by The Financial Times, the luxury watch industry has recorded record profits in 2017. The same is true for luxury jewelry brands. According to Forbes, the market for luxury jewelry has been increasing by 5% every year worldwide. The global jewelry market generated a record sale of $250 billion in 2017. And do not forget the high-end range of luxury beauty products like cosmetics, face creams, and hair products. As per a study by EY, the global cosmetic industry has grown by 3.9% over the past 5 years. The luxury goods industry definitely offers lucrative prospects for affiliate marketing programs to attract more customers.

#9 Sports

The love of sports never seems to die. Be it recreational sports or team play, the market is as popular as ever. The annual market for sports goods reaches about $165 billion. The golf market alone has an estimated net worth of about $70 billion. The Fantasy Sports Trade Association claims that fantasy sports make $7 billion alone. Fantasy gaming programs rely heavily on affiliate marketing to attract customers.

#10 Hiking And Camping

Camping has always been among the most popular outdoor activities. In 2015, the sale of camping equipment such as sleeping bags and backpacks reached $2.5 billion. Additionally, over $349 million was spent on tents. From the sale of footwear and clothing to gears and accessories, the industry relies on affiliate marketing programs to spread the word and generate leads.

All of the above-listed industry niches have generated most of their leads from affiliate marketing programs. These industry sectors have proven lucrative for effective affiliate marketing. Do you own a business belonging to any of these industry niches? Engage in affiliate marketing to find out how your business can benefit from affiliate marketing programs.