10 Marketing Development Techniques To Build Sales

Marketing in the present day is a holistic function that does not restrict itself to the mere selling of goods and services. Marketers have to take the responsibility of building an unique edge in the product or service that can remove the pain points of customers. The selling channels used must be impactful, cost-effective and scalable. Every marketing development campaign must be analysed for optimum performance. Following these simple measures will get those dollars flowing in and sharpen your sales revenue curve.

#1 Personalize Your Content

Dump the one-size-fits-all approach and adopt a personalized content strategy. Content is the heart of digital marketing and publishing customer-appropriate content is the way to earn their approval. For example, based on user demographics, like occupation and age, fully-customized landing pages will lead to the better performance of online marketing efforts. When customers find what they want with the least effort, they are most likely to close-in. Instead of crowding those web pages with heavy promotional content, engage the readers with fresh, generic and non-promotional content to educate and engage them.

#2 Provide A Smooth User Experience Online

Website usability, besides enhancing the duration of time spent online by your leads, is also a major factor that affects your search engine rankings. Usage of appropriate content, placement of Call To Action buttons in a visible and easily accessible manner and provision of clear navigation facilities will increase the usability of your websites. Using infographics will engage online audiences better. Use live chat to help visitors on difficult questions. On the technical side, watch out for dead links and constantly work towards improving loading speed.

#3 Connect Through Social Media

The power of the social has become so strong that no business can earn sustainable profits unless it connects with its target markets through social media. Social media marketing development has become a full-fledged domain requiring complete and dedicated attention. Providing social media links on all important marketing communication is a crucial step in earning mileage for your social media presence. Providing customer service through social media will improve brand credibility and customer satisfaction. It is an excellent way to enhance the development of user generated content.

#4 Provide Impeccable Customer Service

Post sales, a valuable opportunity presents itself in the form of customer service, to keep customers coming back. Empathetic customer service, not only leads to an increase in the lifetime value of customers, but also in brand value. A happy customer is bound to spread positive messages in social circles about the customer service provided by your organization. Fix the KPIs of your customer service team around customer satisfaction. Ensure that they gain sound knowledge of the internal  business processes so that the escalation of queries is minimized.

#5 Study And Analyse Customer Behaviour

It is a trending marketing philosophy to educate the customer first and sell next. This follows from the simple logic that an educated purchase is more likely to satisfy customers. Customer satisfaction leads to sales maximization. Publishing blogs, articles, white papers, newsletters, conducting workshops, webinars and other online events are all ways of educating a customer. Customers with full knowledge of your mission and concept can become brand ambassadors who can carry the message to newer markets. Analysing user behaviour over your website helps in behavioural retargeting based on their last online activity.

#6 Put A Powerful Remarketing Campaign In Place

Loyalty leads to maximized sales from existing customers. This marketing development technique has gained popularity because acquisition has become very expensive. Existing customers are easier to sell to. Maintaining cordial relationships with them by connecting with them on memorable occasions, offering gifts, discounts and subsidies and in short, any gesture to celebrate their loyalty is a huge addition to your sales figure. Extending preferential treatment to existing customers and according them special privilege leads to the maximization of their lifetime value to your business.

#7 Optimize Products And Services

Optimization of products includes making required value additions in the products so that useful attributes are built in them. When customers find their needs addressed in a single product or service, they come shopping for the same thing, time and again. Product optimisation is the result of product and market research. It leads to a substantial reduction in the cost of production and distribution which are eventually passed on to the end users. This is achieved by way of competitive product pricing.

#8 Carry Out Competitor Intelligence

An eye on the competition is always recommended to keep up sustainable sales. Competitor marketing strategy analysis can bring to light new and potential opportunities while preventing the loss of existing opportunities. Any unhealthy practises by competitors to snatch your customers also comes to light. By conducting systematic and regular intelligence on competitors, their product lines, marketing development techniques and pricing strategies, it is possible to increase sales in a consistent manner.

#9 Developing Responsive Web Designs

Your online content must lend itself to good readability over different formats and screen sizes. A single layout that adjusts itself to various reading screens such as smartphones, tablets and even smart watches is a responsive web design. It helps in tapping customers on the go when they are most likely to make impulsive shopping decisions.

#10 Boost The SEO Capabilities Of Your Online Presence

The aim of all marketing activities is to secure a prominent position over search engine result pages. Developing unique and rich content, building websites with positive UX, influential social media presence and link-building are all some of the rewarding SEO practices followed in digital marketing.

More than selling, these marketing development techniques shadow customer association through every step of their journey, meeting and surpassing their expectations. This defines and enhances the brand-building process. Only when a customer is convinced as to the unique and competitive nature of the product will they remain loyal to the brand and keep contributing to the sales figures of your business.