5 Things That Affiliate Marketing Companies must Remember in the Age of Mobile!

The most successful affiliate marketing companies today use new strategies and techniques for reaching more of their target audiences. They also use modern tactics that can increase their conversions and customer acquisition rates. That’s because they know how smartphones and the mobile Web are continuing to significantly affect the content viewing preferences, shopping habits and Web surfing activities of their ideal prospects.

Aside from these smartphones and the mobile Web, you should also keep an eye out for new technological breakthroughs and industry trends. Remember, as new platforms and devices are used more frequently by larger groups of people worldwide, a lot of much newer technologies and industry trends suddenly pop up from everywhere. For example, the massive adoption of the mobile Web and the popular launches of various smartphone models across many countries also resulted to the boom of social media and video on demand (VoD) platforms. This is a continuing trend with the release of each new smartphone model and more modern offers for mobile Internet connectivity.

Now more than ever, some Youtubers and social media influencers are earning lots of profits from their collaboration with affiliate marketing companies. Many of them are affiliates of merchants whose products are aligned to the interests, needs and preferences of their regular viewers, subscribers, mobile app users, community members, fans and followers.

More affiliate companies, social media influencers, mobile app developers, businesses, product manufacturers and content publishers aren’t as successful as those that effectively continue to optimize their affiliate marketing campaigns today. If you’re one of these affiliates and merchants that need a lot of help when it comes to tweaking your campaigns to best suit the modern needs, interests and preferences of your smartphone and mobile Web-driven target markets, then here’s a brief list of the top things that you should look out for this year and beyond:

5 Things Affiliate Marketing Companies Should Be Reminding Their Merchants This Year

  1. More people around the world are now using their smartphones and other mobile devices instead of their desktops and laptops when accessing the Web. This means an affiliate marketing company like TalkingAds Limited that knows what they’re doing should be able to effectively guide their merchants and affiliates on how to optimize the mobile responsiveness of their Web properties. They should also be able to assist them in creating content that’s aligned to the mobile viewing preferences and specific device models of their ideal prospects.
  1. Mobile app usage makes up a significant percentage of Web usage all around the world. This is now at an average of 82.5%. This translates to 7 out of every 8 minutes of Internet usage. The remaining minute is used by this large group of users globally for their Web surfing activities through the Internet browsers in their smartphones and mobile devices. This means the right affiliate marketing company should be able to guide their merchants and affiliates on how to fully utilize their mobile apps for their campaigns.
  1. Affiliate marketing companies should remind their merchants and affiliates that less than 40% of ecommerce sales are done through mobile. After learning about the things described earlier, this means you’ll be able to drive more targeted traffic to your offers from your mobile app marketing campaigns. But you’ll get lower conversions and customer acquisition rates when you send your mobile traffic straight to your ecommerce platform. So an affiliate marketing company should be able to help you create campaigns that aim to convert traffic into leads, then warm leads to ecommerce sales.
  1. More criminal syndicates and spammers are targeting merchants for their malicious activities. Their objective is to use the payment platforms of merchants for running stolen credit cards. Their purpose is to collect commissions and run away as soon as complaints from users, chargebacks and refund requests come rolling in. That’s why an affiliate marketing company should be constantly updating and fortifying their vetting processes and security systems.
  1. Social media participation makes up a significant percentage of the regular mobile activities of users all around the world. They hang out in their favorite social media platforms to communicate with their peers, post content, participate in the hottest discussions among their social groups, ask for recommendations and so on. This is why an affiliate marketing company that knows what they’re doing should be able to help you effectively optimize your advertising and marketing campaigns through the most widely used social media platforms by your target audiences. They should also be able to use the relevant details of your ideal viewer profile to enhance your ads, organic content, offers, pre-sell and sales content in these social networks.

These are the most important things that marketing companies should remind their merchants and affiliates. By keeping an eye out for this stuff, you’ll be able to improve the results of your campaigns, regardless if you’re a merchant or an affiliate. Also keep in mind that among the most important things in your advertising and marketing strategies is to really get to know your target audiences.

You won’t be able to reach them in the exact mobile apps, social media platforms and other Web places where they hang out if you don’t do this. You won’t also be able to present captivating ads, enticing content and compelling offers if you don’t know their relevant interests, needs, content viewing preferences, lifestyles, shopping habits, Web surfing activities and hobbies. This can also go a long way when it comes to the benefits that you can get when you spy on what your top competitors are doing on those places and the details of their best performing campaigns at the moment.

If you’re just in the process of looking for the right affiliate marketing companies that can help you realistically do these things, don’t forget to start out with a short term subscription once you find the best one in your shortlist. That’s because you should focus on validating if they can really produce the results that you want. You’ll also be able to monitor the smallest details in your campaigns based on the results that you get. This allows you to scale up the things that are working well and to drop those that are just wasting your time, money and resources. Plus, doing this enables you to move over to your next affiliate marketing agency candidate without spending too much time and money, in case your top choice doesn’t deliver on their guarantees.