5 Website Marketing Tips for Startups that Cost Less Than $100!

Website marketing is an important component of most startups today. That’s because this offers lots of ways to tactically reach your target customers while competing against large establishments with deeper pockets. After all, almost all of your ideal prospects are bound to spend significant amounts of time each day on the Internet. They’re using a variety of Web tools and platforms for viewing the content that they want, for communicating with their peers, for buying anything they need and for conveniently performing their regular activities.

Because of the unprecedented popularity of smartphones and the mobile Web, the right online marketing and advertising campaigns can drastically improve your reach across your target markets. That’s because many of your ideal customers are likely to spend more time on the Web than ever before because of these technological breakthroughs. Remember, their devices are in their pockets. So it goes wherever they are. Any time of the day, their smartphones and pocket gadgets are within their reach. Now imagine what you can do when you develop and successfully execute the most suitable campaigns for your target audiences.

Another crucial factor to consider is how content can suddenly go viral today. That’s mainly due to the tremendous popularity of social media platforms on the Internet. The biggest ones are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. There are also lots of massive TalkingAds Limited Web communities that are dedicated to topics and discussions about niche topics and industries. You’re bound to find several of these social groups on the Web where significant numbers of your target customers are hanging out on a regular basis. When you develop the right content and correctly implement timely tactics for your campaigns in these social media platforms, you can effectively position your brand and generate viral marketing results for your latest offers and newest products.

But how can website marketing enable your startup to strategically compete against established companies and multinationals in your target niches and in the industry where your business operates? After all, startups aren’t likely to have large amounts of time, energy and money at their disposal. It’s also unlikely for many startups all around the world to have the right type of experience, talent resources and network connections to give these industry giants a run for their money.

Well, think about all the startups that continue to beat larger companies and international business establishments. For example, many game development firms are still scratching their heads time and again. That’s when they see much smaller independent startups and even individual developers dominating their target user markets, hands down. Strategic Internet marketing is a primary component of the successes of these groups.

So to help you start out on the right foot — Found below are five of the most cost-effective Web marketing tactics this year. Lots of successful startups are continuing to produce significant bottom-line results from these tactics. In fact, you can do each of these things even with just under $100 to spare!

Strategic Website Marketing Tactics This Year Under $100

  1. Social Media Advertising — Through this website marketing strategy, you can initially develop and regularly update the details of your ideal customer profile and at the same time introduce your newest offers and position your startup brand across your ideal markets. Yes, all that for under $100. What you can do is create an advertising campaign in any of the most popular social media platforms for your target prospects. Design your campaigns in certain ways that enable you to collect relevant information.

Remember, these details should not just allow you to know the relevant activities, interests, preferences and habits of your target audience. Instead, your campaigns should also be designed to compel your ideal prospects to give you their contact details or to become fans and followers of your social media pages. A lot of startups are successfully building their subscriber lists and follower base by offering irresistible opt-in offers. This is where your target customers should feel more than willing to exchange their contact details for what you’re pitching.

  1. Video Marketing — Lots of your target customers and ideal prospects are likely to hang out in some of the biggest video repositories on the Web today, such as Youtube. Large numbers of them are also expected to spend considerable amounts of time in these platforms on a regular basis. So with $100, you can create a Youtube channel, publish some brief captivating videos with enticing content that can strategically position your startup brand across your target audiences.

You can implement certain website marketing tactics to optimize the visibility of your video content for your ideal prospects. For example, using tags for your videos that are similar or at least relevant to some of the most popular videos in the same platform for your target audiences can be very beneficial for your startup business. That’s because in video repositories like Youtube, it’s likely for your videos to be included in the recommended list of other videos that’s displayed beside these popular ones. So this is an effective way to funnel the traffic that those videos get straight to your own videos. Just don’t forget to integrate tactics that can compel your viewers to your landing pages, opt-in offers and social media pages.

  1. Niche Content Marketing — Guest blogging, syndication and cross publication strategies across significant channels can allow you to cost-effectively reach more of your target audience. For example, communicating with a blog network that focuses on serving content to your ideal markets will enable you to forge mutually beneficial publication and syndication deals with them. You’re advised to do this by finding publishers that aren’t directly competing in your niches and in the industry where your startup operates. Instead, you should zone in on a network of bloggers that are serving content to vertically relevant niche markets.

You’re also recommended to integrate social media nuances into your content marketing materials. Especially ones that are most relevant to the current content viewing preferences, interests and habits of your ideal prospects and target customers. Remember, you want your viewers to share your stuff and talk about your brand across the social groups, online communities and peer networks where they hang out. You can do this for under $100 per month, which is normally sufficient for a startup to generate significant results.

  1. Softsell Brand Positioning in Relevant Online Communities & Social Groups — This is a vital component of website marketing, according to many successful startups in a wide variety of countries all around the world. They claim that aside from enabling them to reach their intended market segments and strategically communicate their marketing messages without sounding too salesy, many of them also manage to entice investors, partners and co-marketing prospects to contact them and look closer at possible mutually beneficial opportunities. By hiring freelancers with suitable skills, knowledge and experience in your target niches, vertical industries and the markets where your business competes — You’ll be able to tactically position your brand across popular online communities, social groups and the like with lots of active members in your ideal markets. This is doable with less than $100 per month, as many successful startups continue to do this year.
  1. Email Advertising & Marketing — Aside from building your own subscriber list through compelling opt-in offers as described earlier, you can search for other list owners in directly and vertically relevant niches and industries. Of course, zone in on ones that are most significant to the current interests and habits of your target audience. What you can do is test out small email ad campaigns where their subscribers will be able to see links to your landing pages, social media content and opt-in offers. For under $100, you’ll be able to verify the results that you can get from the subscriber lists of certain owners. You can then trim down your list of email advertising prospects accordingly.

Keep these 5 tips in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to producing much better results from your campaigns for your startup. All that for under $100!