Affiliate Campaign Management in the Gambling Industry

Some things are common among businesses, regardless of industry. It’s all about bottom-line results. They want more targeted traffic. They want higher conversion rates. They want better sales margins. And, that’s exactly where an affiliate campaign management firm comes in.

Affiliate marketing, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a system where an advertiser partners up with a publisher. In this setup, your gambling business is the advertiser. On the other hand, publishers are content developers, app creators, website owners, social media influencers, online community administrators and other brands or establishments. The reason they’d want to partner up with you is the commissions they can earn. And, your primary benefit from this arrangement is the chance for them to recommend your latest offers to their regular viewer traffic, users, subscribers, members and to the networks of their co-marketing partners.

That’s why you need to carefully select your affiliates. Pitching your offers to a bunch of people with little interest in what you’re doing just won’t cut it. You’ll be wasting your time and resources. And so will your affiliates.

But do you know your ideal affiliates? Where are they? Can you convince them to sign up as your partners? Well, someone does. And, it’s the right affiliate campaign management provider.

Advantages of Working with Affiliate Campaign Management Agencies for Your Gambling Business

  1. Instant Access to a Ready Pool of the Right Affiliates – An affiliate marketing firm has this. They grow and nurture a community of affiliates. They also specialize in the gambling industry. Their network is full of publishers that operate in niches similar to yours.

They have the right subscribers, viewers, fans, followers, users and members. Their traffic is likely to have interests, habits, content viewing preferences, hobbies and lifestyles relevant to your brand and current offers.

Imagine the time and money you can save when you work with an affiliate management firm. They’ll even help you customize your offers for their affiliate network. Won’t this likely give you lots of sign-ups?

The right affiliate campaign management provider can also help optimize your offers. This can give better mutual benefits for your gambling business and your partners.

  1. Quick Affiliate Setup & Easy Collaboration Maintenance – Setting up your own platform to collaborate with your affiliates can take a lot of time. And a lot of money. We aren’t even talking about securing your technical back and front end processes! Well, at least not at the same level of what a reputable affiliate management firm can do for you.

You need quick and easy ways for your partners to sign up to your affiliate programs and log into your platform. They then need to conveniently view real time campaign results, download your marketing materials, access helpful resources and communicate with you while logged in.

Do you know how much time, money and technical expertise you’d need for all these? We haven’t even factored in all required tests and optimizations. So if waiting for a long time, or spending too much money, or tearing your hair out just to resolve technical bugs, or letting opportunities pass you by, or any combination of these bad things isn’t your cup of tea — It might be in your best interest to find the right affiliate campaign management firm that can do all these for your gambling business.

  1. Ready Access to Secure Payment Systems, Commission Tracking & Payouts – The gambling industry is notorious for giving businesses like yours a hard time just to get a merchant account. And, you’d probably end up with a high risk account that’ll take a huge chunk of your sales from your business! Plus, it’s even more challenging for your gambling business to get a merchant account that comes with an affiliate commission tracking and payout system.

More payment options for customers can produce higher conversions and sales. Many businesses in the gambling industry have proven this, now more than ever. That’s because some gamblers want the privacy that crypto currencies can offer, and others prefer the convenience of using their banking systems.

But did you know that the gambling industry is also notorious for being a prime target of cyber criminal syndicates? Veteran affiliate campaign management providers know this. So do seasoned affiliates in relevant niches. A lot of gambling businesses and their merchant account providers are constantly being victimized by these malicious groups. They pose as legit affiliates, run stolen credit cards through their affiliate links, collect commissions and disappear once chargebacks come.

That’s why you need a secure payment system for your customers. You also need transparent commission tracking and payout scheduling processes for your affiliates. Of course, you also need an air-tight way to filter bad affiliates from the good ones. And, you can get these from a reputable affiliate campaign management agency.

  1. Cost-Effective Affiliate Retention Services for Better Repeat Sales Margins – Remember, many affiliate management firms are consistently competing for the attention of high performing affiliates. So do other gambling businesses with access to the same networks.

And did you know that it’s 6 to 10 times more expensive for a business to get a paying client? Considering that an affiliate is a client since they invest in their campaigns to earn commissions by pitching your offers to their traffic — This also applies to your affiliate management needs.

Plus, are you aware that it’s 60 to 70% more likely for an existing customer to buy a new product from the same brand? Yes, this also applies to affiliates. Because it’s much better for you to continue working with your high performing affiliates for your future offers, an affiliate firm can help you retain your existing partners for a long time. They can also guide you on how to optimize your current and future offers, in order for your affiliates to stick with you for the long term.

These are the primary benefits that an affiliate campaign management firm can offer your gambling business. Just make sure to carefully choose the right provider. You can do this by considering the things above while searching for an ideal agency. Don’t forget to run small tests, just to know that you’re on the right track without blowing too much time and money.