Affiliate Marketing Programs For Small Online Startups!

Affiliate marketing programs are great for a startup or anyone else who wants to grow their business quickly.

If you’ve been on the internet for the last few years then you’ll have know doubt have seen or heard of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, also referred to as Performance Marketing is a great cost effective sales strategy for small or medium sized online startups.

This type of marketing basically boils down to an arrangement between an online retailer and a third-party. The online retailer, pays a commission to the third-party or “affiliate” for traffic and conversions generated from its referral traffic.

In a recent survey, nearly 90 percent of advertisers said affiliate marketing programs were important to their overall marketing strategy.

With that in mind, here are our top affiliate marketing companies for online businesses.

  1. Fluent

Fluent works with more than 500 top brands to achieve new customer acquisition at-scale. Fluent fuses hardcore data science with human interaction in measurable ways. The affiliate marketing programs offer a suite of marketing solutions focused on qualified audiences rather than vanity metrics. Fluent captures 6 million survey responses from more than 500,000 users daily through one-on-one conversations.

  1. Performance Horizon

Performance Horizon is an affiliate marketing and partner management platform which allows companies to work directly with  global, mobile, and online publisher partners to drive sales. Performance Horizon supports your marketing strategies from more than 150 offices around the world. The software provides performance measurement and tracking, growth through analytics, and settlement in currencies all over the world. By leveraging the platform you can make payouts to affiliates based on performance, enabling you to scale sales through online marketing partners and affiliates.

  1. Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window leverages market-leading technology to help retailers grow their online presence through affiliate marketing programs. The platform boasts proprietary solutions, partner directories for greater collaboration and suites for comprehensive reporting. Part of the Zanox Group, the company is an established player and has a leading global network with 13 offices worldwide. Affiliate Window is committed to compliance and this service provides you with a suite of tools to protect against fraud.

  1. Impact Radius

Impact Radius’ global affiliate marketing programs are disrupting traditional affiliate network models. The company are boldy empowering marketers and agencies by providing the technology to track and optimize partnerships in a new way.

Unique in the affiliate space, Impact Radius allows brands to align programs with their own business objectives and gain unique insights into the value of each partnership.The technology allows marketers to capture and analyze results across all marketing channels to intelligently optimize marketing spend. With industry innovation a key value at Impact Radius, it’s not surprising that they recently secured $30 million in growth funding from Silversmith Capital Partners.

  1. Button

One of the best contextual commerce platforms on the market, Button connects mobile apps and sites from leading publishers, from Conde Nast to Huffington Post. Button makes affiliate spend more efficient by optimizing performance and rewards based on a customer’s purchase history.

The software works by driving valuable acquisition from publishers to relevant mobiles apps. For example, while reading a Conde Nast Traveler article about an exotic destination an integrated button ad allows the user to browse deals relevant to the article. In this example, the Conde Nast Traveller article could be paired with  exotic resorts on, once a user clicks the ad  they are sent directly to the app.

  1. Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners combines sophisticated strategy with high-quality account management. This drives profitable customer acquisition at scale for businesses using the platform.

The Acceleration Partners unique platform is already leading the next generation of affiliate marketing. Known for being industry leaders in the following: affiliate recruitment and engagement, campaign design, execution, attribution as well as reporting.

  1. JVZoo

Named by Inc among the ‘5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America’ for 2016 and 2017 and with six years of experience JVZoo affiliate marketing programs are doing everything right. It’s one of the few platforms which allows product creators to list their products in the marketplace for free. Whatsmore JVZoo gets a standard 5% commission on anything that sells – and nothing before that.

8.CJ Affiliate

One of the biggest affiliate platforms online, if you’ve worked in the online marketing space then you’ve probably come across them.

CJ Affiliate has been around for over 10 years and it shows! With affiliate programs from nearly every major retailer eign signed up to the platform. Many of  the partners have lots of creative ads and various affiliate link options, which gives you more control of the offers you can submit or chose to show on your own website.

The platform is known for their reliable payments with a net-20 payment term policy, meaning you’ll get your commission paid out in a timely manner each and every month. They also boast an impressive analytics suite with powerful reporting options, which is a huge advantage for business owners who plan to spend their time optimizing for sales performance.

  1. Amazon Associates

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the retail giant, Amazon, and their affiliate marketing programs.The largest affiliate marketing program out there, with products from more than 1.5 million sellers. Even more impressive is that anything purchased through any Amazon affiliate link can generate sales, from kids toys to laptops.

The great thing about Amazon’s associates program, is that even beginners with very limited technical expertise will have no problem getting up and running on this platform. But there are still bells and whistles for experienced marketers too, with the ability to create custom tools and websites with APIs and advanced implementations available to them as well.

The only major downside of the Amazon affiliate network is the commission structure. Commission percentages differ by category and can range between as low as 2.5% and as high as 9%

  1. ShareASale

ShareASale has a large partner network with 4,000+ sellers. However, size isn’t everything, this platform boasts over 1,000 sellers that are unique and exclusive to the platform. ShareASale is clean and simple design makes it extremely easy to evaluate the best deals based on metrics when browsing offers to find your perfect match.

Affiliate marketing programs aren’t over yet and there’s no sign of them slowing down. Make sure you’re forging connections with an ideal partner through one of our favourite affiliate marketing platforms because with a sound relationship, you’ll grow together.