Affiliate Marketing Programs That Allow you to Start your Own Business!

Affiliate marketing programs are a very efficient way for bloggers and website owners to earn a good side income and gradually a full time income. The easiest and most lucrative platforms are social media sites that are the best for affiliate marketing campaigns. The best way to start an affiliate marketing program is to think about your favourite products, brands, apps or tools in your day to day routine. Some of these brands will definitely offer affiliate partnership programs.

Research brands, products, target their selling points, and join the best program. The next step is to create an effective affiliate marketing program. One should take care that the program offers enough choices to compete with established affiliates.

Just try launching a few trial campaigns and wait for their results. You will eventually know what brings money to your account. Give it a try and know the skills that you possess from affiliate marketing programs.

There are a lot of affiliate marketing programs available in the industry but they are not all equal. Here are a few affiliate marketing programs which are the most popular and can be a great side income source:

  1. ClickBank: This is one of the major affiliate marketers with around 200 million customers. They partner mostly with eBooks. A person who is new to this field can get started by creating a new account or signing up for free. This is particularly great for startups. ClickBank is also known to have a higher commission rate than other affiliate marketers. There is also a ClickBank university where they teach all about affiliate marketing for people who are new to this field.
  1. ShareASale: This affiliate marketer has a longstanding reputation for over eighteen years. Awin acquired them last year, who themselves are reputed international affiliate marketers. They have a vast category of products ranging from beauty products to branded sports equipment and gear, from luxury goods to eyewear etc. They have almost 5000 vendors which makes it easy to choose a particular product to link to your affiliate marketing program. ShareASale also has no signup cost and is easy to register. The only drawback of ShareASale is the payout. It is difficult to reach a threshold of $50 for new websites.
  1. Amazon Affiliates: As all of us are very familiar with Amazon, by buying a lot of products already, it is easy to partner with them in their Amazon Affiliates program. Also, Amazon sells anything that you can name, so you can be sure that there is going to be a product that is relevant to your website and that you will be able to link to your website for an affiliate marketing program. They also offer a free sign up and once they accept you to the program, you are free to sell any Amazon product without getting into any individual program. They also give you commissions on products that are sold within 24 hours of referral from your website, apart from the commission on the particular product that you sold through the link on your website. Here too however, it is difficult to generate large profits because of varied commission rates on products of different categories.
  2. Google Affiliate Network: This is a pay per action network that helps advertisers increase their performance online and gather income through good traffic on affiliate ads. It pays affiliates for converting sales or leads. You need to have a Google Adsense account to post ads to affiliate websites or blogs and facilitating affiliate payments
  3. MaxBounty: This is a well reputed affiliate marketing platform that was founded for paying higher commissions to its affiliates. It is a popular network among top affiliate marketers and is known to pay affiliate commissions on weekly basis. It appeared sixth in the 2012 Blue Book of Top 20 CPA networks.
  4. CJ Affiliate: This was formerly known as Commission Junction in 1998, and now is a popular affiliate marketing program with a global reach. It is different in the way that that it features Product Widgets that can be integrated with your website and you can feature a lot of products at the same time through a slideshow or a collage of images that relate to your products. This is an excellent feature to increase sales. There are also several other features like deep link automation that leads to real time transaction monitoring. These come with a few drawbacks that might be a problem for some users. The application process is a little tricky. You need to first apply through your website which has to qualify based on traffic, optimization and content quality. Then you need to apply to individual vendors whose products you want to sell on your website. They may or may not accept you in their individual affiliate program, which is a hurdle in using this particular affiliate marketing program.
  1. ClixGalore: this is another Pay per action affiliate network that is available globally but is originally from Australia. It offers various types of programs like Pay per impression, Pay per lead, Pay per sale and Pay per click. This allows the users to try their luck in any of the programs to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Affiliate networks carry out programs for individual merchants and handle all the work involved. These tools can be helpful to fine tune the line of products that you decide to promote on your website and increase revenue.