At What Point in Your Business Journey Do You Call in an Internet Marketing Service?

An Internet marketing service provider that knows what they’re doing won’t just try and pitch their offers to every business that comes their way. Instead, they’ll carefully study what the prospect is currently doing. This is to clearly identify which stages and areas would they be able to significantly help in boosting the bottom-line results of the business. After all, an expert service provider knows that this is the right way to grow and nurture a mutually beneficial business to business (B2B) partnership.

The primary reason for this is that some businesses are best left alone by an Internet marketing agency for the time being, especially considering the development stages and growth or expansion phases that they’re going through at the moment. There are even instances where the services of an online marketing company can negatively affect what the business is currently doing, no matter if they have been proven to cost-effectively improve the campaigns of many other businesses for the past several years.

It’s best for you to start out by clearly knowing the different development stages of a business. That’s before you can identify the ideal areas where an Internet marketing agency can greatly help out. And, here’s a fundamental step by step business and marketing development plan for a variety of niches and industries today:

Different Stages of a Business Where an Internet Marketing Service Provider Can Come In

First is ideation. This is where a group aims to generate creative ways to identify an industry with underserved niche markets that have immediate demands for things that they can provide. For example, the technology industry has several underserved niche markets, like independent groups in various agricultural sectors of developing countries, such as rice farmers.

Now, an aspiring entrepreneur should be able to conduct niche market research and factor in relevant industry trends during this phase of the ideation stage for his or her business. This is where an Internet marketing service provider can come in. They have resources with significant expertise and authority knowledge for researching and analyzing certain underserved niche markets in an industry whose immediate demands remain unsatisfied to a significant extent.

Using the example described earlier, an online marketing agency can identify certain technological trends that are likely to enable the entrepreneur to effectively serve large groups of independent farmers in developing countries. There’s blockchain technology and crowd lending, for example, as well as artificial intelligence, machine learning and mobile tech. Through their research data and analytical outputs, an Internet marketing service provider can inform the entrepreneur that the main problems of these farmers are limited credit resources to fund their production efforts, the lack of knowledge in knowing which tools to use for improving their yield and minimizing their losses, and non-existent direct access to independent transporters and retailers.

Second is the research and development stage. This is not to be confused with the initial research that must be done during ideation. Now, this is also where an Internet marketing service provider can significantly help out.

As with the example above, the resources of an online marketing agency can validate which of the identified technological trends are better suited to create products and services that can benefit the target niche market of independent farmers in developing countries. They’ll also be able to perform accurate competitor analytics, in order to know what’s already in the market at the moment, and the reasons why the target niche market remains under-served even with these currently available solutions. This allows them to pinpoint problem areas and bottlenecks in those products, which they can then use to help the entrepreneur to avoid the same mistakes.

Now, the first levels of the development phase is also where an Internet marketing company can help a start-up business. Through their market research expertise, industry knowledge and analytical outputs, they can provide insights that can optimize the business model development as well as the product design campaigns of an entrepreneur.

However, an online marketing agency is best used as an on-call resource during the time that entrepreneurs are developing their business models and products. These are normally internal processes that can take a lot of time and effort.

Third is marketing development. This comes after the proper implementation, testing and improvement of the business model’s back and front end processes for selling their current and future products, supporting their customers and generating repeat sales. This is exactly where the right marketing service provider can greatly help.

This stage starts out with developing an integrated brand positioning, advertising and marketing campaign across traditional and modern networks. In this phase, a consistent image and voice is created for the business, which should then be implemented into all branding materials, ads and content that the business will use for promoting their products and service offers across their target market segments. Traditional networks include television, radio and print, while modern channels are online platforms, social media networks, mobile app repositories and the like.

An Internet marketing provider can then start to identify B2B opportunities for cross-sales, up-sales and affiliate partnerships. This is where ideal co-marketing groups are identified and convinced to sign up and forge mutually beneficial arrangements with your business.

Afterwards, an online marketing agency can also help optimize the customer retention and repeat sales campaigns of your business. For them to do this, they can use the timely details of your ideal customer profile, as well as the customer support data that your agents can provide them.

These are the main fundamental stages of business, product and marketing development. By remembering these things, you’ll be able to spot the best Internet marketing service provider that can help you out with your start-up business, or with your already existing establishment. Don’t forget to initially test the value of your chosen online marketing agency before investing more significant amounts of your time and money. You can do this by starting out with small pilot arrangements where you can constantly monitor and track the results of your partnership with your chosen provider.