Five TalkingAds Affiliate Marketing Agency Rules for Identifying Quality Affiliates

Choosing an affiliate is as crucial for any business as hiring a brand ambassador. That’s because in the minds of many of your ideal prospects and target customers, all the promotional activities of your co-marketing partners for your business will be associated with your brand. Plus, even the things that they do when they aren’t promoting your products and offers are still likely to be related in more ways than one to your business by your target audiences. So now, you wouldn’t want affiliates with unethical or downright illegal promotional practices to join your co-marketing network, would you? That’s exactly among the primary reasons why the TalkingAds affiliate marketing agency implements effective vetting and pre-qualification processes when they’re helping their clients build and nurture their affiliate and B2B (business to business) networks.

For example, let’s say you’re a retail software development company with a newly launched product. If you don’t have strict pre-qualification procedures to filter your co-marketing partners, then you could end up with affiliates that use email spamming tactics to blindly promote their download links to your products with their unique affiliate IDs to as many users as possible. This can badly taint the reputation of your brand. Sometimes, these disastrous effects can turn out to be very difficult and costly to reverse. Simply put, you can lose significant traction across your ideal niche markets.

There are certain instances that can be way worse than ending up with spammers in your affiliate network. That’s when criminal syndicates manage to infiltrate your co-marketing platform. They often use stolen data from other businesses to camouflage themselves as legitimate co-marketing groups. Once they join your network, they’ll then run stolen credit cards and hacked online banking information to purchase your products through their affiliate links. They’ll then disappear once they’ve collected sizeable commissions from you.

Chargebacks and legal investigations are bound to come up in the next few weeks or so, you could end up losing your merchant account. Since it’ll be quite difficult for you to get a merchant account from other payment processors, you won’t be able to offer any standard payment option to your legitimate customers. You won’t also have cookie and payment tracking options to offer your legitimate affiliates when this happens. Plus, you’ll be forced to pay chargeback fees, penalties and the like, not to mention all the expenses of having your legal counsel defend you from associated claims (both from the real owners of those stolen financial accounts and your payment processor).

You can avoid all these serious problems when you work with the TalkingAds affiliate marketing agency. They implement the following 5 rules whenever they’re customizing the vetting and pre-qualification processes for the affiliate and B2B sourcing campaigns of their clients:

Important Rules of the TalkingAds Affiliate Marketing Agency for Filtering Affiliates

  1. Credibility — TalkingAds knows the importance of asking for authentic and timely details from affiliates who want to join the networks of their clients. So they require applicants to submit clear notarized copies of filled out forms with their valid government-issued IDs and bank statements. This is to verify their identities and business registrations if available. For those who don’t have any registered businesses, they ask for receipts and domain registration documents to prove that they own the Web properties they include in their application forms.
  1. Reputation — TalkingAds also makes it a point to review the digital properties of applicants, such as their blogs, websites, social media pages, third party content repository channels, mobile apps and so on. They scour the Web for fresh information about the general sentiment of the public when it comes to the overall reputation and credibility of their brands, pen names, Web properties, products and services. They also do this to search for fresh information about the persons who are currently applying as affiliates on behalf of a brand or an establishment.
  1. Existing Traffic & Niche Market Traction — The TalkingAds affiliate marketing agency asks for current traffic and subscriber stats. That’s because many of their clients prefer to accept affiliates that already have certain volumes of subscribers and regular traffic in their digital properties. They also set parameters like the geographic locations of their subscribers and regular viewer traffic. TalkingAds has both manual and automated back and front end systems to verify the authenticity of their claims. Of course, TalkingAds also gives bonus points to applicants who already have significant traction across direct and vertical niche markets that are relevant to the products and offers of their clients.
  1. Ethical Practices & Legal Tactics — TalkingAds asks each applicant to tell them more about the strategies and tactics they intend to use for promoting the latest offers of their ideal merchant partners in their network. They then check the veracity of the information that they share in their filled out application forms. This is to ensure that they can flag applicants whose practices and tactics are borderline unethical or illegal, especially when it comes to the newest policies of many countries today regarding user privacy.
  1. Tiered Payout Systems — The TalkingAds affiliate marketing agency also customizes tiered commission payout regulations for each of their clients. This is to ensure that a new affiliate agrees to initially prove their honesty in terms of performing promotional activities for their merchant partners before they can move on to much better (and faster) commission payout options. For example, new affiliates are likely to have a much longer commission payout release period, such as net 60 where it’ll take 90 days in total for them to withdraw commissions from sales they generated in the first 30 days of the same period. After 3 to 5 payout periods, they can then access faster payout options, such as net 15 and net 30, provided they have reasonable chargeback percentages (reasonable within current industry standards, which is 4% at the time of writing in most low risk niches and industries).

Don’t forget these 5 TalkingAds affiliate marketing agency rules while you’re developing your co-marketing partnership sourcing campaigns. These guidelines can help you accurately filter the good affiliates from bad players that are just out to scam you.