Free Business Marketing Services Your Brand can Take Advantage of!

Business marketing services aren’t created equal. The exact solutions for your brand can depend on a lot of factors. And, you can’t expect the same results from every marketing agency. That’s because they specialize in certain industries and niches. They also offer different services. Some are bundled as value-added freebies.

So how can you pinpoint the right marketing services for your business? Found below’s a quick checklist. We’ve compiled this for your convenience. And, you’ll learn how to spot the best provider with effective value-added freebies later.

How to Identify the Right Business Marketing Services for Your Brand

First, create a shortlist of the results that you really want for your business. And, prioritize those that you badly need for your short term objectives.

But don’t cross out those that can provide your brand with benefits for your long term goals. This can help you know the exact status of your business at the moment. Plus, you’d be able to double check if you aren’t straying too much from your action plan.

Second, list down the business marketing services that you need to achieve each of your shortlisted results. Do this by breaking down the major components of your action plan.

For example, better niche market research can help you get larger volumes of highly convertible traffic. And, partnering up with the right affiliates can improve your conversion rates. Plus, more effective customer retention programs can increase the likelihood of getting higher repeat sales for your new offers.

Third, break down the business marketing services that you’ve identified at this point into smaller pieces.

For instance, niche market research has a lot of vital components. There’s keyword research, which can give you timely details of what your ideal prospects are looking for on the Web. And there’s competitor analytics, which can help you discover high performing traffic sources of your top competitors.

Better affiliate sourcing on the Other hand requires cost-effective B2B (business to business) campaigns. As for customer retention programs that really work, you need more streamlined back and front end systems for customer activity analytics and support metrics. Better data will allow you to pinpoint the exact things that can entice your existing customers to stay with you and get your new offers.

Now that you have a well-defined set of business marketing services, you can identify the right provider through the quick and easy steps below. Working with the right marketing agency can give your brand a much needed boost. Through these simple steps, you’ll also get value-added freebies that can really help your business.

Step 1. Hang Out in Relevant B2B Networks

The first question is where to find the right providers of the exact business marketing services that your brand needs. Since you already know what you want, you’ll have to spend time in the platforms where reputable providers are found. Of course, these are B2B networks where they can find clients for their services.

Web forums are good places to start. Social groups in platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are also filled with business marketing firms. And, many of these places have marketplaces. You can find service ads with reviews and ratings from past and present clients.

Step 2. Gather Timely Data About Relevant Providers

Don’t make the mistake of trusting an old service thread with top reviews and ratings. Remember, there aren’t any guarantees of stuff in the past working well today. What you need are active service threads with current reviews and ratings. Spend time studying the business marketing services of each provider.

Create a shortlist of firms with the exact marketing services that your brand needs. Post your questions and inquiries in their service threads. For private matters, you can use the direct messaging options of those platforms.

Step 3. Compare Services & Prices of Your Shortlisted Providers

Many marketing agencies offer value-added freebies. From niche keyword research and Web design to mailing list and social media management, your brand can save a lot of money from these incentives. Some even offer free Web hosting, server management and support. Others bundle free support services for your customers and prospects when you acquire their annual business marketing service subscription plans.

But you shouldn’t just focus on the freebies that your shortlisted providers are giving away with their subscription plans. Instead, carefully compare the exact services in their packages against the specific things that can help your brand.

Don’t forget that most providers also offer free consulting services. You can get this even before you sign up for a paid subscription. They’ll help you better assess what your brand needs in relation to your targets and goals. This can help you trim down your shortlisted business marketing services into ones that you can really focus on. What you’ll end up with is a list of high impact services that can produce better bottom-line results for your business.

Step 4. Ask for Trial Offers & Discount Promos

Even if it isn’t in their service threads, ask your shortlisted providers if they have alternative trial arrangements and discount offers. Remember, they’re out to close a contract. Many of them will gladly customize a subscription plan just for you. Who knows — They might offer you more value-added freebies, lower subscription prices or an exclusive discount on your regular payments for as long as you stay with them.

Just follow these steps, and you’re bound to find the right provider of business marketing services with high impact freebies for your brand. Don’t forget to start out with a small subscription plan. This way, you won’t blow away a lot of time and money while you’re still checking if your chosen firm’s the right fit to what you really want.

That’s because you’ll be able to effectively monitor results while your provider’s doing their job to help out with your sales and marketing campaigns. Plus, you’ll be able to observe the solutions that they can come up with when certain things in your current campaigns need to be replaced and improved. Also keep in mind to test out their client support services. You’ll need to communicate with them regularly while working with them.