Has the Web Levelled the Playing Field When it Comes to Business to Business Marketing?

B2B or business to business marketing is performed by commercial groups like service providers, raw material suppliers and enterprise product developers to inform other businesses that belong to their target clientele network about their newest offers. Their primary goal is to forge mutually beneficial partnerships with their ideal prospects. For example, Microsoft reaches out to various organizations, from startups and small businesses to established companies and multinational corporations all around the world, in order to entice them to use their software products and ICT (information and communications technology) offerings. This is their B2B department, which augments the profits that they generate from their retail division.

On the other hand, computer hardware manufacturers like HP work with Microsoft when they’re about to release their newest laptop and desktop PC products to their target markets. They do this to equip the newest Windows OS (operating system) version from Microsoft into their products, under an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) licensing agreement. This allows them to leverage the billions of users worldwide who prefer to use the Windows OS and other Microsoft products for their day-to-day computing needs.

B2B marketing plays a vital role in a wide variety of industries and niches. For instance, lots of merchants at Alibaba use B2B tactics to entice more of their target co-marketing partners to sign up as their affiliates. Alibaba is an affiliate network that specializes in wholesale markets across many electronics and manufacturing industries of many countries. Their affiliates invest their own time, money and other valuable resources to run their own B2B marketing campaigns for the merchant’s products. Meanwhile, the co-marketing partner benefits from the commissions that the merchant pays them for each contract that they successfully close for them. As you might have realized at this point — Because this is in wholesale markets, these commissions tend to be bigger than what affiliates get for each retail sale that they produce for their merchant partners.

This in fact has effectively leveled off the playing field when it comes to business to business marketing in general. Thanks to the Internet along with the newest forms of communication, advertising, payment processing, delivery, sales and marketing today — Even individual consultants, service providers and vendors can create and run B2B marketing campaigns to reach their target companies and convince them to go on mutually beneficial contracts with them. This also provides more strategic positioning for small businesses and startups that are competing against established companies and large businesses across relevant B2B networks.

As an example for the service industry, a digital marketing consultant with a team of Web advertising agents, creatives and social media marketers can use Web tools and platforms to reach out to their target clients in both local and overseas locations. They can pitch their value propositions for improved content marketing, online advertising and social media management services at much lower rates than other much bigger players competing in the same niche markets. Also because of modern technologies, they can remotely fulfill their contracts and obligations for their customers as good as their local competitors.

Meanwhile, smaller suppliers and independent resellers of raw materials, equipment and tools can strategically promote their products through social media and online B2B communities where many of their ideal clients spend time. This is regardless of location as they can ship their products much faster and at lower costs today to many overseas regions worldwide. Lower prices are also among the main reasons why large-scale product manufacturers are opting to outsource their mass manufacturing and production requirements to factories in offshore locations.

How can you cost-effectively leverage the power and value of the Web for achieving the results you want from your business to business marketing efforts this year? Found below is a quick talkingAds Ltd. shortlist of your options. Many successful businesses, suppliers and service providers in the B2B space continue to generate good results from doing these things:

How to Strategically Use the Web for Your Business to Business Marketing Campaigns This Year

  1. Make use of B2B platforms on the Web that are most popular across your target client markets. For example, lots of product acquisition managers and service recruitment officers of small businesses and large institutions alike spend time scouring for the best deals in LinkedIn. Lots of them Many of them also hang out and participate in relevant discussions at Web forums dedicated to dialogues related to their timely needs and interests at the moment. Industries, topics and niches covered by these niche online communities include business, digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), software programming, system automation and so on.
  1. When you’re spending time in those B2B communities, your main objective should be to strategically communicate your expertise and knowledge in fields that are most relevant to your products and services. Of course, concentrate on topics that are significant for solving the immediate needs and urgent problems of your target clients. The trick here is to promote your brand and products without actually mentioning what you’re selling. You can do this by providing helpful information and useful, actionable pieces of advice to your ideal prospects in their questions and inquiries about certain news and subject areas. At the end of it all, your primary goal should be for you to be the go-to resource regarding related concerns by the members of those communities.
  1. Part of your business to business marketing strategy across those platforms should be to implement brand positioning and top of mind advertising campaigns. This way, they’ll associate your brand to the friendly expert persona that you’re trying to build in those communities. So this means if they come across your ads for your B2B services and products, then many of them are likely to respond positively to your offers.
  1. Provide professional customer support services to both your existing customers and to those that are initially inquiring for more details about your offers. Remember, many of them are likely to share their experience in dealing with your business with their peers. You can also expect a lot of them to post their experience in your sales threads and ads at those online communities and B2B platforms. You should also politely ask your customers to share and rate your business in those B2B communities after you’ve fulfilled their initial contracts and pilot campaigns.