How a Marketing Development Strategy Targets Cold Customers in Your Target Market

Targeting cold customers can be quite expensive if you don’t have the right knowledge and expertise in successfully converting them into warm traffic for the latest offers and newest products of your business. This is the main reason why many startups with minimal experience in doing this often choose to buy warm traffic from advertising placements in strategic platforms and networks where their target audiences hang out and participate in meaningful discussions related to their brands, content and offers. Even if this costs them a lot more, many of them still do this to avoid spending more time and money trying to convert cold traffic. But this also limits their potential for success as their advertising budgets set the threshold of how much warm traffic they’re able to drive to their landing pages, organic content, pre-sell and sales materials.

So this is where the right marketing development tactics come in. Aside from allowing you to generate cold traffic and successfully convert many of those viewers into highly convertible prospects, this also provides you with the opportunity to tweak your back and front end processes and workflow systems to ensure that you can increase your conversion rates, viral marketing results, affiliate sourcing and sign-up campaigns among others. These strategies can also enable you to pinpoint areas where you can drastically cut down your overheads and promotional expenses.

But how exactly can you create the most suitable tactics for the marketing and advertising campaigns of your business? How can you increase the likelihood of strategically converting cold customers into highly convertible traffic? Found below are a few crucial pointers. These are the top tactics and strategies that many successful startups and established companies alike continue to use for their promotional activities this 2019:

Top Pointers for Creating the Right Marketing Development Strategies to Convert Cold Customers This Year

  1. Identify the right audience to target for your newest products and latest offers. This is the first marketing development step in ensuring that you’re likely to get viable conversions and customer acquisition rates from your promotional efforts. Otherwise, you’ll be blindly presenting your value propositions to the wrong crowd, wasting your time and money in the process.
  1. Develop an ideal customer profile for your chosen target niche audiences. Make sure to include fresh details regarding their relevant interests, needs, preferences, surfing activities and shopping habits. This means you should go beyond just determining the right age brackets, gender groups, professions and locations to target. But don’t discount these fundamental details as they come hand in hand with the more specific data mentioned earlier.
  1. Create a list of the sites, social media networks, platforms, mobile apps and tools that your target customers and ideal prospects use regularly for their relevant day-to-day activities. This can allow you to go to those places and use those tools to experience first hand how your target audiences are benefiting from those platforms and apps. Plus, you’ll be able to observe how they respond to certain organic and promotional content that’s presented to them in those places and tools. So take note of their relevant activities, reactions and habits while using those portals and apps, as well as the possible advertising, organic content publishing and marketing opportunities for your business in those places and tools.
  1. Observe what your top competitors are doing in those platforms and apps. Identify the best performing content publishing and advertising campaigns that they’re running. This gives you the chance to learn from their successes and mistakes. Remember, the right competitor analytics can optimize your overall marketing development campaigns.
  1. Use all the details you’ve gathered at this point to re-align your product and business development campaigns. Your objective is to keep at pace with relevant trends and breakthroughs that won’t just allow you to cost-effectively reach and clearly communicate your value propositions to your target audiences, but also to create compelling offers and products with helpful features that can quickly resolve the needs and problems of your ideal prospects and target customers.
  1. Create organic content, social media posts, opt-in offers, pre-sell and sales materials that are strategically aligned to the timely interests, needs and activities of your target audiences. Of course, focus on those that are most relevant to your brand, content, offers and products. Your primary goal is to create captivating ads, engaging content, enticing opt-in offers and compelling call to action messages.
  1. Develop customer support systems that are aligned to the familiarity and preferences of your target audiences in using communication tools to contact their peers. You’re likely to get more inquiries if you make it quick and simple for your ideal prospects to contact your sales teams. Also make it a point to provide streamlined support services to your existing customers and prospects. This is an important component of strategic marketing development as you’ll be able to generate more repeat sales and prolong the lifetime value of each customer in your database. This can also allow you to produce viral marketing results as mor of your customers and prospects are likely to recommend your business to their peers whn they have a posiive experience in dealing with your sales and support teams.
  1. Formulate customer retention and loyalty programs to further optimize your strategy in generating repeat sales and consistent viral marketing results. Don’t forget to also develop tactical affiliate and B2B (business to business) partnership sourcing strategies into your promotional activities and business development campaigns. This can allow you to significantly reduce your marketing costs and advertising expenses, all while being able to tap and discover new niche markets and vertical industries.

Keep these marketing development techniques in mind while you’re improving your campaign plans this year, and you’re bound to get more beneficial returns for your business. Also consider outsourcing your marketing and advertising needs to a capable agency as this can enable you to significantly lower down your back office overheads.