How Amazon Found International Affiliate Marketing Success

Amazon provides a platform for local, domestic and overseas shoppers to buy the products that they want. They do this by growing and nurturing partnerships with logistics businesses and delivery service providers. These shipping companies operate in various countries all around the world. That’s exactly why your Amazon business can achieve affiliate marketing success through partnerships with international publishers.

But the more important question is how to find the right overseas publishers for your Amazon business. An even crazier challenge is to successfully convince them to sign up as your affiliates. What’s even harder is to find a lot of them that have large volumes of subscribers, regular viewer traffic, users, members and followers with interests, shopping needs and content viewing habits relevant to your brand and offers.

There’s something called the Amazon Affiliates program. This is where publishers can sign up as an affiliate. They can then earn commissions for each sale that they generate. They can do this by pitching the offers of Amazon businesses like yours to their fans and subscribers. This are the initial steps for Amazon businesses like yours and publishers like them to achieve affiliate marketing success.

The Amazon Affiliates program offers 4% of the total product price as commissions for affiliates in their network. This can get higher as an affiliate hits a larger monthly sales volume. And this means any publisher that’s based in any of the many countries supported by Amazon can join this network. That’s of course as long as their traffic and subscribers are based in countries that can be served by Amazon’s partner delivery companies.

So how do you find them for your Amazon business? And more importantly, how can you increase the likelihood of your campaigns to get the affiliate marketing success that you want? Answering the first question is easy. The second one is simple.

How to Get More Affiliates for Your Amazon Business

Through the Amazon Affiliates program, affiliates find you. Not the other way around. That’s why you need to drive lots of highly convertible traffic to your product listings in Amazon. You can get lots of reviews and ratings from buyers when you do this. But of course, you also need to offer quick delivery turnarounds. And provide professional customer support. This way, you can get good ratings and reviews for your Amazon business. In turn, more affiliates can pay attention to your latest offers.

Another way is to list products that are currently wildly popular among large groups of buyers in both local and international countries. This can help you achieve affiliate marketing success much faster through the Amazon Affiliates program with talkingAds Ltd. For example, if your Amazon business sells laptops, then you should identify the exact makes and models that many buyers in your target countries are talking about. This requires extensive market research, which can help you identify certain social media pages and groups where they share and discuss relevant topics. In those places, you’ll be able to learn about the hottest products in their peer networks.

But a better way to sign up more high performing affiliates is to find them outside the Amazon Affiliates network. That’s because many seasoned affiliates that are willing to invest a lot of resources for their campaigns as your co-marketing partners want higher commissions right off the bat. They have the credentials to prove their value anyway, so why settle for 4 to 8% when they can easily get 20% or more from pitching similar affiliate products to their traffic and subscribers? To do this — Keep these things in mind:

Achieve Affiliate Marketing Success with Affiliates Outside the Amazon Affiliates Network

First, look for reputable affiliate marketing management firms that specialize in certain niches and industries most relevant to your Amazon business. For example, if you’re selling tech gadgets, then agencies with affiliates that operate in the technology industry and digital electronic gadget niches should be your priority.

Second, zone in on firms in your shortlist with large networks of ready affiliates. You’ll get instant access to those affiliates. You’ll be able to pitch your affiliate offers to them immediately. They can quickly start to promote your products across their subscribers and regular viewer traffic. That’s how you can speed up your Amazon business.

Third, contact your prospect affiliate marketing management firms at this point. You should ask them if they offer solutions for Amazon businesses like yours. That’s because they need to provide a back end system for efficiently tracking affiliate commissions for the Amazon platform. That means their technical processes should be hooked up to the cookie tracking systems of the Amazon Affiliates program. Once you do this, move on to the next step below.

Fourth, ask your chosen agency for guidance on how to optimize your affiliate offers and sign-up content materials. They’ll be able to effectively help you. They have significant experience in successfully convincing the affiliates in their network to sign up to certain offers. Also ask about their commission tracking and payout systems, since they’ll need to integrate with the Amazon Affiliates program for this.

Fifth, work closely with your affiliates. Give them helpful ad copies, organic marketing materials and other stuff that they can use to immediately start with their campaigns for the latest offers of your Amazon business. Also guide and communicate with them regularly. This can streamline your co-marketing partnerships. This usually results to more highly convertible traffic, better sales for your Amazon business and higher commissions for them as your affiliates.

Do these things, and you’ll be able to achieve affiliate marketing success in no time for your Amazon business. You’ll even have the opportunity to increase the likelihood of your business getting higher repeat sales and better viral marketing results when you properly follow these things.

Don’t forget to test out your chosen affiliate marketing service provider first before committing to a larger subscription. You can do this by running small tests. You can just gradually scale up the things that are working well for your Amazon business later on. This way, you won’t blow away a lot of your time and money during the initial stages of your working arrangement with your affiliate marketing management agency.