How an Affiliate Marketing Management Team Can Save Your Business Time and Money

The right affiliate marketing management companies can provide your business with significant benefits. Through their help, you can drastically cut down on your advertising and marketing cost. And, that’s not to say you’ll also be getting smaller volumes of targeted traffic and lower sales margins. On the contrary, you can even consistently drive bigger loads of highly convertible traffic straight to your newest offers with the help of these affiliate marketing groups. Plus, they’ll also be able to guide you on increasing your customer acquisition rates, which can in turn produce better bottom-line results for your business.

A reputable affiliate marketing company also knows the importance of repeat sales and viral marketing results. That’s why they make it a point to ensure that your partners are constantly kept interested in pitching your offers to their own traffic. Plus, they know that the right guidance goes a long way, which is why they provide useful resources to their merchants, advertisers and affiliates.

They also know that sudden changes can happen to the habits and lifestyles of your target prospects, especially with the advent of relevant industry trends and technological breakthroughs. And this is their main objective in constantly updating their database of informative resources. To help you better understand the different ways these affiliate marketing companies can help your business, here’s a shortlist of the benefits and advantages they can provide you:

How Can an  Affiliate Marketing Management Company Help Your Business Save Time & Money?

First, an affiliate marketing company can find the right partners with the most suitable traffic for your latest offers. They can also convince many of your ideal prospects to sign up for your offers. Also called affiliates, these partners are often content publishers, app developers, website owners, social media influencers, onsite community administrators and other businesses. They usually have active subscriber lists, regular viewer traffic, users, members and customers in their databases that are comprised mostly of your ideal prospects.

What an affiliate marketing management company does after they find them is to try and convince them to sign up to their ready network of affiliates. They constantly grow and nurture this network, in order to provide clients like your business with an instant pool of seasoned affiliates with specialized marketing expertise in your niches and industry.

Imagine the savings and results you can get when others who already have the right traffic begin to recommend your newest offers. Remember, these affiliates are mostly considered by their subscribers, users and viewers as expert authority resources of helpful content, products and solutions for their needs and interests that are most relevant to your brand and offers. Let’s use this example to calculate:

Say through the help of a credible marketing company like talkingAds Limited, you get 10 affiliates with the right traffic. Now, let’s say you pay them $20 for every $100 sale that they help you generate from their traffic. And, say your 10 affiliates send a total of 10,000 subscribers and viewers to your $100 offer.

Let’s ay you get a 5% conversion rate, which means 500 out of these 10,000 prospects each converts into a $100 sale. That totals to $50,000 gross revenues for you. And, subtracting what you pay your affiliates ($20 each x 500 sales), you net $40,000.

Let’s calculate what a PPC (pay per click) advertising campaign can give you, as opposed to what an affiliate management company offers. Using the same example, let’s say you pay $2 for each click that your ad gets for your $100 offer.

Now, say you also get 10,000 clicks, which will cost you $20,000. And just for the sake of this example, let’s say you also get 5% conversion rates, which would be quite unlikely since this is just cold traffic. Nevertheless, you get $50,000 gross revenues less $20,000, for a net of $30,000.

So in this example, you end up earning $10,000 more with 10 affiliates, compared to what you spend with a PPC ad campaign. And remember, when you opt for PPC – You need to spend a lot of time and money to create ad copies and content marketing materials as well as to manage your advertising campaign, monitor its results, improve on things that are working and drop those that aren’t. On the contrary, you don’t spend any time and money to do these things because your affiliates will gladly do this for you.

Second, an affiliate marketing management company that knows what they’re doing can help you retain most of your affiliates. They’ll guide you in optimizing your future offers, enabling you to increase the likelihood of enticing your affiliates to pitch your newest offers to their traffic. They also know that it’s 6 to 10 times more expensive to acquire a new customer, as opposed to selling a new product to an existing one, and this also applies to the affiliate market. After all, your affiliates will also find that it’s 60 to 70% more likely for them to successfully sell your new offers to their existing subscribers and regular viewer traffic, than it is for them to do this with new prospects.

Third, by providing both affiliates and merchants like your business with an optimized platform for viewing real time campaign results, both of you will be able to focus on improving your current campaigns. Plus, you and your affiliates can seamlessly communicate with each other through the easy to use tools that are available in their platform. This will enable you to make instant recommendations for the campaigns of your affiliates, especially after viewing the updated database of informative content that’s also provided by these marketing management companies. Your affiliates can also send their suggestions, which can allow you to improve your affiliate offers.

Fourth, this platform also enables you to provide content marketing materials to your affiliates. they’ll be able to start with their campaigns quicker, and this can also entice more affiliates in the network of your marketing management company to sign up to your latest offers.

Fifth, the right affiliate marketing management company constantly grows and nurtures their ready network of affiliates. Using the example above, imagine if you manage to sign up 100 affiliates instead of 10 through the ready network of affiliates that’s provided by your chosen affiliate marketing company. And, won’t this be a quicker, easier and cheaper solution for your affiliate sourcing requirements as you would not need to find them on your own? Well, think of all the time and money that you need to invest, especially into the resources you need to hire, just to perform extensive market research, find affiliates and convince them to sign up as your affiliates.

These are the exact ways used by an affiliate marketing management company to realistically provide businesses like yours with effective strategies to save time and money, and also with tactical approaches to drastically improve the bottom-line results of your business. However, if it’s your first time to develop and promote affiliate offers, then you’re advised to start out with a few affiliates. This is for you to know for sure if your affiliate offers can indeed bring in significant positive revenues for your business. After all, you’ll be able to scale up the things that are working well later on, and just drop those that aren’t.