How Can the talkingAds Affiliate Marketing Agency Boost Sales?

Interested in launching an affiliate program to support growth in paid marketing efforts? The talkingAds affiliate marketing agency team is the key to this. Most marketing decision makers don’t benefit from affiliate marketing, if they don’t hire an expert for the job. To understand the value of the talkingAds affiliate marketing agency, you need to comprehend what the team will bring to the pitch. Affiliates are an online marketing model that is entirely performance-based. With the talkingAds affiliate marketing agency, the right plan and strategy in place can help in winning over the customer and making rapid forays into affiliate marketing.

  • Proven Track Record

When it comes to conducting competitive analysis, it’s undoubtedly the first step in building a case for an affiliate program. Do your competitors know what it takes to succeed in affiliate marketing and excel at offering reliable baseline commission rates and growing affiliate networks? Well, it’s time to leave them behind with the talkingAds affiliate marketing agency at the helm. Competitive analysis proves that potential revenue is lost out on, by not hiring affiliate marketing experts in the field.

  • Affiliate Marketing Models That Work

Study upfront investment and resources to launch and manage ongoing affiliate programs. Key areas to research include the planning and strategies including third-party affiliate networks and SaaS platforms. Towards the close of the day, determine the correct platform if you want program success. This is where the talkingAds affiliate team comes into play. The team gathers information and proposes solutions that add immense value. Study the margins and costs associated with focusing on the program and evaluating baseline commission rates offered to affiliates and remain profitable, with the complete expertise of the team to support you.

  • Exceptional Resources

Given that the talkingAds team has the resources to support ongoing management of affiliate programs, one needs an experienced and knowledgeable affiliate marketing team such as this. Affiliate programs that run on the ‘build it and they’ll come’ model or ‘set it and forget it’ simply cannot scale. It is recommended to take into account the resources to be allocated to focus on growing the channel and for this, talkingAds is your strategic partner.  Using industry benchmarks, it should be easy to see the revenue opportunity for hiring the talkingAds team.

  • Cost-Efficient Marketing

Choosing the talkingAds agency is cost efficient. This is because the affiliate marketing solutions this reputed agency offers are paid digital marketing channels, where the company pays only when performance has been proven. Unlike other paid channels, where compensation is based on clicks or when upfront fees are paid, affiliate marketing provides the option to make the payment only when a sale or lead sign-up takes place.

With an affiliate program, there’s an option to work through and aggregate revenue that is exponential. One can track progress easily. Rolling partnerships that is affiliate and strategic, one can track all aspects without breaking up performance marketing efforts. This frees up the bandwidth for the marketing campaign.

  • Brand Awareness

As content marketing grows, so does brand awareness. More influencers and bloggers are leveraging affiliate marketing for monetising efforts. Working bloggers and influencers who participate in affiliate marketing can build brand awareness for the business and tap into new audiences. Through an affiliate program, one can distribute content to partners about upcoming product launches, creative assets and promotions.

By carrying out research and presenting the well-thought out plan, with the talkingAds team to help you, the values and benefits of affiliate marketing can add to your company’s businesses and you are sure to pique the interest of the leadership team. New brands don’t yet have brand recognition, established business models, clear messaging or sites that are converting. Hiring a trusted affiliate marketer such as talkingAds marketing agency means the best affiliate partners will be attracted to your business.

An in-house team does not have the expertise that comes with knowing how to grow a program. An affiliate agency is an investment. For companies not investing in their program, the spend may not be worthwhile. The talkingAds team members with operational program experience, with affiliate industry experience or relations with top affiliates, publishers and content curators offers a benefit for those looking to partner with affiliate management agency that can yield maximal returns.

  • Growth Tools In Plenty

The talkingAds marketing agency is known for its quality recruiting tools, list buys and provide clients with access to a huge number of content curators and high-value affiliates. Additionally, there needs to be a dedicated team working on publisher development and the talkingAds group provides this.

  • Robust Reporting

The talkingAds agency also excels in taking the raw data provided by the network or SaaS platform and turn it into meaningful, actionable insights for clients. Developing reporting, spotting trends and providing insights from the data requires expertise and time. The talkingAds team offers proficiency and expertise that no one else can match.

Full-time affiliate program management team members work in the agency to offer exceptional operational program and affiliate industry experience. Additionally, the team offers powerful affiliate networks and has strong partners on its database. The agency needs help to ensure affiliates are correctly following disclosure guidelines in their promotions, so brands are not exposed to challenges and issues.


Types of cost savings an agency can provide a company in terms of network rates, free placements and ads for clients are considerable. What industry events are attended, how often are these attended and how can they be leveraged for recruiting opportunities is important. Ask agencies for case studies about campaigns they run and results that emerge as a result of this and you will be impressed by what talkingAds has to offer. The talkingAds team excels at asking agencies for references and offering diligence about checking them. Affiliate program management agencies are your partners. The talkingAds affiliate marketing agency team has your back, protecting your brand, being transparent and driven by performance-based results.