How do Marketing Consulting Services Use Twitter for Small Businesses?

Small businesses are continuing to flourish in a variety of regions all around the world. This is primarily due to the opportunities that suddenly became available right after certain industry trends and technological breakthroughs were adopted globally. For instance, the entire world shifted from desktops and laptops to smartphones and mobile devices for accessing the Web, viewing the content that they want and for communicating through the Internet. So now more than ever, one-man teams and small groups can set up businesses and take advantage of the perpetually increasing time that lots of consumers spend on their smartphones, mobile devices and on the Internet in general for their day-to-day activities. Especially today as more providers of marketing consulting services are enabling these small businesses to improve their campaigns for reaching their ideal prospects and for communicating the right marketing messages as cost-effectively as possible.

Another significant catalyst is the crazy popularity of social media. This continues to allow more small businesses to successfully reach their target audience through inexpensive ways. The most popular social media platforms can also enable you to learn more relevant things about the behavior, lifestyles, shopping habits and content viewing preferences of your ideal prospects and existing customers. This can in turn dramatically improve the effectiveness of your offers, organic and pre-sell content, ads, sales materials and customer retention strategies.

An example of today’s wildly popular social media networks is Twitter. This instant content publishing and media sharing platform is comprised of a network of millions of users all around the world. Lots of multinational corporations are continuing to manage Twitter profiles for their companies. They’re also observing the sentiment and comments of their target audiences in Twitter regarding certain social media news, topics and events that are relevant to their brands and latest offers.

So veteran providers of marketing consulting services are also continuing to effectively provide small businesses with expert guidance on how to maximize the utility of Twitter for their social media advertising and marketing campaigns. Lots of their clients are constantly reporting larger volumes of highly convertible traffic consistently being exposed to their ads and pre-sell content. They’re also reporting much higher conversions and customer acquisition rates, significantly better sales margins and far better viral marketing results and repeat business numbers for the past few years. All because of their new and improved Twitter campaigns.

But how can a marketing agency help your small business in this regard? How can you take advantage of the primary benefits that your business can get from an enhanced campaign in Twitter? Here are this year’s top strategic tactics that some of the best agencies today are implementing for the Twitter campaigns of their clients:

Cost-Effective Twitter Advertising Tactics & Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

  1. Top of Mind Advertising — Credible marketing agencies can help effectively position your brand across your target markets through Twitter. They can guide you on how to align your ads and offers to the timely interests, content viewing preferences, shopping habits, lifestyles, hobbies, Web surfing and mobile activities of your ideal prospects in this social media platform. This way, your paid ads and organic marketing content in Twitter can significantly improve brand recognition and instant brand recall among your target customers. After all, having more captivating ads, more enticing content and more compelling offers can effectively produce successful top of mind advertising results for your business.
  1. Lead Generation — Providers of the right marketing consulting services know that not too many viewers can immediately convert into paying customers the moment they land on your sales materials. After all, you can’t expect many of your ideal prospects to buy anything from you as soon as they see your offers, especially if it’s just the first time that they’ve heard about your business. So marketing consulting agencies make it a point to assist you in creating an irresistible offer that can successfully convert lots of your first time viewers into subscribers.

For example, you can entice them to download your updated brochure with your newest discount offers and promotional codes through your paid and organic Twitter placements. They’ll then be subscribed as a follower of your Twitter profile and would also gladly exchange their emails and mobile numbers for your discount offers and promotional codes. Through this strategy, you can build up your Twitter following and subscriber list, which can in turn give you instant access to traffic on demand resources.

  1. Affiliate Sourcing — Twitter is also a good place to find possible co-marketing partners for mutually beneficial affiliate marketing deals. You can identify certain Twitter users with large numbers of followers. You can then zone in on those who constantly publish content and share media that’s relevant to your brand, content and offers. You can then trim your shortlist of co-marketing partners down to those with followers that most likely have timely interests, shopping habits, immediate needs and lifestyles relevant to your business and newest products.

Providers of marketing consulting services that know exactly what they’re doing can help you develop irresistible affiliate offers for your target co-marketing prospects. They can also guide you on how to make your sign-up content as compelling as possible for your ideal affiliates. This way, you’ll be able to improve your conversion and affiliate acquisition rates.

You’ll also be able to significantly lower down your advertising costs and marketing expenses. That’s because your affiliates will do these things for you. They’ll create, test, monitor and improve their own advertising and marketing campaigns. They’ll do these things to increase their commission earnings. You’ll only need to pay them for each sale that’s generated from the traffic that they consistently drive to your latest offers. Unlike PPC (pay per click), PPM (pay per impression) and PPV (pay per view) advertising methods, you won’t need to pay your co-marketing partners for the traffic that they send your way.

These are just some of the many beneficial advantages that your business can get from Twitter when you work with the right provider of expert marketing consulting services. Don’t forget to also take a closer look at other social media platforms where your ideal prospects and existing customers hang out. Ask your chosen provider for their custom solutions when it comes to the most suitable advertising and marketing campaigns for your business in these networks.