How Does a Modern Internet Marketing Service Accelerate Growth Using Influencers?

Your business needs an Internet marketing service provider with the expertise in producing positive results for your current campaigns and latest offers. They should have specialized knowledge to accurately identify untapped traffic sources and new market segments that can be beneficial for your business. They should also have the necessary skills, tools and resources to develop and execute strategic campaign plans for your newest products.

Doing this also requires significant experience in successfully working with the other teams in your business. For example, an online marketing service provider should know how to effectively communicate with your sales team, in order to supplement their current ideas with useful data. And, they should also know how to communicate with your product development and customer support management teams. This is to enable them to provide helpful insights to your resources, which can in turn allow them to generate more creative ideas for your current campaigns and future offers.

Because of the most recent social media trends happening across several industries and markets for the past few years, your Internet marketing service provider should also be familiar and comfortable in using influencers to augment your campaigns. They should know exactly how to find the most suitable influencers to use, as well as to effectively convince them to partner up with your brand. This can significantly help speed up the growth and expansion of your business.

So how exactly can your online marketing service providers use influencers to accelerate the growth of your brand? Compiled below are some of the most effective ways that an expert Internet marketing service provider uses to generate the results you want for your business through these strategic tactics.

Top Tactical Ways an Internet Marketing Service Provider Uses Influencers to Boost Business Growth

  1. Advertorial Content Placements – Brands and individuals with a large following that’s significant to your latest offers can drive targeted traffic to your newest products. Through content placements in the online platforms they operate, such as their sites, blogs and social media pages – They’re likely to generate highly convertible prospects for your offers. That’s mainly because publishing your content for their audience is like recommending your brand to a large pool of prospects that follows and emulates their suggestions.

For example, if a popular Youtuber agrees to feature your latest offer as an interesting topic of discussion for his or her followers, then this allows your brand to be placed in front of eyeballs that might really be interested in your products. And once that Youtuber’s audience recognizes the positive things featured in that content, it’s highly likely for many of them to respond to your relevant offers, especially since the recommendation came from a friendly niche expert they trust.

However, finding and convincing the right influencers won’t be quick and easy, more so if you don’t have suitable expertise to pull this off. That’s where an expert Internet marketing service provider comes in.

  1. Straight Up Advertising Deals – Having reputable influencers to display branded ads for your latest offers in their content publishing networks and social media platforms can sufficiently generate the right traffic for your business. Having them agree to do this is enough reason for their audience to think and feel that they’re positively recommending your products. So now, imagine the effects to your bottom-line results if they review and recommend your offers to their audiences, instead of just displaying branded ads.

Forging advertising deals with these influencers is relatively simpler and more straightforward for an expert Internet marketing service provider to do for your brand. This is why they combine this tactical approach as a significant part of your overall advertising and marketing campaign.

  1. Affiliate Arrangements – Some influencers can be convinced by an online marketing service provider to partner up with your business as an affiliate. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement as they’ll be able to earn commissions from recommending your products to their followers, readers and audiences. They’ll be motivated on their own to initiate the most effective marketing tactics for their fans. After all, they’re in the best position to know exactly how their audiences can be compelled to positively respond to your marketing messages. Plus, they have significant authority and credibility in the eyes of their followers, enabling them to positively affect the reactions of their audiences to your content and offers.

Nevertheless, the main job of an Internet marketing provider is to first find the right influencers. Then, their next move should be to successfully negotiate mutually beneficial affiliate arrangements, enticing enough for those influencers to choose a partnership deal with your brand instead of others that are competing in the same niche.

  1. Strategic B2B (Business to Business) Partnerships – Because many influencers are also credible companies and established businesses, your online marketing service provider should also target the right prospects. For example, if your business is currently selling toys for toddlers, then a reputable brand that’s well-known across your ideal market segments for offering high quality clothes for kids around the same ages is likely to be capable of driving highly convertible traffic to your newest products. In return, they can also get good targeted traffic from your content publishing networks and social media pages.

What some expert Internet marketing service providers do is to entice these influencers with mutually beneficial traffic exchange deals. Let’s say your main site network is currently getting hundreds of unique viewers per month. Now, let’s say you have a shortlist of non-competing brands that are very popular across your ideal audiences, collectively getting hundreds and thousands of potential customers on a monthly basis. They’re likely to benefit from nurturing a traffic exchange partnership with your site network because your viewers have interests, needs, preferences, habits and hobbies that are relevant to their offers. You can then pitch these arrangements to them, since your business can significantly benefit from it as well.

Some online marketing service providers that know what they’re doing often prefer smaller brands, and just focus on getting a lot of them onboard. That’s because these businesses are more likely to positively respond to traffic exchange and B2B partnership arrangements than bigger establishments that already get enough traffic. This remains as a beneficial tactical strategy for small businesses as well as for medium and large companies alike, primarily because getting hundreds of reputable smaller brands each with a thousand or so unique viewers per month can add up to significant numbers for your business.

  1. Tactical Social Proof & Exclusivity – Relevant social proof can make or break a business, especially if we’re talking about significant visibility across a niche market. For example, an influencer with thousands of fans and followers can help generate considerable interest in your brand and latest offers just by simply publishing a positive review of any product in your inventory. Their audiences will think and feel this is sufficient social proof that your offers can greatly benefit their relevant needs.

As for strategic exclusivity, many members of a private community often think and feel that an offer designed solely for them is more valuable than other competing products. This is why a lot of expert Internet marketing service providers factor this into the marketing campaigns that they develop and execute for their client businesses. Usually, most of their clients supplement this tactic by integrating exclusive branding into their newest offers. For example, if you’re selling toys for kids aged 3 to 5 years old, then an influencer can help you more when you create a custom offer that’s only available for his or her followers.

These are the most effective ways that an online marketing service provider often uses relevant influencers to generate viable results from your digital multimedia advertising and marketing campaigns. These have been time-tested and proven to significantly expedite the growth and expansion of many business in a variety of industries and niches.