How Does an Affiliate Marketing Company Use Big Data to Drive Your Business?

Simply put, big data is a massive collection of timely information that’s relevant to a certain industry or a group of niches. For example, big data resources provided for retailers and distributors in the food and beverage industry can include timely details about the relevant activities, needs, interests, preferences and habits of customers and prospects in local, regional, nationwide and international markets. As you can see, this information can be very helpful for the campaigns of an affiliate marketing company with merchants and affiliates that operate in the food and beverage industry, especially if they’re focusing on catering to the needs of certain markets that are covered by these big data resources.

Where can an affiliate marketing management company get significant big data resources for their merchants and affiliates? Well, there are lots of suppliers of these resources. Many of the most reputable ones are multinational corporations with hugely popular Web advertising networks, online and mobile platforms. These include Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others.

What they do is provide their advertisers with targeting options for the campaigns that they create and run in their networks. These targeting features are backed by the big data resources that they collect through their platforms and the participating publishers in their networks. For example, if you create an advertising campaign in Facebook, then you can access a set of targeting options where you can zone in on a specific gender group, age bracket, local area, country, device type, Internet connection provider and a set of interests relevant to your offers, content, ideal customers and prospects.

Can an affiliate marketing company like TalkingAds collect and develop their own big data resources which they can then offer to their merchants and affiliates? The quick answer is yes, and many opt to do this. However, many of them only provide big data resources that cover information about the performance of their own merchants and affiliates. That’s because these details can help a merchant or an affiliate in their network to improve their campaigns, choose the right co-marketing partner and effectively convince other merchants to take them as affiliates (or for merchants to convince more affiliates to sign up as their partners).

So how exactly can an affiliate marketing management company help boost the bottom-line results of your business through big data resources? Here’s a quick shortlist:

Cost-Effective Ways for an Affiliate Marketing Company to Help Boost Your Business Through Big Data

  1. An affiliate marketing management company can hook you up with the right co-marketing partners in their network. With their big data resources, they can help you strategically pinpoint THE MOST SUITABLE affiliate for your latest offers. They’ll know the mobile app developers, content publishers, site owners, bloggers, social media influencers and others in their ready pool of affiliates that have the right type of traffic for your current campaigns. These co-marketing partners can help drive larger volumes of traffic to your opt-in offers and product launches. Because the niches covered by their apps and content are most relevant to your promotional offers and marketing messages, you can get highly convertible traffic from your affiliate partnership agreement with these vetted and pre-qualified marketing businesses and independent publishers.
  1. An affiliate marketing company with the right big data resources can also help you convince more of the right type of co-marketing partners in their network to sign up as your affiliates. They’ll be able to guide you on how to improve your affiliate offers and also how to strategically create your sign-up content. You can end up with more captivating sign-up propositions and more compelling affiliate offers, which can lead to more affiliate sign-ups for your business.
  1. These big data resources can also enable your affiliate marketing management provider to assist you in establishing partnership arrangements with the other merchants in their network that aren’t directly competing in your target niches and industry. They’ll be able to pinpoint the merchants whose products and content are vertically relevant to your products and services. You’ll be able to forge mutually beneficial partnerships with these merchants through upsales, traffic exchanges and the like.
  1. An affiliate marketing management company with the right type of big data resources for your current campaigns can also guide you on how to reach more of your target audiences. They’ll be able to share keyword search data and a list of advertising networks, social media platforms and mobile apps that are most relevant to your ideal prospects at the moment. With their guidance, you’ll be able to publish the right type of content and entice your target customers with the most suitable type of offers and ads for your latest products and services. You’ll also know which sites, blogs, mobile apps, online communities, social media platforms and Web shopping networks to focus on for your advertising campaigns and organic content placements.
  1. The big data that can be supplied to you by your affiliate marketing company can also help you spy on your direct competitors. You’ll be able to know your top competitors at the moment for your latest offers. You’ll also be able to identify those with the best performing campaigns in the online places that count the most for your target customers and ideal prospects. This can allow you to carefully study the right things that they’re doing, and to also pinpoint the mistakes that they have yet to notice. So you can end up with much better campaigns and can also avoid making the same mistakes.

These are some of the most cost-effective ways for an affiliate marketing company to help boost your business results through the right big data resources. Many affiliate management platforms also populate their portals with regularly updated databases of guides and materials that are created from these big data resources. Their objective is to assist their merchants and affiliates in developing optimized campaigns for their partnership arrangements. So don’t forget to check out these guides and helpful materials. You’ll be able to significantly improve your campaigns when you keep at pace with the changing landscape of your target niches and industry.