How Does an Internet Marketing Service Employ Social Media Campaigns?

Social media marketing has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few decades. With more than 530 million profiles built over LinkedIn and with over 76% of Facebook users accessing the site on a daily basis, it has become increasingly clear that social media marketing is a game changer in the online selling space. The social side of business is now becoming much sought-after than its commercial side and internet marketers have done justice to this trend in the following manner.

  • Using the Right tools For the Social

Social media marketing is much more than opening a Facebook or uploading your products on Instagram. Only a professional marketer can make use of the right kind of tools for scheduling posts, creating content, monitoring, publishing information and for analytics. Tools like Social Oomph, Buzzsumo, Feedly, Buffer and Sprout Social are some of the leading tools in the hands of an internet marketing service to promote its clients and add value to social media campaigns.

  • Deploying  Hashtag Marketing Tactics

From the #LetsDoLunch of Domino Pizza to the #Share a Coke by Coca Cola or the #Worthsaying by L’Oréal Paris, the magic of hashtag campaigns have always spelt success for marketing agencies in the social media campaigns of their clients. These campaigns can attract attention and create abuzz for specific campaigns on social media. They are also used to increase impressions, drive traffic and make your online content appealing.

  • Social Media For Influencer Marketing
  • By following the major influencers of the industry, an internet marketer can popularize any brand with the relevant influencers who can make the difference in marketing. Following the right kind of thought leaders can enhance the brand identity of businesses, besides inviting productive and collaborative opportunities from such engagement. For example, a sports accessory business can follow sportspersons and experts in sports medicine and health care.
  • Social Media Contests And Events

Using a unique Facebook cover can influence publicity for an upcoming event.  Announcing a little reward for your new Twitter Campaign can work wonders for the event. Recording customer feedback for your product by way of an opinion poll over social media can bring great results. Incentivising contestants by providing a freebie or a discount will leverage participation rates in your social media event. All these and more techniques are used by digital marketers in the conduct and promotion of online events.

  • The Importance Of Visual Content

Statistics reveal that more than 44% of social media users like brands that post a lot of images. Many social media platforms like Vine, YouTube, Tumblr and Instagram are placing prime importance in images and video based content. An internet marketing service keeps this in mind while posting content on social  media. It follows many tips and techniques to make visual content popular. For example, including good thumbnails in YouTube videos, promoting tweets with vine videos and optimizing the metadata of videos are some of the ways to get good social media response for visual content.

  • Celebrating Occasions And Standing-Up To Causes Over Social Media

Celebrating notable occasions like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Thanksgiving Day can become more exciting through social media campaigns. Come festival time, social media is one of the powerful ways used by online advertisers to tap the festive audience. Social media exposure can give a huge fillip to your cause related marketing efforts, where you can connect your audience to urgent social issues that are trending.

  • Using Social Media To Increase Website Traffic

Including links to your website, landing pages or micro sites in your social media posts can enhance the link-building process. While increasing traffic t your website, internet marketers use social media to generate and attract qualified leads to your business. Link building using social media is one of the popularly used organic ways to boost your SEO capabilities.

  • Curating Content For Social Media

Social media writing is an art. You can expect publicity and promotion for your brand, but being over self-centered can ruin your social media campaign. Instead of boring monologues on your achievements galore, congratulating, thanking and appreciating relevant people can generate good mileage. Digital marketers are experts in assessing customer psychology over social media. A neutral tone that is empathetic yet not too emotional will build a consistent image for your brand.

  • Joining Conversations, Answering Questions

The tech-savvy online marketing agencies have learned and mastered the ropes of getting maximum mileage for your brand using the social media campaigns. The social media audience is interested in listening to diverse and trending topics. Non-promotional content is the best way to pull crowd to your social media pages. Your business can join hotly debated topics or can answer popular questions raised by interested netizens in public forums. Such transparent and generic stance taken by businesses can lead to socially responsible and enlightened growth of customer communities.

  • New Product Launches With Social Media

When you plan to unfurl your brand new product or service offering, the time-tested tool sued by an internet marketing service is that of social media exposure. In the present day competitive scenario, social media is used not only for announcing product launches but are used as product launch platforms themselves. For example, a budding book writer may find a physical book launch quite daunting for his maiden venture. He might choose to launch the book over Face book, getting a few important connections from his social circles, to open the book for him over social media by means of live posting. Digital marketers can thus manage end-to-end operation of the entire business from social media platforms.

The fun of getting connected with interesting personas,  the transparency enjoyed by the public format and the viral effect of sharing to millions in a microsecond are some of the multiple advantages,  furthered by an internet marketing service when it uses the social media for business. However sustained success is guaranteed only if dedicated efforts and resources are channelized towards the channel.