How Does Website Marketing Target the all Important 18-35 Age Range?

Website marketing continues to evolve and rapidly change with today’s industry trends and technological breakthroughs. When the entire world started to shift from using desktops and laptops to smartphones and mobile devices for accessing the Internet, lots of Web content publishers and businesses all around the globe also recognized the immediate need for them to keep at pace with these changes. As more wearable devices are continuing to grow in popularity today, this also requires them to optimize their Web marketing strategies and techniques for location-based systems.

It’s crucial now more than ever for Web publishers and Internet advertisers to ensure that their content can be properly viewed in the small screens of smartphones, mobile devices and wearable gadgets. That’s because global reports for the past several years indicate that more users worldwide prefer to access the Internet through these devices. Plus, they’re also using the Web much longer throughout the day because of these gadgets, enabling advertisers and publishers to reach more of their intended audiences with their marketing messages and content when they design their campaigns for these devices.

Today’s location-based content placements and ad serving systems can also provide lots of advantages to these publishers and advertisers. Back then, this wasn’t possible because not too many desktops and laptops were equipped with GPS and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) components, which can report the current location of the devices to trusted remote servers with the consent of its users. Since doing this didn’t give any incentive to users at that time, location-based systems were severely limited because almost all users who did have GPS and BLE components in their computers back then refused to give their consent. But today, smartphones and mobile devices as well as wearable gadgets are equipped with more powerful GPS and BLE components. Giving your consent for your devices to use these for location-based tracking gives you a more rewarding experience when using your favorite apps and social media platforms or instant messaging tools.

These are just some of the major effects of recent industry trends and technological breakthroughs to website marketing as a whole. Also keep in mind that young adults aged 18 to 35 years old are some of the biggest spenders in a variety of industries and niches all around the world. They also regularly use these devices to access the Web for their online shopping, content viewing, communication and social media browsing needs. So it’s crucial for your business to take advantages of new TalkingAds Web marketing strategies and tactics that are more suitable for the new lifestyles, habits, preferences, activities, needs and hobbies of your existing customers and ideal prospects. To help you out — Here’s a quick shortlist of helpful tips and reminders:

Cost-Effective Website Marketing Tips for Today’s Young Audiences

  1. Social Media Presence — You should make it a point to include brand positioning strategies across social media networks that count the most for your target audiences in your Web marketing campaigns. Your organic content and paid advertising placements in the social media platforms where your ideal prospects and existing customers hang out can drive insane amounts of highly convertible traffic to your latest offers. Just remember to focus on the platforms where they congregate, and to also pinpoint social groups in these networks with lots of active members that are part of your target audiences. Frequently share captivating organic content and publish compelling promotional offers for your new products and services across these social media platforms, and you’ll be on your way to significantly optimizing the bottom-line results of your Web marketing campaigns.
  1. Mobile App Development — You should create a compelling mobile app for your target young audiences. Gamify your content and offers, or at least integrate viral marketing tactics into your mobile app development campaigns. Your website marketing strategies should focus on mobile users, so also make it a point to ensure that your online properties are all optimized for mobile viewing and access.

These techniques can help boost your promotional efforts for your business and Web properties in today’s social media and mobile-driven markets, especially across audiences aged 18 to 35 years old. But this starts out with having the right targeting parameters for your organic content and advertising placements. What this means is that you should really get to know your existing customers and ideal prospects before developing your Web marketing plans.

Your website marketing campaigns should be aligned to the timely interests, needs, preferences, habits, lifestyles and hobbies of your target young audiences. You can gather these details and develop an improved ideal audience profile by going to the social media platforms and online content repositories where they hang out. You can also spy on your top competitors with the best performing promotional campaigns, either organic or paid, in these social networks and content publishing outlets. This way, you’ll be able to emulate their successes and avoid making the same mistakes that they have yet to realize.

By doing this, you’ll be able to create more compelling offers for your target customers and ideal prospects who fall under this 18 to 35-year old age group. That’s because through these tactics, you’ll be able to ensure that your content and ads are aligned to their interests, habits, activities, needs and preferences. You can also create more captivating ads, more enticing organic content and more engaging pre-sell and sales materials when you do this.

This can in turn drastically improve the bottom-line results of your website marketing campaigns, in terms of getting larger volumes of highly convertible traffic, much better customer acquisition and conversion rates, which can lead to more sales. You can also develop optimized customer retention programs and loyalty strategies through these tips. You should also consider frequently optimizing your customer support services by using the updated details of your ideal customer profile. All these things can result to much better repeat business and viral marketing benefits for your business.