How Has Shopify Been a Game Changer for Affiliate Marketing Programs?

The most cost-effective affiliate marketing programs can give your business a much needed boost. You’ll be able to reach wider market segments of your target audience. You can even discover untapped groups of your ideal prospects. More so, you’ll be able to lower down your advertising costs and marketing expenses when you partner up with the right affiliates.

You need to carefully choose the most suitable ecommerce platform for your business. This can increase the likelihood of achieving your target affiliate marketing results. So you should look for a reputable ecommerce portal that’s trusted by a lot of shoppers in your target countries and local areas. It should also be implemented with seamless affiliate marketing integration features. The right platform should also have a constantly grown and nurtured network of co-marketing partners that specialize in your niches and in the industry where your business operates.

Shopify is a top choice of businesses around the world when it comes to their ecommerce and affiliate marketing targets. This is an ecommerce portal that enables commercial groups across the globe to quickly and easily set up a Web store. They have secure payment processing features integrated into their checkout systems. They also allow third party integrations into a Web store that you create in their platform. This means you can add more granular features into your Web shop, so you can improve the overall experience of your ideal customers. TalkingAds limited also have innovative affiliate marketing programs for merchants like you. They also have thorough vetting systems and pre-qualification processes, so you can rest assured that they’re able to effectively block and weed out criminal syndicates and spammers from joining their affiliate network.

Content publishers, mobile app developers, website owners, freelancers, bloggers, social media influencers, independent service providers, marketing groups and individuals can also benefit from Shopify’s innovative affiliate marketing programs. If you’re interested to sign up as a co-marketing partner of any merchant in Shopify’s network, then you can conveniently do that online. This ecommerce platform offers a lot of helpful tools that you can use to improve your campaigns and significantly increase your commissions. Through Shopify, you’ll be able to focus on earning more commissions. Instead of wasting your time, energy and money just to figure out how their platform works for co-marketing partners like you.

That’s why Shopify is also a top choice among many affiliates worldwide. So to summarize, here’s a brief list of the benefits and advantages that you can get from Shopify. By learning these things, you’ll be able to scale up the results of your current advertising and marketing campaigns for the latest offers of your business. Or as an affiliate, you’ll be able to significantly improve your passive income strategies and tactics through these features of Shopify’s affiliate marketing programs and ecommerce platform:

Shopify’s Affiliate Marketing Programs for Merchants & Affiliates

  1. Strict Vetting Systems & Pre-Qualification Processes — Merchants like you won’t need to worry about tainting the reputation of your business because of the spammy or borderline illegitimate tactics of your affiliates for promoting your newest products and service offers. You’ll also be able to avoid unknowingly dealing with criminal syndicates that are just out to use your affiliate links to process stolen credit cards or banking information so as to collect commissions and disappear as soon as you get chargebacks and refunds. Many businesses continue to suffer the consequences of using ecommerce platforms with affiliate programs that implement weak vetting processes. You won’t get that when you use Shopify. Though of course, you also need to do your own due diligence, which is why Shopify offers a set of quick and easy to use tools to monitor and manage your affiliate marketing campaigns.

As an affiliate, you can also benefit from Shopify’s thorough pre-qualification processes. That’s because you can rest assured that you’re aligning your brand with legitimate merchants and other co-marketing partners. That means you can expect a positive response from the majority of your target shoppers. Since they’ll associate your efforts with white hat tactics, they won’t flag your marketing messages, ads and promotional materials as spam or illegitimate. Because word gets around, you’ll be able to enjoy much better traffic generation and viral marketing results from your affiliate marketing programs.

  1. Third Party Add-Ons & Tools — Shopify also grows and nurtures a large development community of independent software programmers and creators. As a merchant, you can access the add-ons and tools from this development community. You can then choose and zone in on those that can give your Shopify store a much needed boost when it comes to the form and features that you want. For example, if you want full control over your affiliate marketing network, then you’ll be able to find a suitable add-on or extension from Shopify’s development community. You can integrate this third party affiliate management system into your Web shop and receive full support from the developers of those tools, depending on their terms and offers, of course.

Affiliates can also take advantage of this development community. You can improve the form and functionality of the third party Web properties that you use for your co-marketing campaigns. Through Shopify’s development community, you can check out their profiles and learn about other tools that they offer outside Shopify. For example, many independent programmers also offer add-ons, plugins and extensions for popular content management systems like WordPress and Drupal. With the rating and review system of Shopify’s development community, you’ll be able to handpick the right developers who are likely to have the most useful tools that you want for your Web properties.

  1. Direct Affiliate Offers — If you provide consulting services to small businesses, service providers, product developers and the like, then you can greatly benefit from Shopify’s direct affiliate marketing programs. Currently, they’re offering a generous tiered commission structure for each merchant who signs up through your affiliate link. So if you also offer digital info products like video courses and ebooks among others, then you’ll be able to earn commissions whenever your customers sign up as merchants of the Shopify network.

You can also do this through your content publishing ventures. For example, if you publish video content on Youtube that’s targeted at small business owners who are looking for ways to sell their physical and digital products on the Web, then you can recommend Shopify as a means to get their Web stores up and running in no time. Plus, this is an ideal way for business consultants and entrepreneurship coaches to earn profits from their efforts. Yes, all while helping your students and clients to set up a Web store, a payment processing platform and an affiliate marketing network through an easy to use ecommerce portal with lots of internal features and third party tools to augment the functionality of their online shops.

That’s how Shopify continues to be considered as a real game changer in the world of affiliate marketing and ecommerce. This is on top of being available for a variety of merchants and affiliates across lots of countries worldwide. They’re also integrating new features that can explode their popularity among many markets around the world, such as their instant delivery feature. They’re now collaborating with Amazon and Uber Rush to do this.