How Have Marketing Consulting Services Taken Advantage of the Internet of Everything?

The right marketing consulting services are more crucial for businesses that are seriously considering the major effects of the Internet of Everything (IoE) over those of the Internet of Things (IoT). That’s because IoE has wider coverage than IoT. The latter only focuses on device-to-device transactions and communication protocols. On the other hand, the former concentrates on not just device-to-device communications and transactions, but also human interaction with these interconnected devices.

For example, an IoT system only focuses on the protocols and nuances between direct communications of your mobile device and a smart refrigerator. On the other hand, an IoE ecosystem considers you, the user of these interconnected devices, as a central component of this entire process chain, and these devices as nodes of this network. Simply put, IoE is user-centric, while IoT is device-centric.

This is the primary reason why TalkingAds consultancy services for establishments and organizations that want to take advantage of this IoE ecosystem can help them create more cost-effective business and product development campaigns. Expert providers of these services can also guide you on how to correctly develop the right advertising, marketing and sales campaign plans for your latest products and services, especially if you’re business operates in the technology industry.

How have agencies that offer marketing consulting services taken advantage of IoE? Here’s a brief shortlist that can help answer this question for you:

How Providers of Marketing Consulting Services Continue to Benefit from IoE

  1. Ideal Customer Profile Development — Providers of marketing consultancy services specialize in helping you identify the right customers and prospects to target for your latest products and service offers. Because IoE is user-centric, their knowledge and experience in this field can help them effectively guide you on optimizing your business and product development campaigns. That’s also why many of them have been successfully promoting this component of their service packages to businesses that want to ensure they’re prepared for the upcoming effects of IoE.
  1. Social Media Marketing — Because social media is user-centric, lots of marketing consulting agencies that specialize in helping businesses remain as competitive as possible with the advent of IoE are also promoting their social media marketing expertise as a front and center benefit of their consulting packages. This continues to help them successfully gain more interest from their target markets. Many of them also inform their prospects that their knowledge and expertise in this area can allow them to develop a custom social media marketing campaign plan that’s customized for the exact requirements of each client.
  1. Mobile App Development — Some providers of marketing consulting services also promote their user experience knowledge and user design expertise as major components of their mobile-related services. This allows them to reach more businesses that want to benefit from the effects of IoE through the right mobile marketing campaigns. That’s because mobile devices are main components of an IoE ecosystem, while user experience and user design tactics can complete a streamlined communication process between these devices and the user as a central component of the entire process chain.

These are some of the top strategies and tactics that marketing consulting agencies are continuing to use for their promotional campaigns today. They’re taking advantage of IoE and successfully promoting their service packages to the businesses that have strict requirements for ensuring they stay as competitive as possible despite the effects and changes IoE can do to a variety of niches and industries worldwide.

How can you find the right agency that can also help you prepare for other upcoming trends and breakthroughs brought about by the adoption of IoE across your target niches and in the industry where your business operates? Here’s a step by step guide that can allow you to do this:

How to Find the Right Provider of IoE-Focused Marketing Consulting Services

Step 1. Search for B2B (business to business) networks with discussions that are dedicated to IoE and IoT among other relevant topics. These include LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups, online communities, blog networks, Web forums and so on. There’s bound to be providers of marketing consulting services that are participating in these discussions. Many of them are likely to also be promoting their services in the marketplaces of those B2B networks. Just keep in mind to focus on B2B platforms and communities that are relevant to your own target niches and the industry where your business operates.

Step 2. Go to the service threads and ads of agencies with the marketing consulting services that you see in your chosen B2B networks. Study their service guarantees, features and also certain things that can allow you to gauge their expertise and knowledge in IoE and in the niches and industry of your business. You can do this by going to their profiles in those B2B networks and online communities. You can search for their posting history, which can give you a glimpse of their relevant knowledge and expertise in relevant subject areas. Zone in on those that you believe are a good fit to what you’re looking for.

Step 3. Compare their service features and guarantees against your exact needs. Also carefully study the reviews and ratings left by other businesses that have used their services. These can usually be found in the same service threads that they’re promoting in those B2B groups and communities. Of course, focus on those with top reviews and ratings, but don’t forget to also concentrate on those with service features and guarantees that match your requirements.

At this point, all you need to do is to contact the top ones in your shortlist. Don’t forget to request for an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) along with an NCA (non-compete agreement) before you start discussing sensitive things about your business. You should also develop a list of questions that can allow you to gauge their expertise and knowledge in the areas described earlier. You should also ask if they’re offering discounts for first time clients (a lot of agencies normally offer this). So follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to working with a provider that can help prepare your business for IoE, IoT and 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution).