How Integrated Marketing Services Tie All of Your Promotional Tools Together for Better Targeting

Integrated marketing services are designed to strategically unify the promotional strategies, tools and tactics that you use for your different target niche markets. The objective is to make it simpler and more straightforward for your advertising and marketing teams to monitor and improve your campaigns. Another primary goal is for your teams to smoothly scale up and expand your reach across viable niche markets and industries, which can grow your profit margins exponentially without requiring you to spend a lot more time and money. These are the main reasons why many businesses continue to use these integrated services to combine the value that they get from leveraging traditional and non-traditional forms of promotions.

Using the Right Integrated Marketing Services for Your Business Activities

Another chief objective of expert agencies that offer these integrated services is to ensure that their clients can correctly use the right targeting tactics for their promotional activities. That’s because in most instances, the target audiences of many businesses are scattered across various traditional and non-traditional platforms and content publishing channels. For example, many of your ideal prospects are likely to spend more time using relevant mobile apps and social media platforms on their smartphones. On the other hand, significant numbers of your target audience are also likely to prefer viewing the content that they want through television, print, radio and online content repositories like Youtube and Facebook. As you can see, there are instances where the preferred platforms of your target customers and prospects are a combination of both traditional and non-traditional forms of media publishing outlets.

This is where targeting strategies and techniques become convoluted, especially when your target niche markets grow bigger and more diverse as you scale up and expand your operations. A certain part of your ideal audiences might prefer traditional media channels when they want to view content and communicate with their peers. Meanwhile, many of the same users are also likely to use more modern content repositories and digital communication tools on a regular basis. Still, there are some who just opt to use the latest technologies for their day-to-day activities at home, school and work.

So this is also where the right talkingAds integrated marketing services can help you out. You’ll be able to find common functions across your promotional tools. These can in turn enable you to use the same tools for discovering targeting options across the variety of social media platforms, advertising networks, content publishing communities, mobile apps and repositories that are regularly used by your target prospects and ideal customers. Imagine the time and money you can save when you use the same set of tools and applications for gathering relevant data from your niche markets and from the timely activity of your target audiences.

Plus, using these integrated services can allow you to uncover expanded sets of targeting strategies that you have yet to use. For example, using a certain platform for gathering the relevant search activity of your target audience can also enable you to gain insights on the particular types of traditional programs that they frequently view. You can then use the same platform to discover more specific details about their traditional content viewing preferences and habits. So this allows you to gain helpful ideas on how to reach out to them, communicate which marketing messages and on how to successfully convince them to take a closer look at your latest offers.

Now that you know the primary advantages that your business can get from using the most suitable integrated marketing services for your latest products, it’s time to learn how to find the right agency to handle your exact requirements. So to help you out — Here’s a quick checklist of the things that you should look out for during your search for the best provider out there today:

How to Identify the Right Provider of the Integrated Marketing Services That You Need for Your Business

First, ensure that they employ the best talent in the local job market of your target areas. This is an important factor to consider. Remember, you should choose an agency with experience in gathering relevant data about your target audiences. Those without any suitable expertise and knowledge in handling local market research tasks won’t be able to successfully do this.

Second, check if they also have experience in handling relevant tasks across vertical niche markets and industries. Keep in mind, an ideal integrated marketing campaign for your business is one that also leverages the resources of suitable co-marketing partners and B2B (business to business) prospects. Because many of your ideal affiliates and B2B partners are likely to be ones that compete in vertical niches, industries and markets, agencies that don’t prioritize these vertical sectors won’t be able to correctly do this for you.

Third, ask about their contingencies at the event of sudden issues that might arise from time to time. Also check if they implement redundant systems and workstation networks for their staff. You wouldn’t want your provider of integrated marketing services to abruptly stop your daily activities whenever power failures and employee absenteeism problems happen. Remember, consistency is the key when it comes to positively building professional relationships with your target audience.

Fourth, verify if they provide the necessary tools and back office support resources to their staff. The marketing and advertising team that they delegate to your business for providing the right integrated marketing services should be capable of focusing on their main duties and obligations on a daily basis. This means managers, supervisors and quality assurance personnel should be there to assist them. A tech team should also be on stand-by, in case they need to install new tools and equipment into their workstations for more effectively performing their responsibilities for your business.

Lastly, the right agency should be able to provide you with a short term subscription deal. This is sort of their trial offer where you can do a pilot run just to find out if they’re the best fit to your exact needs. This can help you avoid problematic situations where you need to jump over a lot of hoops just to move on to the next provider in your shortlist.