How Quickly Will You See the Difference If You Change your Affiliate Marketing Team?

There comes a time where you need to put your foot down and decide on finally dropping things that aren’t working out well for your business. This isn’t just limited to your current strategies and tactics, nor to the tools, technologies and equipment that you use to perform your back end activities for your promotional campaigns. After all, if there’s one thing that can significantly affect the bottom-line results of your business, then first on the list are the people you work with. This includes your affiliate marketing team.

Remember, different businesses have a wide ranging set of priorities for their co-marketing campaigns. Others primarily want to lower down their promotional expenses by working with a team of affiliates that has the right type of subscribers and regular viewers for their newest products. Some focus on cost-effectively hitting their growth and expansion plans for their businesses. They do this by partnering up with affiliates who are targeting vertical niche markets, in order to expand their reach across untapped segments of their ideal audiences for their latest offers.

Meanwhile, there are more businesses that concentrate on building their teams of co-marketing partners to gain both of the beneficial advantages mentioned above. That’s to drastically lower down their advertising and marketing expenses without negatively impacting their traffic numbers and conversion rates. Plus, among their main tactics to successfully do this is to also discover untapped segments of their ideal markets through the vertical niches of their affiliate partners. That’s because they want to grow their customer base exponentially, which can effectively align their results to their growth and expansion targets for the year.

In addition, they want to do this because many of those vertical niche markets aren’t as competitive as their direct targets. That’s because the businesses and affiliates that often compete for the attention of the audiences in these markets are non-competing brands, and content publishers like talkingAds etc. With this comes more affordable advertising opportunities for them, which can allow them to scale up their results in more straightforward ways, on top of scouting for more suitable co-marketing partners in other vertical niche markets that are relevant to their newest products, in order to ramp up their affiliate marketing team.

If you aren’t achieving any of your objectives after working with a team of affiliates for a long enough period, then it might be time to ditch them and re-build another group of co-marketing partners that can potentially provide you with much better results from their promotional efforts. However, doing this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll immediately see beneficial results from the promotional efforts of your newly signed up co-marketing partners.

In case you hit the jackpot and suddenly get large volumes of sales and a consistent flow of highly convertible traffic funneled to your opt-in offers and sales pages right after forming a new team of affiliates, then you should keep in mind that this might be an isolated case. Of course this can happen, especially if you end up choosing veteran affiliates with thousands of subscribers, fans, followers, app users and community members with timely needs and interests that are relevant to your brand, content and products. This is just a reminder to always keep in mind that this isn’t as common as it sounds in the affiliate marketing industry.

Now that you have realistic expectations, you’ll be able to better judge the amount of time that it could take for you to gain beneficial results from the efforts of your new affiliates. So the quickest answer to the question posed by the title of this write-up is that yes, it could take a matter of hours or a certain number of days before you see significant results from the traffic of your new affiliate marketing team. However, it could also take a few weeks up to several months. It’s also likely for you to encounter a few affiliates who fail to drive any traffic or sale to your offers.

So how can you increase the likelihood of getting reasonable results at the soonest possible time right after you sign up new affiliates? The shortest answer is to find the right co-marketing partners with the most suitable type of existing subscribers and regular viewer traffic for your products and content. But your job doesn’t end there, since you also need to successfully entice them to sign up as your affiliates. To help you out — Here are some strategic tips that continue to work very well for many businesses that recently started to rebuild their affiliate marketing teams:

Quick & Easy Tips to Build the Right Affiliate Marketing Team for Your Business This Year

  1. Join credible networks of pre-qualified affiliates and merchants. Focus on those that are specializing in your target niches and in the industry where your business operates. Of course, prioritize networks that also cover other not so relevant niches and industries because you might encounter stiff competition otherwise. But better yet, shortlist networks that also cover non-competing vertical niche markets and industries with audiences that are likely to also be interested in your products and offers. By doing this, you’re a few steps closer to building the right affiliate marketing team for your business. You’ll also be saving a lot of time when you do this, as you won’t need to do extensive pre-qualification work.
  1. Align your promotional content and add a few features to your offers that are beneficial to the existing audiences of your new affiliates. This can significantly improve your conversions and customer acquisition rates. This means you need to go to the Web properties and apps of your newly signed up co-marketing partners. This is to take note of the interests and needs of their audiences that are most relevant to your brand and products.
  1. Provide your new affiliate marketing team with appropriate promotional content materials and guidance. Remember, each of your co-marketing partners will be able to drive more warm traffic to your landing pages when they can clearly explain the beneficial advantages that their audience can gain from your products and content. Plus, don’t forget that prospects who know the value of your offers are more likely to be compelled to sign up to your mailing list, share your content with their peers and to buy your products.