How TalkingAds Marketing Consulting Services Set You Up For Success

As a start-up entrepreneur, your business needs to be guided properly so as to increase the likelihood of generating successful results from your ventures. As an established company, you also need the most suitable consulting expertise to take your business to the next level. And even if you’re an individual affiliate marketer or an independent content publisher, you’ll greatly benefit from years of marketing expertise and business development knowledge most relevant to your target niches and industry. This is exactly where TalkingAds marketing consulting services come in.

Right from business model ideation, significant knowledge in your target niche and marketing expertise in the industry where your business intends to operate should be the primary resources that can help you build a solid foundation for your investments. You need to pinpoint the relevant strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that can make or break your mission and vision for your business. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do this in the most cost-effective and straightforward ways without these resources.

And straight down to increasing the likelihood of achieving your sustainability, scalability and growth targets for your business, the most suitable marketing expertise, niche knowledge and authority industry experience are required for you to do this. And, TalkingAds marketing consulting services are designed exactly for this purpose.

However, what are the advantages and benefits of getting marketing consultancy services from TalkingAds over other agencies that specialize in the same things? Read on to learn how and why TalkingAds should be your go-to group when it comes to cost-effectively generating better bottom-line results for your start-up business or for your established company.

How Can TalkingAds Marketing Consulting Services Increase Your Chances of Getting Successful Results for Your Business?

First, the right TalkingAds resources will be assigned as your consulting advisers. This means the most suitable consultants from a vast network of veteran advisers will be selected to guide you in building and improving your business and product development, sales and marketing campaigns. They’ll be chosen based on their actual niche expertise and specialized marketing knowledge in your target market segments. That’s the main reason why TalkingAds marketing consulting services are customized for your exact requirements.

Second, TalkingAds resources will create an ideal customer profile for your brand and newest products. They’ll identify the most suitable gender groups, age brackets and particular locations in your target areas. They’ll then dig deeper to zone in on prospects with interests, immediate needs, lifestyles, hobbies, shopping habits and content viewing preferences that are aligned with your brand, latest offers and most up-to-date content in your site, blog and social media pages.

Third, a significant part of marketing consulting services is to create a shortlist of the online places and social media communities where your ideal audiences frequently hang out. This is to look closer at possible advertising and organic content placement opportunities in those platforms.

Fourth, TalkingAds resources will also perform extensive competitor analytics. They will create a shortlist of your top direct competitors in relevant niches for your newest products. Then, they’ll identify the best performing advertising and organic content placement campaigns of your top competitors. Their objective is to carefully study and create better ways to emulate the success of their campaigns, in order for your ads and content placements to stand out from all the noise in the right advertising and content publishing networks for reaching your target audiences.

Fifth, the next part of TalkingAds marketing consulting services involves carefully studying hot topics of discussions, popular subject areas of conversations, controversial news stories and the most widely shared posts across the online communities and social media networks where your target audiences hang out. These details can effectively guide you when creating ads, organic content placements and follow-up subscriber materials.

Sixth, TalkingAds resources will then correctly use all these relevant details to create more captivating, enticing, interesting and compelling ads, organic content placements, social media posts, opt-in copies, subscriber newsletters and sales pages for your newest offers. They’ll also create brand positioning materials for your top of mind advertising and instant brand recall marketing campaigns.

Seventh, another significant part of marketing consulting services involves the creation of small test campaigns. They’ll closely monitor the results of each test, identify things that are working quite well and those that are just wasting valuable time and resources. They’ll then improve these test campaigns up to a point where you’ll have highly optimized advertising and organic content placement campaigns that generate significant bottom-line results for your business.

Eighth, TalkingAds marketing resources will also help you with your affiliate sourcing needs. They’ll guide you in creating the profiles of your ideal affiliates, in order for your offers to be as captivating and compelling as possible for your prospects. Remember, the right affiliates are other brands, content publishers, individual marketers and a variety of marketing companies that constantly grow and nurture their own subscriber lists, regular viewer traffic, customer and member databases comprised of the ideal prospects for your newest products.

Ninth, B2B (business to business) networking and partnership sourcing are also significant focus areas of TalkingAds marketing consulting services. This means TalkingAds will help you find the right B2B networks frequented by other brands, business establishments and content publishers with products that aren’t directly competing in your target niches and industry. They’ll search for the most suitable B2B partners for your business, particularly those with non-competing products that are still relevant to the interests and immediate needs of your target customers. This way, you’ll be able to forge mutually beneficial cross-sales, organic content placements, advertising and traffic exchange deals with these brands.

Tenth, TalkingAds resources will help you create, implement and manage cost-effective affiliate and customer retention programs. Keep in mind, it’s 6 to 10 times more costly to acquire a new customer or to sign up a new affiliate, than it is to successfully sell a new product to an existing customer, or to convince an existing affiliate to pitch your newest offers to their subscribers and traffic. It’s also 60 to 70% more likely to successfully do the former, compared to the latter.

These are the primary advantages and benefits that your business can get from TalkingAds marketing consulting services. As you can see, you won’t only get consulting and guidance from experts, but they’ll also help you do these things and even manage your campaigns for you.