How to Generate Big Data For Your Professional Marketing Services

If you offer professional marketing services to businesses in your target local and international areas, then one of your priorities should be to generate targeted big data. This is a massive collection of timely details about the relevant interests, habits, preferences, lifestyles and hobbies of your ideal prospects and existing customers. Imagine the things that you can do with this information, especially for your advertising and marketing campaigns. For example, if you know the current interests of your intended audiences, then you can zone in on certain topics and news stories that are most relevant to your brand and latest service offers. You can then integrate this into your organic content marketing and paid advertising materials.

You can even use these details to create new offers. You’ll be able to access straightforward ways to ensure that your products are aligned to the relevant interests and needs of your target prospects. You’ll be able to dramatically increase your repeat sales margins when you do this. Remember, it’s much easier to sell new offers to your existing clients, than it is to pitch and close sales when you’re dealing with new customers.

You can also use big data resources to significantly improve your existing service packages. When you do this right, you’ll be able to produce much better viral marketing results and targeted referral traffic from your current clients. You’ll also be able to optimize your customer support services, providing you with the opportunity to generate new sales from your existing clients, and to also ensure that your brand is building a positive general sentiment across your target audiences and markets.

How exactly can you build big data resources if you’re a provider of professional marketing services? Here’s a brief list of strategies and tactics that can allow you to cost-effectively do this starting today:

Cost-Effective Ways to Generate Big Data Resources for Your Professional Marketing Services

  1. Irresistible Opt-In Offers — You can collect the big data that you want by implementing organic marketing campaigns for compelling opt-in deals. But first, you need to create irresistible offers that can captivate the interest of your ideal prospects and existing clients. To do this, you need to update the details of your ideal client profile. You should make it a point to consider certain industry trends and technological breakthroughs that are continuing to significantly affect the needs, behavior, interests, activities, habits and lifestyles of your intended customers. When you do this right, you can come up with unique concepts that aren’t found in any other advertising or marketing material of your direct competitors.

How this works is for you to entice your ideal prospects to sign up to your mailing list or to follow your social media profiles for your business through these opt-in offers. They should be more than willing to give you their contact details or to receive notifications from your social media pages. So that all boils down to how they see the value of your offers.

You should also align your offers to your professional marketing services. For example, you can entice your ideal clients to sign up to your mailing list by offering an email series where you provide actionable pieces of advice that can significantly help them improve the bottom-line results of their businesses. You should also create your materials in ways that can compel them to engage with your content. This way, you’ll be able to gather helpful information that you can use to build your big data resources.

  1. Mobile App Marketing — You can also cost-effectively build big data from your target customers through a mobile app. This can provide you with relevant location and activity data, along with other pieces of information that you can get from user inputs. However, these should be aligned to the features and benefits of your mobile app.

What this means is that you need to have a compelling reason for your target users to willingly agree to provide you with these details while they’re using your app. For example, your mobile app should provide them with helpful content based on their location, giving them an enticing reason to agree to hand over their location data. Otherwise, your mobile app won’t be compelling to your ideal prospects and is likely to be rejected by the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

If you align the primary benefits of your mobile app to your latest deals for your marketing services, then you can also gather useful information from user inputs. What this means is that you can integrate certain interactive features into the content of your app, enabling you to gather inputs from users while they’re accessing your content. For example, you can serve fresh content from time to time through your app, which can be about the hottest news stories, technological breakthroughs and industry trends that can significantly help your ideal users to improve their businesses and optimize their TalkingAds marketing campaigns. You can then implement a set of questions after they view your content. You can also offer some prizes like discount offers and trial subscriptions for your professional marketing services for randomly selected users who respond to your questionnaires.

  1. Customer Loyalty Programs — You can create a client retention strategy that can also allow you to gather information for building your big data resources. For example, you can offer reward points to those who respond to your surveys and questionnaires. These points can then be exchanged as credits for your marketing services and product subscriptions. You can also integrate this into your referral system where clients who refer their peers to your agency can get lots of reward points.
  1. Social Media Advertising & Organic Content Marketing — You should promote your opt-in offers, mobile app, customer retention programs and affiliate sign-up deals across the social media platforms, online communities and B2B (business to business) networks where your ideal prospects and existing clients hang out. You can also integrate the remarketing and retargeting systems of your chosen ad networks and social media platforms into your landing pages. These can serve as your invisible opt-in tactic. Don’t forget to include certain techniques in your campaign materials that can enable you to gather relevant information about the interests, needs and activities of your target customers.

These strategic ways for you to generate big data resources to help promote your professional marketing services can significantly improve the bottom-line results of your business. Keep in mind to organize the data that you collect through efficient back end processes that combine both automated and manual data curation protocols.