How to Pick the Best Affiliate Marketing Team in 2019!

By working with the most suitable affiliate marketing team for the latest offers and newest products of your business, you’ll be able to consistently drive larger volumes of highly convertible traffic. Your ideal prospects can go from the properties of your co-marketing partners straight to your landing pages, opt-in offers, pre-sell and sales materials. Because many of them trust the recommendations of your affiliates, this can also drastically improve your conversions and customer acquisition rates, producing much better sales margins for your business.

You’ll also be able to lower down your advertising costs and marketing expenses when your affiliate marketing agency starts to help you sign up the most suitable co-marketing partners for your business. That’s because your affiliates are expected to use their own resources to create, run, monitor and improve their advertising and marketing campaigns for your latest products and newest offers. You only need to pay a fixed commission percentage for each sale that they produce for you.

Finding the right affiliate marketing team isn’t as quick and easy as it sounds. Especially without a simple to follow guide. Well, until now — Found below’s a step by step guide on how to find the right agency for your business this 2019:

Step by Step Guide to Find the Right Affiliate Marketing Team This Year

STEP 1. Create a list of your exact needs and requirements for the affiliate marketing management services that you want for your business this year. You’ll use this to compare and contrast this list against the guarantees, features and details of your shortlisted agencies for their latest subscription offers.

STEP 2. Search for credible B2B (business to business) networks that are most significant to your interests and needs. Agencies that know what they’re doing are likely to also be hanging out in these B2B platforms. That’s because, if they know their marketing basics, then they’ll spend time in the communities where they can directly communicate with their ideal business clients.

STEP 3. Observe the promotional offers, ads and sales pitches that you see in these B2B networks for the affiliate marketing management services that you want. You wouldn’t want to consider agencies that spam these B2B networks with their offers. That’s because they might also use the same tactics for promoting your affiliate offers to your target co-marketing prospects. Instead, focus on agencies that regularly participate in meaningful discussions that are relevant to the needs and requirements of their target clients for their subscription offers. Also zone in on those that are using the proper marketplace and advertising sections of these B2B platforms. You can review their activities in these portals by going to their profile pages. You’re recommended to consider agencies that frequently offer useful insights. Remember, you’d rather go with an agency that knows how to build a solid reputation for their brand as a friendly expert resource of relevant info and timely advice.

STEP 4. After reviewing and comparing your needs and requirements against the details of their subscription offers, list down questions and inquiries that can allow you to learn more about the stuff that each of your shortlisted agencies can offer your business. This will also help you manage your expectations even before you sign up for a subscription offer with your chosen affiliate marketing team. Don’t forget, a key factor to consider is the access that your TalkingAds Limited shortlisted providers can offer your business to their constantly grown and nurtured networks of co-marketing partners, B2B prospects and third party merchants.

STEP 5. Ask for an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and an NCA (non-compete agreement) right after you contact the agencies in your shortlist for the first time. Do this before you discuss sensitive details about your current strategies, tactics and techniques for the advertising and marketing campaigns of your business this 2019. This is an important step that can allow you to protect your trade secrets and confidential business data.

STEP 6. Search for ratings and reviews left by other members in your B2B networks about their experience in dealing with your shortlisted agencies. Prioritize those that have the highest ratings and the largest number of positive reviews. Go through your list again, this time focusing on the content of negative reviews, if any. This will allow you to determine if each agency in your trimmed down list matches your exact parameters and expectations when it comes to the results that you want for your business this year.

STEP 7. Sit down and carefully go through all the details you’ve collected at this point. Don’t forget to prioritize an affiliate marketing team that has significant authority knowledge and expertise in your target niches and in the industry where your business operates, as well as in the niches and industries of your ideal affiliates. Plus, remember to prioritize an agency that offers reasonable discounts for first time customers, as well as short term subscription plans for pilot or trial test runs.

Signing up for a pilot subscription allows you to quickly bail out with as less pain as possible and move over to the next affiliate marketing team in your shortlist. That’s when you notice that your chosen agency is under-delivering their promises and guarantees. But by closely following this guide, you can reduce if not entirely eliminate these instances.

You can also contact other members in your B2B networks, particularly ones that have already used or are currently using the services of your shortlisted agencies. You can send them brief friendly messages. Introduce yourself and your business before asking for their help in learning more about your shortlisted providers. By doing this, you could even end up with more valuable recommendations regarding other agencies that aren’t in your shortlist, which can provide you with the exact results you want for your business this 2019.

You can also get some useful tips and pieces of advice from these members for managing your working arrangement with your chosen affiliate marketing agency. You could also even end up forging strategic B2B partnership deals with some of the members you contact. They can be interested in cross selling your products and services to their traffic and existing customers, enabling them to earn commissions for each sale that they generate. You could also take a closer look at viable opportunities for you to pitch their products and service offers to your existing customers and incoming traffic of prospects, allowing you to earn commissions from your efforts.