How Will an Affiliate Marketing Team Work Around Amazon?

Your Amazon business can get good traffic and sales from direct affiliates. This is through the Amazon Affiliates program. But this isn’t always the case. Most of the time, merchants in Amazon need to do their own affiliate sourcing campaigns. This is for significantly increasing their traffic, conversions and sales margins. If you’re in the same situation, then what you really need is the right affiliate marketing team.

What can you expect from doing this? What sort of advantages can working with an affiliate management agency give your Amazon business? Well, take a look at this list of the primary benefits that many Amazon merchants are currently enjoying this year from their affiliate marketing providers:

Benefits & Advantages of an Expert Affiliate Marketing Team for Amazon Businesses This Year

  1. Much Better Traffic — A key element to your success in Amazon is knowing timely details about your ideal audience’s relevant shopping habits and content viewing preferences. So is figuring out their Web browsing activities, lifestyles and hobbies. This can lead you to more captivating ads and compelling call to action messages. And you’ll also be able to optimize your advertising and organic content placements. That’s because by knowing what they’re doing, you’ll also know where they’re doing it.

But you need to do these things on your own. Unless you find and sign up the right affiliates for your latest offers. Here’s why:

Imagine a social media influencer in a relevant niche with hundreds upon thousands of subscribers and followers. Now let’s say that a significant portion of that audience has timely interests and shopping needs relevant to your products in Amazon. A simple email blast, Tweet, Facebook post or a Youtube video that recommends your products is all that’s needed for this social media influencer to drive loads of highly convertible traffic to your Amazon offers. They’d be interested in doing this as well, since they’ll earn significant commissions for themselves.

You need to find and convince them on your own to sign up as your Amazon affiliates. Chances are, most of them aren’t part of the Amazon Affiliates network. That’s exactly why you need to work with an expert affiliate marketing team. They’re likely to do a much better job, especially because of their niche marketing expertise and authority industry knowledge.

  1. More Volumes of Highly Convertible Traffic — Finding and convincing the right affiliates for your Amazon business aren’t the only things that affiliate marketing can do. Rather, they also know how to do this across large affiliate networks in one go. That’s because the right providers have a ready pool of affiliates.

Such an affiliate team is expected to constantly grow and nurture their database to only include legit affiliates. This gives you instant access to a large network of ready affiliates that can immediately start promoting your products in Amazon across their subscribers, regular viewer traffic, users, members and followers.

They also specialize in certain industries and niches. Your job now is to find the right marketing team that focuses on the target niche markets of your Amazon business. Imagine the benefits that you can get when you have large numbers of affiliates promoting your Amazon offers left and right.

  1. More Sales — That’s right. Much better sales. Isn’t that what all Amazon businesses want?

This is an awesome by-product of getting more highly convertible traffic from your affiliates. Plus, your marketing team can help optimize your ads, pre-sell and sales content, along with your Amazon product listings. You can then offer these as downloadable marketing campaign materials for your affiliates. This way, they can start promoting your current Amazon offers right away.

  1. Quicker & Easier Affiliate Management — Many affiliate marketing agencies offer a convenient Web platform for their advertisers (you) and publishers (your affiliates). These also have simple to use tools for viewing real time campaign results, uploading marketing content materials, publishing new offers across a ready pool of affiliates and directly communicating with them.

The right affiliate knows the importance of a streamlined management and collaboration portal for your Amazon business and your direct co-marketing partners (affiliates). This helps you focus on more important things in your Amazon business. Your affiliates can in turn concentrate on improving their campaigns to earn more commissions for themselves. You can help them do this through the communication tools and content uploading features of these Web platforms.

Imagine setting up your own Web platform. That costs a lot of time and money. Not to mention highly technical expert resources. We aren’t even talking about securing your portal. On the other hand, an affiliate marketing agency has a ready to use portal, along with the right resources to secure, maintain and keep their platform working well.

  1. Easy Commission Tracking on Top of What the Amazon Affiliates Program Provides — The right affiliate marketing team knows how to integrate their commission tracking systems into the Amazon Affiliates program. What they normally do is automatically sign up your affiliates to your Amazon Affiliates program. Then, they track the results of your affiliates through API (application programming interface) calls to Amazon Web servers.

This allows Amazon businesses like yours to offer higher commissions for high performing affiliates outside the Amazon Affiliates network. Remember, the standard commissions offered through the Amazon Affiliates program is 4% of the total sale price of your products. And, keep in mind that affiliates in the networks of the top marketing management agencies are more used to getting 10% or higher commissions per sale. That’s also mostly why they perform better, invest heavier in their campaigns and work harder.

These are the primary benefits and advantages that your Amazon business can get from working with the right affiliate marketing team. Don’t forget to carefully study and verify the capabilities of your shortlisted marketing agencies.

You can look for reviews and ratings from other establishments that have used or are currently using any of your preferred agencies. These are normally found in B2B (business to business) networks where the target clients of those agencies hang out. There are usually marketplaces in B2B platforms like Web forums, social media networks and so on. That’s where you can find service threads posted by each affiliate marketing team in your shortlist. Many past and present customers leave reviews in those threads. And yes, you can find even the biggest affiliate marketing management companies in those platforms.