Increase your Monthly Sales Leads Quota with these Business Marketing Services

All around the world, lots of startups, small to medium-scale businesses and large companies are using the most suitable business marketing services for their sales targets and promotional campaigns. This continues to generate much better results from their efforts. Simply put, they’re consistently driving bigger clumps of highly convertible traffic to their landing pages, organic content, opt-in offers, pre-sell and sales materials. They’re also getting lots of warm leads subscribing to their mailing lists, social media pages and online communities.

Many of them are also successfully convincing their ideal prospects to download, install and regularly use their apps and tools. All these things provide them with the opportunity to frequently communicate with their target customers. Because of this, they’re saving up a lot of time and money among other valuable resources. That’s because through email and SMS blasts, app and social media notifications — They’re spending less to inform their ideal prospects and existing customers about their newest deals, promos, content and products.

These businesses are also paying less to reach more of their target audiences. That’s because through the guidance of their providers of business marketing services, they’re successfully convincing more of their ideal co-marketing partners to sign up as their affiliates. So this means they’re paying them fixed commissions not for the highly convertible traffic that they send to their landing pages and sales materials, but rather for each sale that they close. So how is this enabling them to cut down on their advertising costs and marketing expenses? Here’s a list of the primary reasons why:

Can You Save More Time & Money When You Use the Right Business Marketing Services for Your Affiliate Partnership Management Campaigns?

  1. Yes, you’ll be able to do this. That’s because by outsourcing your affiliate campaign management requirements to the more capable hands of experts, you’ll be able to avoid spending the same amount of time, energy and money for building and managing your own inhouse team. Instead, you’ll be able to access more cost-effective rates without worrying about the back office support that your team needs to efficiently perform their duties and responsibilities on a daily basis. We’re talking about managerial staff, administrative agents, a solid tech crew and quality assurance specialists. That’s just the manpower that you need to assist your affiliate marketing management team. So think of all the costs involved in setting up and maintaining the best tools, technologies and equipment for your personnel.
  1. Again, a resounding yes. Aside from lowering down your overheads for your back office operations, you’ll also be paying significantly less customer acquisition rates. Here’s an example to clearly illustrate this:

Let’s say you’re targeting a niche with medium competitiveness in Google Adwords or any other advertising network that’s significant to the Web platforms and online communities where your target audiences hang out. So say you need to pay $0.25 for each click that your ads get in Google’s search and display network. Now let’s also assume that you get 1K clicks, and say 5% of that converts into $10 sales with 40% net profit for you.

This means for every $250 advertising fees that you pay Google, they drive 1K viewers to your sales pages. Plus, 50 of those viewers buy your $10 product, giving you $500 gross revenues. Calculating your net at 40% — You get $200 profit, leaving you with a $50 loss.

Now say you pay each of your affiliates $3 (30% commissions) for each $10 sale that they generate for your business through their own promotional campaigns. Let’s assume that one of your co-marketing partners can drive 1K viewers to your landing pages and produce 5% conversions (50 buyers out of 1K viewers) for your $10 product. Now you also get $500 gross revenues, and you net 40%, which is $200. So this means after paying $150 to your affiliate ($3 x 50 sales), you net $50.

This talkingAds limited example shows how the right business marketing services won’t just help you generate higher sales margins. Rather, you’ll also be able to avoid all the hassle of running multiple advertising and marketing campaigns across direct and vertical niche markets where your target audiences are found. Remember, the time, energy and resources that you use for creating, monitoring and tweaking your promotional campaigns are quite significant, especially when you need to consistently do this for the long term.

  1. For the third time, yes — You’ll be able to save a considerable amount of resources when you use the most suitable business marketing agency for the affiliate campaigns of your establishment. Aside from the beneficial advantages described earlier, you’ll be able to quickly and easily identify areas in your affiliate marketing campaigns that need to be tweaked and corrected. Now think of all the time and money you’d end up wasting if doing this requires you to sift through a ton of disorganized data charts, graphs, workflow systems and the like.

You’ll be able to do this without issues because your business marketing agency will organize and strategically compartmentalize your overall affiliate marketing campaign. You won’t have any trouble working on each direct and vertical sector that your co-marketing partners are targeting for their campaigns to promote your newest products and latest offers. This enables you to immediately spot bottlenecks and missed opportunities, which can in turn allow you to waste no time working with your affiliates to rectify these issues.

  1. Last but not the least, you can lower down your investment costs for your affiliate sourcing activities. That’s because if you manage to find the right provider of the ideal business marketing services for your promotional campaigns at the moment, then they’re likely to have a large network of vetted affiliates and pre-qualified merchants. They can then guide you on how to zone in on the affiliates in their network with the most suitable subscribers and regular traffic for your latest products.

They’ll also be able to assist you in optimizing your offers, in order to be more compelling for your ideal co-marketing partners in their network. Plus, they won’t think twice of guiding you on how to correctly develop enticing sign-up value propositions for your target affiliates, which can increase your chances of signing up more of the right co-marketing partners for your business.