Is Your Business Big Enough to Justify an Entire Affiliate Marketing Team?

A lot of money, significant amounts of time and loads of energy. Those are the things that you need to build an effective affiliate marketing team from scratch. Remember, you need to hire, test, train and constantly motivate the right staff to fulfill their daily tasks and responsibilities. We’re not even talking about the additional staff that you need, such as a manager, a supervisor and a team of quality assurance specialists. Have you also considered the additional office space and resources that an entire team will use up on a daily basis? How about employer taxes and employee insurance?

To help your team become more efficient in doing their duties and obligations, they need the right tools and technologies. Do you have significant knowledge in this field to correctly identify the latest tools and technologies that can enable them to do their tasks quicker, simpler and more straightforward? Otherwise, do you already have the right tech team in place to do this for you? Can they also optimize your back and front end processes, in order to provide a conducive work environment for your affiliate marketing staff?

At this point, you’re likely to have recognized all the things that you’ll need just to build an affiliate marketing team from scratch, ensure that they’ll be doing their daily tasks and responsibilities correctly, and to provide them with the right tools, technologies and work environment to motivate them on a day-to-day basis to efficiently perform their duties and obligations. So now the question is, are you prepared to invest all these things? More so, is your business big enough to be capable of sustaining the operations of this team?

What are your alternatives? How can you begin to create more cost-effective advertising and marketing campaigns for your affiliate sourcing targets? How can your business sustain the day-to-day operations involved in managing your affiliate marketing activities? How can you make sure that you’ll be getting the maximum value that you want for your affiliate marketing campaigns from your investments?

It’s quite simple, really. But it won’t be easy. Unless you keep in mind these pointers from TalkingAds limited for choosing the right affiliate marketing agency for your business:

Choose the Right Outsourced Affiliate Marketing Team for Your Business 

  1. Know What You Exactly Need — Before you can find the fastest path to your destination with the least resistance possible, you need to know where you should end up. So you need to know your exact destination. To do this in this context, you should create a shortlist of the stuff that you really need for your affiliate sourcing targets.

In turn, you need to update the details of your ideal customer profile. This way, you’ll be able to pinpoint the content publishers, mobile app developers, social media influencers, website owners, bloggers, non-competing brands and establishments that are all aligned to the timely interests, needs, hobbies, content viewing preferences, lifestyles, shopping habits and Web surfing activities of your ideal prospects. These are your target affiliates.

  1. Create a Shortlist of Ideal Candidates — At this point, you should use your list of requirements to pinpoint affiliate marketing agencies that can best match your exact needs. What you can do is go to reputable B2B (business to business) networks. These include social media networks, B2B platforms, Web forums and other online communities. That’s because many affiliate marketing agencies are likely to hang out in the same places where their target clients spend time.

Most of these platforms have marketplaces where affiliate marketing teams and other service providers can also advertise their latest offers. This gives you the opportunity to compare your list of requirements against their service guarantees along with other details that they provide in their ads. Also remember that lots of businesses and service buyers are likely to leave their ratings and reviews in the service threads and ads of these providers. You should carefully study these to effectively trim down your shortlist. Plus, don’t forget to check out other relevant sections in those B2B platforms. Some businesses share their experience in working with these agencies across the other sections of these B2B networks.

  1. Develop a List of Important Questions — At this point, you already have a list of ideal candidates for the outsourced affiliate marketing services that you want for your business. Now’s the time to create a list of questions and inquiries that can help you learn more about the value that you can expect for your investments in an affiliate marketing company.

Ask about the expertise of their marketing consultants, advisers, creatives and agents. Get to know the best results they’ve achieved for their clients. Of course, zone in on those that can show verifiable proof of their achievements and successes. Also ask if they usually customize their arrangements and the campaigns that they create and perform for their clients. Remember, no two businesses are created equal. So the most effective approach for a business to develop cost-effective campaigns and to work with an outsourced agency is to have things tailored to their exact requirements, the current status of whatever they’re doing and to their expectations as well as to their budgetary considerations.

  1. Contact the Top Affiliate Marketing Team in Your Shortlist — Use your list of questions and inquiries while you’re talking to them. Take note of their answers. You’ll use these in case you want to move on to your next shortlisted candidate.

Keep these pointers in mind while you’re searching for the right outsourced affiliate marketing team. You’ll be able to drastically increase your chances of finding the best agency for your exact needs. Another thing to remember is to focus on affiliate marketing companies that specialize in your target niches and also in the industry where your business operates. That’s because they’re likely to have a large network of affiliates with the right type of traffic and subscribers for your latest offers. Plus, don’t forget to start out with a short term arrangement. This way, you won’t be investing too much time and money before you make sure that your chosen agency can really give you the results you want for your business.