Join a Network or DIY for Effective Affiliate Marketing Management?

Your business can benefit from a cost-effective affiliate marketing management strategy. Brands that have already gained the trust of their subscribers and viewers will promote your products across their digital properties, such as their sites, blogs and mobile apps. Social media influencers with tons of fans and followers will do this in their content repository channels and social media pages. Because their traffic already has confidence in their expertise and knowledge about subject areas that are relevant to your offers, you’re more likely to get much higher click thrus and conversion rates when they do this for you.

With a well-planned and thoroughly tested affiliate campaign management strategy, you’ll be able to build and steadily grow your network of co-marketing partners. You can then re-invest the time and money that you save from offloading your promotional efforts to the capable hands of your affiliates in the more important areas of your business. For example, you can try to discover untapped market segments, or cater to the relevant needs and interests of other viable niche markets.

But starting to do this for your business isn’t as quick and simple as it appears to be. For example, do you know where to find and convince your ideal co-marketing partners to sign up as your affiliates? That’s even the easiest one to answer since it’ll be multiple times more challenging to successfully convince them to partner up with your business, especially since many of your competitors are likely to be doing the same thing (competing for their attention).

Another thing is, how would you be able to handle the cookie and commission tracking requirements of your ideal affiliates? Do you intend to build a back end tech network that handles this for you and integrates with your payment processing account? Plus, where do you plan to register for a merchant account that allows you to track and release payouts to your affiliates?

If you’re intimidated by any of those questions, then chances are, you’re better off joining a network. That’s because it’s far more complicated to start your own affiliate marketing management system than it is to join an existing network that already has these things in place. This is especially true if you don’t have significant experience in doing the things mentioned above.

So to help you make a more informed decision, found below is a list of the advantages and benefits of joining a network for your affiliate campaign management needs. Keep these things in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to starting your affiliate campaigns on the right foot:

Joining a Network for Your Affiliate Marketing Management Needs

  1. A credible network can help you avoid signing up affiliates whose promotional activities are at best unethical and at worst downright illegal. Remember, you wouldn’t want to taint the reputation of your business by associating your brand with spammers and criminal syndicates that steal credit card accounts and hack online banking accounts now, would you? Also keep in mind, many scammers and criminal groups target businesses with affiliate programs, so they can cash out stolen financial accounts and disappear once they collect their commissions. You’ll be able to avoid this serious problem through the help of a credible network with strict vetting procedures and pre-qualification requirements.
  1. Operators of affiliate marketing management networks use up their own resources to entice affiliates to join and partner up with their merchant clients. They constantly build and grow their networks, providing you with the opportunity to position your latest offers in front of new co-marketing partners that might have the right type of traffic for your newest products and solutions. This can greatly benefit you, especially if you don’t have experience in finding and enticing your target partners to sign up as your affiliates. That’s because many operator of credible networks also provide guidance and support on how to do this right.
  1. You don’t need to worry about getting merchant accounts and integrating your back and front end shopping carts with the payment processing systems of your third party provider. That’s because operators of affiliate networks already have these things in place. You just need to use their easy to understand APIs (application programming interfaces) and place these in your sales pages and shopping cart systems.
  1. Cookie and commision payout tracking are also already in place when you join an affiliate network. This makes it easier for you to focus on signing up the right affiliates, communicating with them to help them optimize their promotional campaigns for your offers and so on. Remember, if you set this up on your own, you’ll also need to hire a team of tech guys to constantly monitor, manage and troubleshoot issues that might suddenly appear from time to time.
  1. Commission payout scheduling and releasing are also handled by the operator of your chosen affiliate marketing management network. This means inquiries and support tickets from your affiliates are also handled by their professional in-house support teams. This enables you to provide your affiliates with a smooth experience when they need support.

These are the primary advantages and benefits of joining an affiliate network over doing everything yourself. Don’t forget that you can join as many affiliate networks as you want. Just don’t over-do it though, as it can become quite difficult to manage multiple network accounts. Plus, keep in mind to choose a network that’s teeming with affiliates who specialize in vertical niche markets that are most relevant to your brand and latest offers. This way, you’ll be able to increase your chances of convincing more of the right affiliates to partner up with your business.

As an added note, you should carefully compare the fees charged by each affiliate network in your shortlist before deciding to join any of them. Remember, many of these networks charge a certain percentage from each sale that you and your affiliates process through their payment portal. So by wisely choosing the networks that can give you the best rates in the market today, this can increase your profit margins and the commissions of your affiliates.