Let the Right Affiliate Marketing Team Go to Work on Your Retail Site!

An affiliate marketing team is normally comprised of marketing consultants, creatives, advertising advisers and agents. There should also be managerial, administrative, quality assurance and technical groups to handle and assist in performing their day-to-day operations. That’s because a marketing team should be allowed to focus on doing their daily activities without being bogged down by non-marketing issues like Internet connectivity downtimes, workstation slowdowns, unoptimized back end workflow systems and front end processes. That’s why these management, administrative, quality assurance and tech groups should be capable of streamlining, managing and troubleshooting these back and front end systems, in order to ensure the optimum efficiency of your marketing team in doing their daily activities for your business.

The staff you hire for your marketing team should also possess significant expertise and authority knowledge in your target niches and especially in the industry where your business operates. But because they’ll primarily handle your co-marketing campaigns, they should have suitable proficiency in directly and vertically relevant industries and niches that are targeted by your ideal affiliates and target B2B (business to business) prospects. This can ensure that you’ll be able to develop and effectively present your value propositions to your target co-marketing partners, which can dramatically increase the likelihood of successfully convincing them to forge mutually beneficial arrangements with your business. Remember, your affiliate team should be capable of not just designing a cost-effective co-marketing campaign plan for your business, but to also efficiently communicate and compel your ideal partners to sign up as your affiliates and B2B partners.

You should also equip them with the right tools and technologies for doing their day-to-day activities. A conducive work environment can significantly increase the overall quality of their daily work output. This is where your technical group comes in. They should be able to work with your affiliate team in identifying the payment processing platforms, customer cookie and commission payout tracking systems to use for your co-marketing platform. Keep in mind that you must provide a simple to use Web portal where your team, affiliates and B2B partners can regularly monitor the real time results of their campaigns as well as communicate with each other. You also need to secure and regularly do maintenance work on your system, in order to make sure that everything is running as smooth as possible.

This is why building and managing the right TalkingAds affiliate marketing team isn’t as quick and simple as it sounds. On the contrary, this can cost a lot of time, energy and money on your part, especially if you haven’t done this before. You could end up hiring the wrong personnel to not just perform your marketing-related activities, but also your managerial, administrative and technical requirements. This can lead to a lot of wasted resources on your part.

There’s a more cost-effective way where you can immediately start working with the most suitable affiliate team for the current targets of your business. All you need to do is to find an expert agency that knows what they’re doing to significantly boost the affiliate marketing results of your campaigns for your latest offers and newest products. To help you out — Here’s a simple to follow step by step guide that can assist you on how to properly do this without spending too much time, energy and money:

How to Find the Right Affiliate Marketing Team for Your Business

Step 1. Identify B2B networks that are most relevant to your target agencies. You can do this by listing down the online and offline B2B networks where their target clients hang out. Remember, just like you — These agencies spend a lot of resources to know where their target audiences are spending time for their business activities that are related to their service offers and products. Because many of these Web communities, trade associations, social media groups and professional platforms have marketplaces and advertising sections where members can pitch their service offers and products, you’re likely to find a lot of your ideal agencies in these B2B networks.

Step 2. Carefully review the details of the service packages that are currently being offered by your ideal agencies in those B2B networks. Compare your exact needs and requirements for an affiliate marketing team against the things that they can do based on what they’re guaranteeing in their service offers. Trim your shortlist down to agencies that match your parameters. Take note of their contact details. Also list down a set of questions and inquiries that can allow you to clearly understand the packages they’re offering and the value you can gain from working with them under their available subscription plans. Do this before you contact them.

Step 3. Look for ratings and reviews left by other service buyers. You can usually find these in their service offer threads at the marketplaces and advertising sections of those B2B networks. This can provide you with helpful insight on what to expect when you begin to work with your chosen affiliate team. That’s because a lot of their former and current clients are likely to leave honest reviews about their experience in using the services of your shortlisted agencies. If you’re scouting for agencies at Web forums, then you can also look at their posting history in those online communities. This can allow you to judge their relevant expertise and knowledge not just in affiliate marketing or marketing in general, but also in your target niches and the industry where your business operates. Keep in mind that they should also have relevant expertise in other directly and vertically relevant niches and industries that are targeted by your ideal affiliates and B2B partners.

Step 4. Once you’ve pruned your shortlist down to affiliate teams that know what they’re doing, have top ratings and reviews and are offering the right subscription packages for your business — You can contact them for your questions and inquiries. Aside from the things that you’ve already prepared at this point as described earlier, you should also ask if they’re offering discounts to first time customers. You should also ask them if they can provide an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and an NCA (non-compete agreement) for your review and signatory before you discuss sensitive things about your business with the representatives of your chosen agencies.

Once you’ve chosen an affiliate marketing team from your trimmed down shortlist of agencies, you’re recommended to go with their shortest term subscription. Remember, you’re still in the phase of testing out the services of your selected agency. You’ll have a quicker and easier time bailing out and moving on to the next affiliate team in your shortlist when you do this.