Simple and Cheap Tricks for On-Page Website Marketing!

The right website marketing strategies and tactics can generate beneficial results for the bottom-line of your business. You can consistently get more volumes of traffic mostly comprised of your ideal customers. This in turn increases the likelihood of getting higher conversion rates and better repeat sales. Plus, you can even cut down on your marketing overheads and other related costs through some simple tricks and techniques. How? Well, read on to learn more.

Did you know that a few easy to follow on-page optimization tactics can already improve your website marketing results considerably? Yeah, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to successfully implement these tricks into the pages of your website. This mainly involves the following components:

Improve Your Website Marketing Results with These Strategic On-Page Optimization Tricks

First, get to really know what your ideal customers are talking about and discussing among themselves at the moment. Well, for you to do this right, you should initially create an ideal customer profile for your business, all while considering your latest offers and newly launched products. This way, you’ll know which age brackets, gender groups and locations of your target audiences. That’s how you take the first step in improving the results of your marketing campaigns.

Then, you should dig deeper and get to really know their interests, content viewing habits, Web browsing preferences, hobbies and the hottest topics of discussion that they’re actively engaging with at the moment. You can do this by performing effective competitor analytics, which is a helpful way to optimize your marketing efforts. You can use tools like SimilarWeb and others to identify the best performing ads and advertorial content placements of your top competitors.

Through these tools, you can also find the most significant sources of their traffic when you do this. Create a shortlist of all relevant details that you can get, and you’re bound to be able to effectively use these things for your own benefits. For example, you can go to the sites of your competitors to know the content and products that they’re currently offering to your ideal customers. You’ll also be able to know the exact things they’re doing at their best performing traffic sources. You’ll also be able to study how they developed their best performing ad copies and marketing materials. All these things can contribute to the things you’ll be doing to optimize your marketing campaigns. Don’t forget to carefully take notes of the hottest news stories and content that your ideal customers are sharing and engaging with at the moment while you’re spying on your competitors and getting to know more about your target audiences in the online places where they frequently hang out.

Second, create a shortlist of headlines, topics, keywords or key phrases that are most relevant to the things that your ideal customers are currently talking about and sharing around. Then, verify the immediate demand for these content topics by entering these into the Google Adwords Keyword Planner and also into the Bing Keyword Tool. Take note of the most significant long tail exact search results.

Also enter these long tail key phrases into Google. This will give you keyword suggestions whose search demand you can again verify through these keyword tools. Factor these into your on-site content development campaigns. By doing this, you’re only a few steps to fully enhancing your marketing campaigns with cost-effective on-page optimization tricks.

Third, create pages and posts that are targeted at the most significant long tail key phrases in your shortlist. Enter meta titles, descriptions and keywords into each page, but don’t overstuff your posts and pages with your target keywords. Keep in mind to use your other target long tail key phrases as text anchors of inbound links pointing to your other posts and pages with relevant content. Do the same thing for outbound links that point to authority sites with relevant content. These effective on-page website marketing strategies can help improve the crawlability and indexability of your site in the eyes of Google and Bing search engine robots.

Fourth, ensure that the pages of your site are integrated with timely whitehat on-page search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. This is an important tactic in optimizing your on-page website marketing campaigns. What you just need to keep in mind is to structure your pages, posts, content categories, inbound and outbound links in ways that make it quicker and easier for Google and Bing search engine robots to crawl your site, find content most relevant to higher level pages and posts, and index your content under your target topics, categories, keywords and keyphrases.

Simply put, just think of how you can make it quicker and easier for older viewers in your target audiences to do what they want and find what they need while browsing your website, without solely depending on JavaScript on-click functions like mouseovers, visual cues like icons and the like. Remember, Google and Bing search engine bots perform their crawling and indexing functions through the text content, alt text, inbound and outbound text links of your website.

Fifth is to develop and execute a strategic off-page content placement and backlink building campaign. Remember, you’ll get the best value from your marketing efforts by placing your content and backlinks in front of eyeballs that are really interested in your brand, offers and products. This means use your shortlisted online places where your ideal audiences frequently hang out for your content placement campaigns. This will give some oomph in terms of positive SERP (search engine ranking placement) results for your target keywords and keyphrases.

Now, for some supplemental strategies that can significantly enhance the results of your on-page marketing efforts. These are optional, though you’re likely to get the best bang for your buck when you do these things.

Supplemental Tips for Enhancing Your On-Page Website Marketing Campaigns

  1. Use the webmaster tools of Google to submit the sitemap of your website. This can improve your on-page website marketing results because doing this can ensure that Google search engine bots can easily crawl and index your posts and pages in a timely manner.
  1. Create an irresistible free offer that can showcase your authority expertise in various subject areas most relevant to your brand, content and products, as well as to your ideal audience’s interests, habits, hobbies and preferences. Slap this up as an opt-in offer where your viewers can exchange their emails or mobile numbers for your free content. This way, you’ll be able to build your mailing list of targeted subscribers, enabling you to build mutually beneficial relationships with them, and also to follow up with your latest offers. Remember, many of your first time viewers might not return, so presenting a value proposition that they won’t be able to resist is an on-page website marketing tactic that continues to provide many businesses with significant results.
  1. Similar to the on-page marketing benefits that you can get from doing the previous tip, using the retargeting and remarketing options of Google, Bing, Facebook and other wildly popular social media platforms on your site can provide you with cost-effective results. By doing this, your ads in those search engines, social media platforms and any relevant site in their publisher networks will be displayed to viewers who have already visited your site. Your ads will be displayed while they’re spending time in those social media platforms, or when they make relevant searches or visit any niche-related site in the publishing networks of those search engines.

Just keep these things in mind, and you’re well on your way to enhancing the results of your on-page website marketing campaigns. Remember, it’s always best to constantly monitor your results, so you can improve on things that work, drop those that don’t, and scale up the stuff that’s giving you the best value for your time and money.