TalkingAds Limited Discusses the Next Steps that Marketing Companies Need to Take this Year

TalkingAds Limited is a seasoned marketing agency that continues to offer valuable professional services to businesses all around the world. Their expert marketing specialists, advertising pros, creatives and agents possess specialized skills, experience and authority knowledge in a wide variety of niches and industries where many of their clients operate. They build teams with the right resources for each of their customers, making sure that each agent they delegate to their clients has the most suitable expertise and know-how in not just the target niches and industries of the customer, but also in various areas where their co-marketing partners are focusing on at the moment.

They also provide helpful back office support services, equipment and tools to the teams that they delegate to each customer. This is to further ensure the seamless operations and efficient productivity of their staff for the benefit of their clients. So a group of veteran managers, supervisors and quality assurance specialists work hand in hand to assist their teams as they go about their daily duties and responsibilities for customers. A proficient team of tech associates and administrative personnel also guides their staff in effectively using the right tools and technologies to augment their expertise and knowledge in completing the promotional activities of their clients.

TalkingAds also makes it a point to develop, implement and tweak contingency plans and redundancy strategies into the day-to-day operations of their agency. This helps avoid situations where the advertising, sales and marketing campaigns that they do for their clients can abruptly stop due to unforeseen problems, such as power failures and employee absenteeism. They also do this to thwart more serious issues that can result from equipment breakdowns, Internet downtimes and the like.

But according to many of their clients, among the most helpful professional services that TalkingAds Limited provides them is their service of formulating custom campaign plans for each of their customers. They do this before they start working with a client because they know for a fact that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to advertising, sales and marketing. After all, their customers have different models, target audiences, ideal affiliate and B2B (business to business) prospects, niches and industries.

Still, there are of course fundamental areas that TalkingAds considers as the most vital factors businesses in general should focus on right from the start of the year. Knowing these core areas can enable you to drastically improve the results of the promotional campaigns for your newest products and latest offers this 2019. Here’s a shortlist of the top ones this year:

TalkingAds Limited & the Top Areas They Recommend Your Marketing Business to Prioritize This Year

  1. Community Building — Social media has grown into a mature platform where groups of like-minded people frequently hang out to mingle with others. In most cases, these are individuals who are passionate in sharing and advancing discussions and projects about certain subject areas. This provides brands with the opportunity to strategically reach out to their target audiences and promote positive brand awareness by participating in these meaningful discussions and projects. Your objective is to help others in these communities with problems, concerns, issues and questions about topics that are most relevant to your latest products, freshest content materials and opt-in offers.

But keep in mind that your primary goal isn’t to sell your stuff to the membres of those communities. Rather, you should begin to create your own community, and you can strategically do this by communicating your niche expertise and authority knowledge while helping others in those off-site platforms. So you should focus on making your ideal customers and prospects in those communities to feel compelled to check out your profile and browse through your linked community pages in your own digital properties. This way, you’ll have a consistent and reliable means to communicate with your ideal audiences, which can ultimately drive down your customer acquisition expenses, all while improving your conversion rates. TalkingAds Limited can help you achieve your target results for your community building campaigns.

  1. IoT (Internet of Things) Marketing — Smart devices are everywhere. Refrigerators, camera door bells, digital padlocks and so on are just some of these IoT products, and almost all of these are integrated with features for remotely communicating with mobile devices and computers. Also, there’s bound to be a larger number of tech gadgets regularly introduced from time to time this year across various niche markets and industries. You need to come up with creative strategies for leveraging these trends and technological breakthroughs when it comes to optimizing your promotional activities this 2019.

But what if you aren’t in the business of producing (as a merchant) and promoting (as an affiliate) these IoT devices, platforms and technologies? Well, it might be in your best interest to look closer into using advertising platforms, content publishing networks and lead acquisition portals that specialize in relevant IoT industries and niches. For example, if you run a blog that sells affiliate health-related products, then you’re likely to generate leads from IoT advertising platforms used by the most popular smart refrigerators in your target areas.

  1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) Communication & Marketing Platforms — Remember, you shouldn’t disregard your own on-site content resources and customer support platforms when it comes to the potential value that it can give your promotional campaigns. For example, you can optimize your strategies by integrating CRM tools and technologies into your digital properties to track and study the relevant activities and habits of your first time viewers, returning users, subscribers and customers when engaging with your on-site content. TalkingAds Limited employs resources with the right niche marketing expertise and technical knowledge to do this for you.

You can also implement semi-automated chat bots into your customer support portals, integrating this with social media messaging tools frequently used by your target audiences. For example, if many of your ideal prospects and existing users prefer to use Facebook Messenger when communicating with their peers, then more of them are likely to feel much comfortable contacting and talking to your support representatives when you give them the opportunity to use Facebook Messenger to do this. As for AI chat bots, you can use this to significantly reduce your customer support overheads without negatively affecting overall customer satisfaction as you can just use these to provide quick templated answers and to also forward more complicated conversations to your human agents.

These are current trends and breakthroughs that can present new opportunities for your business this year. So don’t forget to keep an eye out for these things while you’re optimizing your promotional campaigns and also while you’re running your business.