TalkingAds Professional Marketing Services for the Finance Sector!

For the finance sector, interaction with customers can be an opportunity for your brand to earn their loyalty and retain them. It can also be a trigger for your competition to sneak in and capture customer interest. As per the 2015 Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Research, customers are purchasing more products and services from top financial brands, but not essentially from their current providers. Around 39 percent of consumers cite competitive pricing as the reason. Other factors that come into play include quality customer service (34%) and customers quoting good value for cash (32%) as key drivers for switching to another financial company or brand.

The talkingAds professional marketing services can make a big difference to banks and other finance companies seeking to keep their customers from switching. This includes first-contact resolution. According to Accenture’s research, consumers who switched to another product or brand due to poor service mostly felt they would have remained loyal, had their issues been resolved at the first point of contact. The finance industry has to take the lead and earn customer loyalty. To do this, excellent service and prompt resolution of issues along with substantial value are essential.

  • Content Marketing For Finance Brands

Content is the primary driver of every marketing effort in different sectors. This includes finance. The talkingAds professional marketing services include content optimisation solutions for enabling the finance industry to deliver value to consumers. As per the Financial Content Marketing report by Dianomi, less than 2 percent of financial services companies deemed content marketing to be up to par, but 90 percent say content marketing as an important area of growth for the coming years.

Around 71% of those polled, said the most common content marketing objectives are brand awareness and thought leadership. Customer retention and loyalty was also a focus of financial professional marketing services. Thus, content marketing has great value for the finance sector.

  • Rise of Online Video

After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine and accounts for close to fifty per cent of internet traffic.  Research shows 46% of customers are more likely to purchase products and services post an online video. Online video is gaining relevance and importance as a financial digital marketing tool. To boost a finance brand’s social marketing success, the talkingAds professional marketing services are oriented towards high volume, budget videos that are effective, searchable and attractive. The talkingAds team helps the financial companies to leverage marketing analytics and target the right customers with the perfect video marketing strategies.

  • Transparency and Brand Authenticity

The finance sector is bound by regulatory requirements. A lot of information needs to be presented to customers as part of a transaction. This is why it is important for financial brands to get their message heard and ensure the differences are noted, while building a positive and authentic brand awareness using professional marketing services. While outside the financial sector, three-fourths of companies gained consumers from social media platforms like Facebook, but the figure drops to one-third in the financial sector. To effectively utilise digital media, as little as the first 10 seconds determine whether customers will stay and browse or go back and close the window. Social media marketing strategies, when used correctly and to their full potential, have the power to reinvent a financial brand.

  • Going Social

A particular survey revealed that 28 per cent of investment professionals resorted to social media channels such as Twitter for investigating financial products. Another 12 per cent said investment decisions had been made based on something read on social media sites. The ability to connect with financial firms depends on the feeling of being a prized customer.

One of the keys to successful business marketing is making sure you have a presence where the customer goes and this includes social media. Actively using social media channels is as important as utilising blogs, hoardings and online adverts and the talkingAds professional marketing services emphasise a go-to marketing strategy that deploys social media effectively. Marketing is integral for the success of any business and in the finance industry, professional marketing solutions can show your customers you have an open, honest and transparent approach besides being accessible, and easy to contact as well as having a presence. Convert customers and secure new business by hiring a capable finance marketing professional.

  • Keeping Up With Market Trends and Technologies

The financial services landscape is constantly changing and growing, moving into unseen territories. Thanks to modern technologies, financial brands are using features like 24/7 chatbots, AI, machine learning, and even Augmented Reality/AR and Virtual Reality/VR to market brands. Money management just got more convenient as it shifts to online channels. But the acquisition cost per customer is higher in the financial sector. Experts estimate that digital viewing offers a massive opportunity for marketing brands.

For every USD 92 spend on acquiring customers, only USD 1 is spent on converting them, according to Intellibright. This can show marketers in the financial sector need to focus on improving their conversion points. With general acquisition costs high, the internet provides a platform for collaborative marketing campaigns and efforts with other companies. Collaboration provides a chance to network with other companies, incur fewer costs and multiply reach. This is at the core of talkingAds professional marketing solutions for the finance sector.

  • Tracking Customers

As more consumers go social and think global, engagement levels on social media and online platforms have reached an all-time high. Individuals are more vocal about their experiences and opinions. This helps finance companies to track customer feedback and opinions and work towards improvement and innovation for the product or service offering. Marketing financial services and products can be quicker if the company offers niche or one-of-a-kind offerings.

  • Insight Driven Marketing is Essential

The value of consumer insights and data for financial marketers is important. A vast majority of financial marketers focus on brand marketing strategies. But what sets the talkingAds professional marketing services apart is the focus on data-driven marketing and data analytics for finance brands, a vital necessity in this age of Big Data. Banks and credit unions, for example, have access to more transactional, behavioural and demographic data on consumers than other industries. You need a professional marketer with a high calibre to access and understand the data. This is why talkingAds can be an invaluable strategic partner for financial marketing.