The Importance of Managing Customer Expectation for an Online Marketing Agency

The success of an online marketing agency depends on a number of factors. First thing is the value of the results that their services can consistently provide the businesses of their clients. Second is how they treat their customers and prospects when it comes to resolving their problems and addressing their concerns. Third is how they work with their affiliates and B2B (business to business) partners when fulfilling their obligations for ensuring the success of their mutually beneficial arrangements.

Fourth is of course the way they hire, trrain, motivate, inspire and manage their staff. These are their professional creatives, multimedia marketing specialists, advertising experts and support representatives. These are also their back end support resources, such as their tech teams, managers, supervisors, quality assurance agents and administrative personnel. Fifth is how they implement redundant systems and contingencies to ensure that their equipment, back end systems and workflow processes are consistently tuned to work as efficiently as possible even at the event of unforeseen problems.

As you might have noticed, many of these factors place the well-being of their clients and their businesses front and center when it comes to their core priorities. That’s because an unhappy customer can lead to disastrous results, especially regarding their brand positioning campaigns for promoting a positive general sentiment for their products and services across their target clientele networks and communities. In this modern social media world, things can quickly go viral and escalate to unmanageable proportions. So when an agency gets a negative remark from a client, then it’s likely for word to spread around, especially across the relevant social circles of that customer.

This is the main thing that makes it really important for an online marketing agency to manage the expectations of their clients. A simple misunderstanding can lead to a bad review in a public online B2B community that can be seen by thousands of the agency’s ideal prospects. Once the snowball effect kicks in, the agency can lose significant traction across their target niche markets. Sometimes, this problem can be quite difficult to recover from, sadly.

To ensure that your Internet marketing agency doesn’t run into any of these problems, you should focus on optimizing your customer-facing strategies and tactics for correctly managing the expectations of your clients. You need to do this right from the start of your engagement and discussions with your customers. To help you generate more strategic ideas on how to do this right, and also to motivate you to keep your eye on the prize — Here’s a quick list of advantageous benefits that you can gain from doing this:

Correctly Managing Client Expectations for an Online Marketing Agency

  1. More motivated resources can result to more satisfied clients. When you agree on a realistic set of results, it’ll be more straightforward for you to satisfy the expectations of your customers. This can result to a more relaxed work environment for your staff. That’s because they won’t feel stressed out to hit targets more suited for larger teams or longer time tables. This can make them feel inspired and motivated to do what they do best for the benefit of their clients. Imagine how they’ll feel, especially after prolonged periods of time, when they’re asked to rush everything just to hit unreasonable deadlines and the like. Now compare that when you have a team of experts feeling that their expertise and knowledge are put into good use and are greatly appreciated by both you and your clients.
  1. Happier customers can generate much better repeat sales for your online marketing agency. When you have many clients happy with the value that’s being consistently generated by their investments in your agency, then you can also expect a lot of them to stay longer with you. Remember, you’ll be able to produce higher profit margins for repeat sales as opposed to new contracts. That’s because you won’t have any additional customer acquisition overheads when you successfully close a sale with an existing customer. Besides, it’s over 70% easier to do this when you’re dealing with an existing customer, more so if you’re trying to convince a happy one. That’s why almost all of the biggest and most successful multinationals in the world place customer lifetime optimization front and center in their priority targets for their product development, promotional and support campaigns.
  1. More satisfied and happy customers can result to more referral clients for your agency. That’s because many of them are likely to mention your business on a positive note when they’re discussing relevant topics with their business colleagues and partner companies. You’ll be able to produce higher profits from their referrals since you won’t have customer acquisition expenses when this happens. Besides, you can sweeten the deal for them and at the same time express your gratitude by offering them discounts and promotional offers with each referral they drive your way. This could even generate mutually beneficial affiliate partnership deals between your agency and their businesses.

Now that we’ve nicely squared away the top benefits that your Web marketing agency can get when you successfully manage the expectations of your clients, let’s talk about how to do this the right way. Here are some quick pointers to remember:

How to Correctly Manage the Expectations of Your New & Existing Clients for Your Online Marketing Agency

First, ask about their specific needs, expectations and targets. Also request for their time tables when it comes to achieving their target results.

Second, request for access to particular details about the current status of their businesses, how their situation looks like in terms of market traction across their target niches and industries, what they’re currently doing and so on. Do this after sending them NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and NCA (non-compete agreement) drafts for them to review, amend, finalize and sign. This way, they’ll feel more secure before discussing sensitive details about their businesses.

Lastly, mutually agree on a finalized scope of expectations and requirements. This is for both parties (your online marketing agency and their businesses). Also include a clause stating that your mutual agreement is required for changes to targets, terms and so on. Plus, don’t forget to mutually agree on delivering regular reports. This will keep them at pace with the latest developments of your agency’s work for their businesses, which can help avoid misunderstandings and the like.