The Latest Business to Business Marketing Strategies for your Telesales Team!

B2B or business to business marketing is quite different from B2C or business to consumer promotions, especially when we’re talking about a telesales team as a vital component of your overall strategy. That’s because many B2B prospects have different expectations, knowledge, expertise and perspectives when it comes to reviewing and responding to content marketing and telesales pitches, as opposed to how a B2C prospect is expected to respond to content marketing materials and telesales pitches.

That’s why you should really differentiate your targets, objectives and goals for your B2B advertising and marketing campaigns. This way, you’ll be able to identify the right strategies, tactics and techniques to use for your plans. When you factor in that you’ll be primarily using your telesales team to improve the results that you can expect from your B2B campaigns, you could end up with even more unique strategies to increase the likelihood of getting a positive response from considerable numbers of your B2B targets.

But keep in mind that the performance of your telesales team can significantly depend on your supplemental strategies or complementary tactics. For example, immersing your target B2B prospects with effective top of mind advertising campaigns can greatly help your telesales team when they start contacting your B2B targets. Many of them would likely think and feel that your brand is a familiar name in the industry because of your campaigns, enabling your telesales agents to have a more straightforward experience in convincing them to pay attention to your latest offers.

That’s just one example. There are other things that you should keep in mind. So how exactly can you realistically improve the results of your business to business marketing campaigns, especially when you have a telesales team to help you out? Found below is a brief list of tips and strategic tactics that continue to boost the bottom-line results of many businesses worldwide when it comes to their latest B2B marketing campaigns:

Improve Your Telesales Team for Your Business to Business Marketing Campaigns

  1. Update the details of your ideal B2B client profile. Keep in mind to factor in the most relevant industry trends, technological breakthroughs and viral social media news with the most significant effects to the operations of your target companies and to the overall behavior of key decision makers in relevant departments of your ideal B2B prospects. For example, a recently launched smartphone that suddenly becomes wildly popular across the target customer markets of your ideal B2B prospects can change their requirements when it comes to the raw materials and services that they need for their own products and campaigns. By doing this, you’ll be able to effectively align your offers to the timely interests and needs of your target B2B clients.
  1. Take note of the key decision makers in the departments that are most relevant to your latest B2B offers. For example, if you’re trying to sell Web development services to your target software companies in the USA, then you should search for the business contact details of their website administrators, Web property managers, content marketing heads and marketing VPs. Also take note of their business hours, especially if you’re in a different time zone. Just don’t forget to get the most updated details of the key decision makers in those relevant departments. Aside from email, phone numbers, mobile numbers, fax numbers and so on, you should also list down their instant messaging handles in popular social media networks. Focus on getting the instant messaging handles that they use for business-related purposes. Don’t contact them through their personal social media accounts.
  1. Study the exact needs and interests of your shortlisted B2B prospects at this point. This is an important business to business marketing strategy. That’s because you must customize your offers to each of your target businesses. If there’s something that can really turn off a B2B prospect, then it’s a telemarketing agent of a B2B service provider who thinks offering a cookie cutter package to them is the best way to close a contract. For them, that’s spam. It won’t be good for your campaign.
  1. Zone in on your shortlisted businesses with newly launched products. That’s because many of them are likely to have significant budgets to promote their latest offers, improve their products, scale up their customer support service requirements and so on. This makes them more receptive of B2B offers, especially when it comes to the raw materials and services that they need for their recently launched products. That’s also why you need to study their exact requirements at the moment before you customize the design of your B2B offers for each of your ideal prospects.
  1. Send your proposals to the key decision makers in the relevant departments of your target B2B clients. Use their fax numbers and emails. Of course, send your proposals during business hours. Don’t forget to include a compelling subject along with a friendly professional note at the top of your fax document, or in the body of your email. This way, they’ll know what your proposal is for, and the primary benefits that they can get from your value propositions.
  1. Develop your telesales pitches for each of the companies at the top of your shortlist. Align this with the relevant needs and interests at the moment of each prospect. TalkingAds limited recommends that you find out the relevant interests of the key decision makers that your telesales agents need to contact. This way, you’ll be able to shape the telemarketing scripts of your agents to best suit the interests and personality of your target decision makers. Also keep in mind that the main objective of your telesales agents for your business to business marketing campaign is to book your target decision makers and their team for a teleconference appointment or for a face-to-face presentation. Remember, B2B proposals tend to generate a lot of questions from prospects. This means that they won’t be able to decide without getting on a phone, teleconference or face-to-face appointment with you first.

These are the top 5 strategies that are continuing to generate good results for the B2B campaigns of many businesses today. Just don’t forget to pitch a trial arrangement that your B2B prospects can conveniently scale up and expand later on. Remember, most of them won’t be enticed to sign up a long term contract with a B2B provider, especially if they haven’t done any business in the past with them. Plus, always make it a point to include value-added services among other additional options. Don’t over-do this, since your telesales agents could end up confusing your target B2B prospects when they pitch a lot of options along with your main proposals.