The Latest Online Marketing Trends That Your Business Needs to be Aware of!

Today’s world is highly digitized and the way we work or shop or entertain ourselves is also almost completely digitized. Businesses the world over, have taken cognizance of this fact and are vying with each other to stay relevant and ahead in this digital marketing world. The way customer thinks and behave while deciding on a purchase, what factors influence them, how they interact with fellow customers – all these are constantly changing and as an entrepreneur, you will have to keenly observe the changes that are happening in the business space around you and need to keep yourself up to date with the latest online marketing trends so that you may use them to leverage your business. In this rapidly evolving digital age, trends have the tendency to go viral overnight and also tend to die out quickly if they don’t find sufficient patronage. It is necessary for you to monitor latest trends and study which one or which basket of trends are suited to market your business online.

  • Apps

Is there any business that does not or cannot have an app? The current generation depends for almost all their daily activities on apps. Order food, count calories, check school bus arrival, shop, navigate, listen to music – whatever be the customer activity, there is an app for it. So if you want your business to be considered a serious player and be counted as a viable competitor, make sure you have a business app or purchase ads and tie up with marketing agencies so that you appear on popular apps.

  • Big Data Crunching

One of the biggest online marketing trends that you need to be aware of is big data. With rapid research and improvements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, we now have large access to vast amounts of data also known as big data. Earlier used by large corporations to understand business trends, it has now percolated down to small and marginal players and has reached a stage where no one can succeed without analyzing and working on information gleaned from big data. Developers working on big data crunching are coming up with incredible insights on how customers make choices and this helps businesses plan their online marketing strategy accordingly. So make sure that you invest in big data analyzing and work out a strategy that benefits your business.

  • Content marketing on influencer spaces

Articulating your brand philosophy and the strength of your product through content on websites, blogs, articles and other online literature has always been a solid way of putting across your details to customers. Information is key and the more the prospective customer knows, the more likely he is to choose your product because it coincides with what he wants. The problem is that there are just too many websites with information abounding on the internet and the customer is at a loss as to which site to browse. The new trend is to project your content on spaces of influencers who can add value to your product and make sure that visibility increase. There are many influencers who have already earned a reputation as being market analyzers and people trust their judgement. So it makes sense to invest in being visible on those influencer networks and attract a larger prospective audience.

  • Affiliate marketing management

Another online marketing trend that you should be aware of is affiliate marketing management. Gone are the days when you waited for customers to know about your product, visit your store or even website, understand what you were offering, see if it interested them and if it was a good deal and then make a purchase. Ecommerce has made it so easy for people to access a variety of options online and as such there is intense competition in this space. Affiliate marketing management is the latest in proactive online marketing where in affiliates are engaged to drive traffic to your website. For every conversion through an affiliate, they receive a commission. Since it is payment on proof of purchase, it is a very cost effective method of online marketing. There are four partners in this system – the brand, the affiliate, the network and the customer. The brand is usually connected to a network which further engages the affiliates who have various ways of diverting traffic who visits their websites to a link of the brand’s website. The network tracks all movement and records and reports to the company, who will then analyze this data and make necessary plans for an improved and target oriented online marketing campaign.

  • Chat bots for a personalized touch

All business is personal and depends on the individual’s perception of a product. So, no matter what trends come up, it still remains important to connect personally with your customer, woo him and try to win him over. Now, seeing the vastness of the market space and the geographical locations they are distributed among, it may well be impossible or at least very time consuming to personally connect to each perspective customer. With the advent of Artificial intelligence, a new online marketing trend is to make use of chat bots as an alternative. These use machine learning to mimic human conversation and can service large numbers simultaneously. This is a trend your business can definitely make use of.

  • The smart factor

With the complete takeover of the mobile phone industry by smart phones, people are now almost completely dependent on them for almost everything. They are constant companions and everything from entertainment to communication, shopping to banking, information to navigation, games to networking, work mails to fitness updates, everything is on the smart phone. Isn’t it then a smart move to take advantage of the smart phone for your online marketing needs? Since it is with the customer 24×7, messaging or emailing will have an immediate reach and impact and it will definitely reach all intended customers.

  • Social media as a tool

All of us are hooked on to some form of social media or other and so also your prospective customers. Online marketing managers are leveraging social media to reach right into the customer’s personal space and send in their message. Face book business ads are right there so that they can’t be missed and they have great conversion rates. Content on blogs, twitter, specialized spaces – all are potential marketing aides. So eye catching visuals and compelling content should be integral elements of your online marketing strategy.