The TalkingAds Affiliate Marketing Agency New Business Handbook in 1000 Words!

Most startups don’t usually have large coffers filled to the brim with cash for their product and business development campaigns, day-to-day operations and promotional expenses. This also applies to a lot of small businesses that are just starting to get their feet wet across their target markets. They need growth hacking tactics and cost-effective solutions just to keep their businesses afloat. That’s why among the primary objectives of the TalkingAds affiliate marketing agency is to guide their clients on how to create, run and tweak their campaigns even with a shoestring budget.

They ensure that they’re always scouting for the best talent in the job market today. They employ the right resources with the most suitable skills, knowledge and expertise in the target niches and industries of their clients. They also make sure that the marketing consultants, agents, advertising advertisers and creatives that they delegate to each of their clients have significant experience in handling relevant vertical markets, niches and industries. They know for a fact that co-marketing is among the best solutions for businesses that don’t have deep pockets for their promotional campaigns.

They also make it a point to provide the outsourced teams that they assign to their clients with suitable back end support systems. They constantly manage, monitor and streamline the equipment, tools and technologies that they integrate into the conducive work environment of their associates. They employ the right managerial and administrative staff to assist their marketing teams in performing their daily activities for their clients. They also have quality assurance and technical professionals who are tasked to formulate, implement and manage contingencies and redundancy strategies. This is to ensure the smooth performance of their advertising and affiliate marketing consulting teams.

This is also why the TalkingAds Ltd affiliate marketing agency regularly publishes a comprehensive guide for startups and small businesses. They also ensure that they keep their handbook quick to absorb, easy to understand and simple to follow. So here are the top tactics and strategies that are in their latest affiliate marketing handbook for new businesses this 2019:

Tips & Techniques From the TalkingAds Affiliate Marketing Agency for New Businesses This Year

First, a cost-effective co-marketing campaign plan can only be strategically formulated through the right market research data. Your customer profile should be aligned to significant trends and breakthroughs that are specific to your target niches, industries and ideal markets. But more importantly, your ideal affiliate profile should be aligned to vertical niche markets and industries with large audiences that have needs and interests for the benefits of your newest products and latest offers.

So this means you should initially develop and constantly update the details of your ideal customer profile. These include their most relevant needs, activities, interests and preferences, as well as their age brackets, locations, professions and gender groups. These things should shape your product development and promotional campaigns.

You can then use your ideal customer profile to identify vertical niches and industries that are targeted by non-competing brands, content publishers, social media influencers and other businesses that are serving those markets. This gives you the opportunity to zone in on vertical niche markets with large audiences that can greatly benefit and are actively searching for the advantages that your products can provide. You can then use this data to identify the most relevant objectives and goals of your ideal co-marketing partners, and to also pinpoint the exact tactics to use when developing your affiliate offers and sign-up content materials. This is where the TalkingAds affiliate marketing agency can greatly help.

Second, join networks with pre-qualified affiliates and vetted merchants that specialize in your target industries. For example, if your business operates in the retail shopping industry, then Amazon can be a viable option for you, especially since they have lots of affiliates that can help you in a variety of niche markets. Also keep in mind, Amazon is the world’s biggest retail shopping platform and affiliate network in this space.

But don’t develop tunnel vision though. You also need to look beyond the largest affiliate networks. Remember, the bigger they are, the more competitive they become. For instance, if your business sells electronic components for builder hobbyists, which is already a very niche market in itself, you’re likely to still have thousands of merchants in Amazon competing for the time and attention of affiliates with significant subscribers and regular viewer traffic in the same network.

The TalkingAds affiliate marketing agency has its own close-knit network of merchants and co-marketing partners. They ensure that only legitimate merchants and non-spammy affiliates that use ethical tactics can join their network. They manage to pull this off through their strict vetting processes and pre-qualification requirements. Plus, they’ll be able to guide you on how to quickly pinpoint the right affiliates in their network for your current offers. They can also assist you in improving your offers and value propositions for your affiliates, which can increase your chances of signing up more of the right affiliates in their network.

Third, search for B2B (business to business) networks and platforms that can expand your connections to the right third party brands and organizations. You’ll be able to find not just suitable suppliers and service providers that can offer much better deals for the stuff that you need from them, but also establishments that are likely to be interested in forging affiliate partnerships with your business. The options are limitless, i.e. From upsales and cross sales opportunities to traffic exchanges and content syndication deals, you’re bound to find mutually beneficial solutions.

What you can do to steadily build up the reputation of your business across the most relevant B2B platforms and networks is to help other members with their niche and industry-specific concerns. To be more strategic in doing this, you’re advised to focus on niches and industries that are most relevant to your business and to the operations of your ideal affiliates. This way, the other members in those trade associations, professional social communities and online groups, most of which are likely to be your target B2B and affiliate partners, can remember your brand as a friendly expert resource of helpful niche expertise and authority industry knowledge.

So these are the most crucial things you should keep in mind for your new business to be able to hit it big with your co-marketing campaigns. The TalkingAds affiliate marketing agency continues to guide their clients in cost-effectively doing these things for the past several years now.