The talkingAds Marketing Development Plan for a Successful YouTube Campaign!

YouTube is an indispensable tool for businesses and individual marketers today. More than 4 billion people all around the world spend a lot of time in this platform on a daily basis. Millions of dollars exchange hands because of this video repository. This is the primary reason why the TalkingAds marketing development agency continues to keep an eye out for the newest tactics and strategies for helping their clients maximize the utility of this platform for their advertising and marketing targets.

It goes without saying that this magnitude of opportunity also has its challenges. Many independent publishers, small businesses and even corporate multinationals are losing lots of time, money and other valuable resources because of their advertising campaigns and organic marketing efforts in YouTube. This is due to the sheer competitiveness of this video publishing platform. After all, its daily direct traffic numbers is bound to generate a feeding frenzy across lots of businesses, individual marketers and independent publishing groups worldwide.

If you want to earn a decent living as an independent publisher in YouTube, or if you want to generate significantly better sales for your business through this platform, then you need to come up with suitable tactics. These should allow your video content to stand out from all the noise in this video repository. To help you start out on the right foot — Here’s a quick and simple to follow guide from TalkingAds on how to plan out your YouTube marketing campaigns this 2019:

Simple Step by Step TalkingAds Marketing Development Guide for YouTube This Year

The TalkingAds Ltd. marketing development agency always starts out with the development of an updated ideal audience profile for their clients. After all, how would you be able to really know how to serve your intended markets with the video content they want if you don’t have a target viewer profile? So go to the places where your target viewers hang out. Google Trends, the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool, the Google search engine and YouTube itself can point you to the right direction.

Secondly, analyze the content publishing platforms, video channels and social communities that are frequently visited by your ideal viewers. Take note of how your intended audiences engage with the content in those places. List down the topics, keyword tags and other details that are covered by those content materials. Of course, focus on those that are most relevant to your target audience’s needs and interests, and also to your brand, content and latest offers.

Third, don’t forget to also take note of the publishers, social groups, online communities, apps and so on that your target audiences use on a regular basis. Do this while you’re in step 2. This way, you’ll be able to prepare a list of prospects that you can reach out to when you’re promoting your YouTube videos. But keep in mind that the administrators and owners of those third party properties are likely to be more receptive of your cross sales, syndication, advertising and publishing pitches when they’re in vertical markets that are still significant to the interests and needs of your ideal viewers.

Fourth, use your ideal viewer profile to generate ideas for your video content development campaigns. Cover topics that are most relevant to the timely needs and interests of your target audiences. Remember, the primary objectives of your video content in YouTube should be to educate, entertain and engage your target viewers.

Fifth, you’re also advised to integrate into your video content the hottest news stories and the most controversial topics of conversation across the social communities where your ideal viewers hang out. Of course, strategically do this. Zone in on topics and news stories that are most relevant to your brand, content and offers. Keep in mind that this can backfire if not done right. The TalkingAds marketing development agency can guide you on how to correctly do this.

Sixth, come up with captivating headlines, attention-grabbing thumbnails and engaging descriptions for your YouTube videos. These components of your videos should be able to grab the attention of your target audiences when they see it in their YouTube or Google and Bing searches, when they’re browsing through their news feeds at their favorite social media platforms or when they’re actively participating in relevant discussions at the apps and online communities where they spend time. These should also make them feel the urge to subscribe to your YouTube channel, to click to your affiliate and opt-in offers or to share your content with their peers.

Seventh, use relevant keyword tags for each of your videos. Remember, your video content can be listed in the recommended videos section of other channels and video pages. So when the thousands of subscribers and viewers of popular channels in direct and vertical niche markets see your videos as the top recommendations, you’ll be able to strategically funnel that traffic to your content. The TalkingAds marketing development agency can assist you in optimizing your YouTube videos through these tactical procedures.

Eighth, explore advertising, organic marketing and content publishing opportunities for your videos and YouTube channel across the most relevant third party apps, social groups and online content publishing platforms that you listed down in steps 2 and 3 of this guide. Don’t forget to always avoid spamming those places. Instead, you should actively participate in meaningful discussions that are significant to the needs and interests of your ideal viewers. Just advertise or share your videos and YouTube channel when the benefits of your pieces of advice and content posts in those third party properties can be supplemented with additional unique value from your videos and YouTube channel. This way, you’ll be able to tactically position your brand across those places and cost-effectively funnel highly convertible traffic straight to your videos, YouTube channel, affiliate and opt-in offers (through links in compelling call to action statements in your video descriptions).

Ninth, participate in helpful discussions at the comment sections of YouTube videos and channels that are very popular across your ideal viewer groups. Choose those that are most relevant to your brand, content and offers, and also most significant to what your target audiences are interested in at the moment. By sharing meaningful insights, useful comments and interesting perspectives with other viewers engaged in those discussions, many of them are likely to check out your YouTube profile, allowing them to also check out your YouTube channel.

Tenth, monitor the results of your campaigns on a regular basis. Constantly tweak your strategies and tactics with each new video that you publish in your YouTube channel. Communicate with the TalkingAds marketing development agency to further optimize your techniques.