Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs for 2019!

The right affiliate marketing programs can strategically work both ways. For merchants, you’ll be able to significantly extend your reach to wider market segments of your ideal audiences for your latest products and newest service packages. You’ll also be able to drastically cut down your advertising costs and marketing expenses all while consistently funneling larger volumes of highly convertible traffic from the Web properties, online communities, social groups and mobile apps of your co-marketing partners straight to your opt-ins, landing pages, organic content, pre-sell and sales materials. Because this traffic trusts the recommendations of your affiliates (assuming you’ve correctly chosen to partner up with the right ones out there), you can also expect much better conversions and customer acquisition rates from this traffic. Don’t forget that you only need to pay fixed commission percentages for each sale that your co-marketing partners generate for your products.

As for affiliates, you can earn better revenues and profits from your promotional efforts when you sign up with the most suitable programs from the top ones this year. By steadily building and nurturing your network of subscribers, regular viewers, readers, mobile app users, online community members, customers, social media fans and followers, you’ll be able to leverage your efforts and resources for much better rewards from these top programs this 2019:

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs This Year

  1. ShareASale Affiliates — This affiliate marketing program is among the all-time favorites of many merchants and affiliates this 2019. With 17 years of experience in the industry, what entices a lot of merchants and affiliates to join their network include their digital payout option and thorough pre-qualification processes, ensuring that you’ll be working with legitimate merchants and affiliates. The only problem that many businesses and affiliates claim in this network is their challenging setup procedures.
  1. Amazon Associates — A list of the top affiliate marketing programs won’t be complete without the global household brand Amazon. Their network is among the biggest in the industry (if not the largest in the world). What many affiliates like about their program is the commissions that they earn even if their referral traffic doesn’t purchase the products they link to in their promotional materials. This means affiliates can earn commissions even if a referred customer buys a different product within the Amazon platform. But of course, that’s as long as the affiliate’s cookie doesn’t expire in the referral customer’s Web browser. This is also what lots of affiliates don’t like about Amazon because their cookies are set to expire within 24 hours, unlike other networks that offer much longer cookie expiration features.
  1. eBay Partners — Another large affiliate network and widely used shopping platform, many affiliates join the eBay Partners program. Promoting and earning from their network can be as quick and simple as sharing links to the products that you want to recommend to your traffic. Also take note that eBay hosts some of the most diverse collections of products, including used items and rare products that are quite challenging to find in other marketplaces. On the other hand, a few affiliates complain about the auctions feature of the eBay Partners program, which doesn’t allow them to earn commissions from an auction that successfully closes past 10 days, even if they’re responsible for sending the customer with the winning bids in those auctions.
  1. Shopify Affiliate Program — This is another platform that continues to rapidly build up its popularity across large affiliate and merchant networks worldwide. Also hosting a diverse set of products, lots of shoppers regularly go to this platform to buy the products that they want. Just keep in mind, this program is only for referring merchants that are interested in setting up stores in this platform. This means they don’t have a program where you can earn commissions for each paying customer that you drive to a product page of a merchant in this platform.
  1. Clickbank — This is among the most popular affiliate marketing programs in the digital content publishing space, next to Amazon Kindle. Actually, Clickbank specializes in niches within health, fitness, online business and digital marketing industries. They offer fast payouts for affiliates and a lot of setup and customization options for merchants. On the other hand, many affiliates and merchants that are already in this platform are still waiting for Clickbank to start offering digital payout options. At the moment, they only offer regular banking methods to withdraw commissions and sales earnings.
  1. Rakuten Marketing Affiliates — Another global leader in electronics and pet niches of the affiliate marketing industry, their program is quite popular across many affiliate and merchant networks worldwide. The main problem that some complain about in this platform is their time-consuming pre-qualification processes. As an affiliate, you need to sign up as a co-marketing partner of each brand that you want to promote, which takes a significant amount of time, especially if you want to sign up as an affiliate of multiple merchants.
  1. Leadpages Partner Program — This is another popular program that’s designed for affiliates who are promoting digital marketing tools to their target niches and industries in the online business and digital marketing space. The best perks of this platform, according to many of their affiliates, is the ease in selling this product to the right audience. On the contrary, being limited to small micro niches because of the beneficial features of the Leadpages product is what also restricts the growth and expansion of their affiliate network.
  1. StudioPress Affiliate Website — This is mainly designed for affiliates that specialize in online business niches and the digital marketing industry. What can significantly improve the results of your promotional efforts in this platform is when you target WordPress developers or businesses that want to build their Web properties using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), and also when you focus on a buyer market that’s on the lookout for WordPress themes and the like. But even with their highly specialized focus, this is among the most popular affiliate marketing programs this year.
  1. CJ Affiliate Publisher’s Program — An experienced platform when it comes to affiliate marketing, they’ve been in business for the past 20 years. That’s two decades of affiliate marketing management experience for you. They also host a diverse collection of products for you to promote. The only downside to this platform is their strict and very thorough vetting processes for both affiliates and merchants. However, this can also be a positive benefit for your business. That’s because you can rest assured that you’ll be working with legitimate merchants and affiliates when you use this platform.
  1. Bluehost Affiliate Program — This is another niche affiliate program that’s designed for affiliates whose traffic mainly consists of webmasters and businesses that are looking for ways to cost-effectively host their content and Web properties. So if you aren’t catering to these niche markets, then you’d rather join another network.

These are the top 10 affiliate marketing programs of 2019. You can take a closer look at each of the options in this list that exactly matches your needs, requirements and parameters for your affiliate marketing campaign plans this year. This way, you’ll know which platforms are likely to provide you with the best bottom-line results for your efforts.