We List all the Routes to Market that Integrated Marketing Services Will Use in 2019

The most suitable integrated marketing services for your business can greatly boost your bottom-line results. But you should carefully choose the right agency. They should be able to cost-effectively help build a distinguishable image and a brandable voice for your business. They should also be capable of doing this through the most relevant media channels and content publishing networks at the moment for your target customers and ideal partners.

This is also the main reason why the best agency for your business should be able to customize their integrated services for your exact needs and requirements. Remember, certain industry trends and technological breakthroughs can significantly alter the behavior of your target audiences and the movement of your ideal markets.

For example, traditional content publishing networks like television, print and radio dominated over all other media platforms across many countries all around the world a couple of decades ago. But with the massive adoption of the Internet, these networks began to lose significant market share. Today, television is rapidly being replaced by VoD (video on demand) platforms and other media content repositories. It’s the same with radio and print, especially with the unprecedented popularity of social media and mobile apps. What also sealed the deal for these traditional platforms is the massive adoption of the mobile Web across almost all countries worldwide.

Faster and much better ubiquitous Internet connectivity like the upcoming 5G mobile network, is intended to be rolled out by many ISPs (Internet service providers) all around the world this year. This is another game-changer. Your business should be prepared for the stuff that can change regarding the relevant activities, behavior, shopping habits, lifestyles, content viewing preferences and hobbies of your ideal prospects and existing customers. The right integrated marketing services can help you do this. To guide you on choosing the right agency — Your chosen provider should have significant expertise and knowledge in helping your business establish the quickest paths to market for your latest offers through these strategies this year:

The Right Provider of Integrated Marketing Services Can Help Your Business This 2019

  1. Brand Positioning Across Relevant Social Media Platforms — This should still be among your top priorities this year. Many of your existing customers and ideal prospects are bound to frequently hang out in their favorite networks and social groups. But you should of course identify the social media platforms and online communities where they frequently visit and participate in relevant discussions. Knowing where they’re hanging out can also allow you to observe their activities, content interests and behavior. The expert resources of your chosen agency should be able to do this and update the details of your ideal customer profile. This can in turn help you develop more captivating, enticing and compelling offers, ads, organic content posts, pre-sell and sales materials across these social media platforms.
  1. Advertising Campaigns in VoD Repositories — According to many research groups worldwide, billions of users all around the world spend a significant amount of time searching and watching videos on the Web through popular video on demand (VoD) repositories like Youtube and Netflix. Similar to your brand positioning efforts in relevant social media platforms, you should also create and run compelling advertising campaigns in these VoD networks. But you should of course align your video ads to the timely interests, activities, behavior, lifestyles, habits and preferences of your ideal prospects and target customers. That’s after you pinpoint the exact VoD repositories that count the most for your intended audiences. You can do this with the help of your integrated marketing agency. They should be able to assist you in creating attention-grabbing ad headlines, enticing video ad content and compelling marketing messages. They should also be able to guide you on driving traffic from these networks to your irresistible opt-in offers.
  1. Mobile App Development & Marketing — Your provider of integrated marketing services should be able to help you develop a compelling mobile app if you don’t have one yet, or to improve your existing one. What should be integrated into your mobile app is a quick and easy to use interface design that can give your customers and prospects the optimum user experience they deserve, enough to entice them to virally share your app and talk about your brand with their peers. This can significantly widen your market reach, strategically position your brand across your ideal communities and produce much better traffic and conversion margins for your business.
  1. Co-Marketing Partnership Sourcing — Your chosen provider should also be able to boost your affiliate marketing results. If they know what they’re doing, then they should be capable of helping you identify your ideal co-marketing partners. They should also be constantly growing and nurturing a ready network of affiliates and merchants that are suitable partners for your business. The best agencies have the right knowledge and expertise in guiding you on how to optimize your affiliate offers, partnership propositions and co-marketing partnership agreement sign-up materials for your target prospects, especially for the merchants and affiliates in their network. What you should end up early this year are more affiliates and B2B (business to business) partners for your brand through the assistance of your chosen agency.
  1. Competitor Analytics — Your chosen provider of integrated marketing services should also be capable of performing deep analytics on your top competitors and what they’re currently doing across your target market segments. They should be able to pinpoint your top direct competitors with the best performing organic content placements, advertising and marketing campaigns that are most relevant to the places where your ideal prospects and existing customers hang out. They should then be able to create a shortlist of the cost-effective things your top competitors are doing at the moment, and the mistakes that they have yet to notice. This can allow you to emulate their successes and avoid their pain points.

These are the strategies and tactics that your chosen integrated marketing agency should have the right expertise and knowledge on. Armed with these things, they should be able to pinpoint the quickest routes to market for your latest offers this year. Through their guidance, you’ll determine the techniques that can enable you to reach your intended audience and strategically position your brand across relevant market segments with as little pain as possible this 2019 and beyond.