What Does an Affiliate Marketing Team Do and Do You Need One?

Today’s affiliate marketing space is growing bigger every year. As the field develops it’s important that big and small companies adapt and make changes. One of the latest trends we’ve seen is businesses hiring a dedicated affiliate marketing team.

Companies who hire and establish a well-rounded team rather than having just one person will see the most return on investment. It’s clear that employing a team of professionals will build an efficient and quality-focused sales funnel for your affiliate marketing efforts.

Having a dedicated affiliate marketing will also work hand in hand with your traditional marketing and acquisition teams to form the foundation of performance-driven marketing team.

Do You Need an Affiliate Marketing Team?

There is a lot of ground which needs to be covered by an affiliate marketing team. It’s a huge sector which encompasses a wide variety of different skills.

With many aspects needed in this line of marketing, it will show in your results if you have a team of people working on affiliate marketing strategies and implementation.

However, smaller companies may only have one person responsible of the many tasks and responsibilities. When a single person is responsible for delivering the entire program, that person is more than likely working either above or below their typical expertise level on at least one aspect of your program.

For your affiliate program to be successful you’ll need a skilled negotiator, a data geek, a heavy lifter, and a creative type. That’s a tall bill and it’s unlikely that you’ll find all those skills in one person. Having a focused affiliate marketing team will mean that you’ll have a stronger strategy, better implementation and better results if you

What Does an Affiliate Marketing Team Do?

Like any strong team, the best affiliate marketing team enjoys a variety of skilled people working on different aspects of your affiliate marketing program. To build a powerhouse team, you’ll need a couple of different players: a Team Leader, an Affiliate Program Manager, Back-end Support and a Graphic Designer.

This mix of skill sets makes a great team who are able to see your affiliate marketing program from start to finish. Let’s break down each team player’s vital role to your potential project:

●     Team Leader

At the helm of every great affiliate marketing team, you need a person responsible for leading and managing the entire team. It’s vital for you that your team has someone ensuring that tasks are being completed in a timely manner, that goals are being met and that people are performing. As well as working closely with the executive team on placement, positioning, budgets and main messaging, then communicating that back to the rest of the team.

●     Affiliate Program Manager

Your main contact person who executes the day to day tasks of your affiliate program. It’s this person’s job to take care of all affiliates, recruit new affiliates, get them set up and motivate them to perform. Your Affiliate Program Manager should be knowledgeable about the affiliate marketing space, know what issues to look out for, how to drive sales and understand numbers. It’s also extremely helpful if they understand basic HTML in order to understand tracking issues and help affiliates with code implementation.

●     Back-end Support

Every online marketing team needs a techie! Your Back-end support person plays a vital role in seeing that your affiliate marketing program is up and running. A Back-end Supporter will help with uploads, tracking issues and questions, fraud monitoring and reporting.

●     Graphic Designer

To produce high quality banners, landing pages and other creative work, it makes sense to have a Graphic Designer in place in any affiliate marketing team you’re putting together. It’s the Graphic Designers job to create new banners with each campaign, create exclusive banners and keep the program and the company looking on brand.

What to Look for in Affiliate Marketing Team

Once hiring managers are informed about the basics of affiliate marketing and are ready to begin finding candidates, they should consider the following in the recruitment process:

  • Attitude: The affiliate sector is always changing, so look for people who have a deep desire to learn, ask them questions and find out what motivates your prospective employee. When hiring for junior positions, look for those who will be most likely to move into senior roles.
  • Skill Level: Every role in an affiliate marketing team is important, but remember to make sure skill sets align with job descriptions. Hiring a team with different levels of experience is key. Don’t have senior team members doing basic tasks, like reviewing affiliate applications or writing newsletters. On the other hand, don’t start junior members working on strategy or forecasting.
  • Ethical Standards: Always hire people who have high ethical standards because relationships and reputation are still a key part of affiliate marketing. Employ team members who will help build a great reputation for the affiliate program. Nurturing and developing relationships with major players in the industry can mean the difference between success and failure.
  • Experience: Experienced Affiliate Managers are challenging to find. Rather than relying on announcements, maintain a constant search for top talent. You’re likely to find the experienced affiliate manager of your dreams at industry events, like Rakuten Marketing Symposium, CJ University, and the yearly Affiliate Summit Marketing Conference.

Should I hire an In-House team or Freelancers

As you consider hiring an affiliate marketing team, you should also think about whether all of the team members must be in-house, or whether certain positions could be outsourced.

●     In-house Team

There are a couple of benefits for hiring an in-house affiliate marketing team. Employing and bringing professionals in-house gives you much greater control over your own marketing strategy. You are able to decide who to partner with and how it will fit in with your wider marketing activities.Having your team  in-house allows you to see the fails and successes of your programme. When your team gathers this valuable insight into what resonates with your customers the most, you can utilise this data in your other marketing channels. This valuable information may not be available to you when outsourcing your affiliate marketing program.

●     Freelancers

It’s common for businesses to take affiliate marketing to freelancers or agencies.  They essentially act as your consultants, using their experience and expertise to find the right programme for you, with the right partners.

If you’re already outsourcing your marketing activities then you may want to use the same agency for your affiliate marketing. This will give you an integrated approach across all channels. Another benefit is that the process will be more efficient, with everything housed in one place.

Affiliate marketing programs are a pivotal driving force behind many company’s online marketing strategy. To ensure success in your affiliate marketing program and get the most ROI, hire a dynamic affiliate marketing team that can strategically maneuver this changing space.