What is the Affiliate Marketing Company Clickbank and How do they Work?

When it comes to ecommerce and affiliate marketing, Clickbank is doing a good job at making sure they remain a reputable household brand for the past several years. They primarily focus on providing beneficial features to digital info product developers like content publishers, ebook authors, online video course creators, business coaches and the like. A lot of marketing software development groups and independent programmers are also continuing to benefit from Clickbank’s ecommerce portal. At a quick glance, they’re an affiliate marketing company that concentrates on offering businesses in these niches and industries to reach more of their target market segments worldwide.

Their ecommerce portal and affiliate marketing network aren’t just for these merchants. Other businesses and service providers can also use them to great success. For example, subscription-based software as a service (SAAS) platforms have been using Clickbank and generating much better revenues and viral marketing results from their campaigns. So are business consultants, coaches for a variety of fields and subject areas among others. Some service providers like roofers and the like are also reporting significant improvements to their marketing and advertising results through Clickbank’s ecommerce portal and affiliate marketing system.

Affiliates are also continuing to take advantage of the beneficial features that Clickbank has to offer through their ecommerce platform and affiliate marketing network. They’re signing up as co-marketing partners of top selling Clickbank merchants and other vendors with promising products that are aligned to the interests of their subscribers, regular viewer traffic, community members, mobile app users, fans and followers. Because of Clickbank’s easy to use affiliate marketing system, you can conveniently start to promote the products of the merchants in their network to your own traffic in no time. This enables you to quickly earn commissions from each sale that your efforts generate for your chosen Clickbank merchants.

As a credible affiliate marketing company, they also offer a secure payment processing platform for merchants, affiliates and their target customers. Plus, they implement strict vetting processes and pre-qualification procedures. This ensures that only legitimate merchants and affiliates with whitehat promotional tactics and marketing strategies can join their network.

What exactly can you expect when you use Clickbank for your online sales and marketing activities as a merchant, or for your targeted traffic generation and lead conversion ventures as an affiliate? To summarize — Here’s a quick list of the primary benefits and advantages that many businesses and affiliates have been enjoying from this ecommerce platform and affiliate marketing network for the past several years now:

Clickbank As a Suitable Affiliate Marketing Company for Merchants & Affiliates

  1. Easy to Use Platform — Clickbank offers merchants and affiliates an easy to use portal for their collaboration activities and co-marketing partnerships. Many businesses Like TalkingAds Ltd. consider Clickbank’s ecommerce platform as among the simplest to use out there today. All they need to do is sign up as a merchant to access Clickbank’s merchant panel dashboard. This makes it quick and straightforward for them to list their products and latest offers. They can also immediately pitch their listings to Clickbank’s affiliate network by simply setting each of their products as an affiliate offer with commission percentages and other details.

It’s quick and easy for you to join Clickbank’s affiliate network. As soon as you’re pre-qualified and vetted to become a registered affiliate, you’ll be able to access the affiliate offers of Clickbank merchants in a wide variety of niches and industries. You can then study the current performance of each affiliate offer through a simple to use Web panel, enabling you to choose the most suitable products to offer to your subscribers, users, regular viewer traffic, fans and followers. The dashboard that this affiliate marketing company provides affiliates like you is also integrated with intuitive collaboration tools. These can allow you to optimize your campaigns, view real time results, access marketing materials from merchants, communicate with them and so on.

  1. Secure Payment Processing — You can take advantage of Clickbank’s bundled payment processing system with your merchant subscription in their ecommerce portal. This means you no longer need to sign up for a third party merchant account, which can take a lot of your time, energy and money just to get one. We’re not even talking about the resources you’ll need to integrate these third party tools into your own shopping cart. They also offer fair and reasonable fees for using their payment processing system.

Clickbank implements the most advanced industry standard protocols for securing their payment system.The financial and personal information of your customers are kept secure and confidential at all times. This can boost the trust of your customers on your shopping cart and checkout processes, which can in turn increase your conversions and customer acquisition rates. This is quite beneficial for both merchants and affiliates alike.

  1. Thorough Vetting Processes & Post Monitoring Systems — It’s usual for an affiliate marketing company to have strict pre-qualification processes for accepting merchants and affiliates. After all, they’re interest is in protecting the stability and integrity of their network. So they go great lengths to ensure that spammers, criminal syndicates and other malicious groups or individuals posing as legitimate merchants and affiliates are spotted early on. That’s before they’re able to join and take advantage of their payment processing platform and commission payout systems for their illegal purposes.

Clickbank doesn’t stop there. Their staff is trained to constantly monitor and take a closer look at merchants and affiliates who seem to be implementing borderline spam advertising and unscrupulous marketing tactics. They flag these individuals and groups, in order for them to carefully study and know for sure if they should be allowed to continue using their network, or if they need to be booted out. This protects the interests of their legitimate merchants and affiliates.

These are the most beneficial advantages that Clickbank can offer merchants and affiliates like you. They also provide a readily accessible database of guides, tutorials and resource materials that aren’t only meant for conveniently teaching you how to use their ecommerce portal and affiliate marketing system. Rather, this regularly updated database is also full of the newest strategies and tactics that can help boost the results of your current advertising and marketing campaigns.