Which Marketing Development Routes Will You Be Trying This Year and Why?

The fastest routes to market for the latest products and service offers of your business aren’t always the most cost-effective ones. Especially since we’re talking about different business models that are competing in a wide variety of niches and industries across various countries, local areas and communities all around the world. So keep this in mind when you’re strategizing and re-aligning your marketing development campaigns for your business this 2019. Here are a few other crucial aspects that you should remember:

Consider This When Restructuring & Improving Your Marketing Development Plans This Year

  1. Your Ideal Customer Profile — As always, this is among the most important things that you should carefully consider while creating your marketing, advertising and product development campaign plans. Regardless if you’re competing in B2C (business to consumer) or B2B (business to business) markets, really getting to know the relevant interests, needs, shopping habits, content viewing preferences, activities, lifestyles and hobbies of your ideal prospects can provide you with a lot of advantageous benefits.

For one, you’ll be able to identify the types of products and offers to develop for them this year. You can also improve your newest products and services by studying the details of your ideal customer profile. By pitching solutions that can correctly address their problems, interests and needs at this very moment, you’ve just significantly increased the likelihood of selling more of your products to your target audiences.

Another advantage is that you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact places, platforms and activities that are most relevant to your ideal prospects and existing customers this year. This enables you to dig even deeper and integrate their timely interests, content viewing preferences and other relevant things into your ads, organic content, pre-sell and sales materials. Aside from being able to consistently drive more highly convertible traffic from the right social media networks, online communities, groups, mobile apps and publishing platforms — You can increase your chances of publishing content that can suddenly go viral across your ideal markets. This in turn can dramatically improve your conversions and customer acquisition rates, which obviously results to higher sales margins for you. So keep this in mind when creating and enhancing your marketing development strategies for your business this year.

  1. Your Ideal Affiliate Profile — The right co-marketing partners can drastically enhance the results of your promotional efforts for your newest products and latest offers. Imagine having a group of third party content publishers, desktop software and mobile app developers, site owners, social media influencers, online community administrators, bloggers, lead generation specialists and so on actively promoting your products and services for you, without any additional cost on your part. You only need to pay a fixed commission percentage for each sale that they generate for your business. They do all the rest on their own, so you can sit back and relax as you watch your traffic numbers, sales margins and repeat business results grow exponentially as you constantly build and nurture your affiliate network. Plus, this can drastically cut down your advertising costs and marketing expenses, all while generating much better bottom-line results for your business.

Knowing which co-marketing partners are most suitable for your latest offers and newest products isn’t as simple as it sounds. What’s more challenging is convincing the right ones to partner up with your business, as well as ensuring that they stick with you for your future products and service offers. That’s why you need to know their commercial interests, needs and activities at any moment. So you should constantly update the details of your ideal affiliate profile. Include this in your marketing development plans this year, and you’re gold. That’s because you’ll be able to know where to find them, how to present your value propositions to successfully convince many of them to sign up as your co-marketing partners, and what to do to keep them interested in being your affiliates.

  1. Your Ideal B2B Partner Profile — Although affiliates can be considered as your B2B partners, there are third party establishments that can provide you other benefits and advantages aside from those offered by having the right affiliates. For example, an Internet marketing agency that knows what they’re doing can give your business a lot of key advantages, specifically for your marketing and advertising requirements. For one, the right agency with suitable expertise and knowledge in your target niches and in the industry where your business operates can provide you with way much cheaper options over having an in-house team doing all these things for you. Imagine outsourcing your day-to-day marketing and TalkingAds limited activities to the hands of capable resources who have already been vetted to possess suitable expertise and knowledge in relevant subject areas, and ready to start any time as they also already have a streamlined work environment with the right set of tools, technologies and support systems in place.

Contrast that with the time, energy, money and other valuable resources that you’d need to invest just to start an in-house team. Remember, experts in a specialized field almost always tend to produce much better results than those with beginner to intermediate skill sets. Plus, they can avoid making mistakes that might be expected when you’re working with individuals who have limited experience in doing what you require.

Another advantage of knowing the right B2B prospects to keep an eye out for this year is the access that you can get to much better suppliers, service providers, advertising networks, production facilities and the like. You can even discover untapped market segments with communities that are likely to be interested in your products and service offers. By partnering up with third party establishments with non-competing products in these markets, you’ll be able to grow and expand your reach and brand positioning across these markets. For example, if you sell clothes for children, then forging a mutually beneficial B2B cross sales and traffic exchange marketing arrangement with a credible toy store that’s quite popular in other countries and areas outside your target zone can produce higher sales margins for you.

These are the main things that you should consider when creating and restructuring your marketing development campaign plans for your business this year. Keep these things in mind and compare each one against your current needs, requirements, available resources and existing network connections. This way, you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact areas in each of these things where you should focus your time, energy and investments on.