Why are Bloggers the Secret to the Success of Effective Affiliate Marketing Management?

Successful affiliate marketing management is a streamlined collaboration between businesses and their co-marketing partners. In this arrangement, merchants (businesses) consistently get larger volumes of highly convertible traffic, higher conversions and customer acquisition rates, and much better repeat sales and viral marketing results. On the other hand, affiliates (co-marketing partners) manage to consistently produce significant commissions from their efforts through cost-effective advertising and organic marketing campaigns.

What is the role of bloggers in all this? Why are they considered by many experts in the industry as the secret to the successful affiliate marketing management strategies of many businesses and co-marketing partners? Here’s a brief shortlist of the top reasons why many bloggers can serve as crucial components to the cost-effective campaigns of merchants and affiliates alike:

Why Bloggers Are Important in a Successful Affiliate Marketing Management Strategy

First, bloggers can be merchants who sell products. For example, some bloggers are small scale creators of hand-crafted products like souvenirs, scented candles, soaps and so on. They blog about their ways and means of producing their wares. They assist others who want to also learn how to create these products. They recommend suppliers of raw materials near certain areas. They also teach others how to find the best shops that sell the stuff they need.

Second, many bloggers are freelancers and independent service providers. They blog about manual solutions and helpful guides on how to do certain things. Some of them sell their services, while others create digital information products like ebooks, video courses and so on. For example, there are quite a handful of bloggers who sell content writing, Web development and software programming services to local and overseas companies. Others sell their carpentry-related services to their local readers while they educate them on relevant DIY (do it yourself) projects. There are also lots of bloggers who teach their readers how to make money on the Web while selling their one-on-one coaching services to assist their target students in their entrepreneurial initiatives. As you can see, these bloggers are also merchants.

Third, there are many bloggers who are continuing to earn significant amounts of income as affiliates. They blog about hot news, controversial topics and popular social media conversations in certain niche topics, all for the benefit of their target readers. When it can be quite helpful for their readers, they recommend products and service offers from merchants that they have an affiliate arrangement with. Most of them also build their mailing lists of readers, and this is where they pitch their affiliate products and offers.

Fourth, bloggers can become wildly popular, well-respected social media influencers in a variety of niches and industries where they have specialized expertise and authority knowledge. This can greatly contribute to their success as merchants and to the success of their affiliates. That’s because as merchants, they’ll be able to sell a lot of their products and services because of their reputation across their target markets. On the other hand, it can be more straightforward for their affiliates to earn commissions when they drive targeted traffic to their newest offers, all because of their authority knowledge and credibility in their specialized subject areas.

On the other hand, this can also greatly contribute to their success as affiliates. That’s because they have the capacity to consistently drive large volumes of highly convertible traffic to the latest products and deals of merchants in their co-marketing arrangements. Also because of their credibility and expertise — Many of their subscribers, regular viewers, fans and followers trust their recommendations.

To summarize, all these things make bloggers an important component of a streamlined affiliate marketing management strategy. As affiliates, they can consistently drive highly convertible traffic to a merchant’s relevant offers from their mailing list subscribers and regular viewers. As a merchant, they can help other affiliates to earn significant amounts of income each month, especially because their blogs serve as an optimized channel to show their niche expertise in relevant subject areas to the traffic that’s sent to them by their affiliates.

How can you find the right bloggers to help you out with your campaigns as a merchant? The fastest and most cost-effective way is to work with a credible affiliate marketing management company. The best ones constantly grow and nurture a network of affiliates, most of whom are ready to promote your products to their regular viewer traffic, subscribers, mobile app users, community members, fans and followers. TalkingAds Ltd suggests that you  zone in on an agency that specializes in your target niches and in the industry where your business operates. This way, you’re bound to find the most suitable bloggers to partner up for your latest marketing campaigns.

You can also do this even if you’re an affiliate. Especially if you’re presently looking for merchants with viable co-marketing programs and relevant products that have significant social proof of value for your target audience. What you can do is find an affiliate marketing agency that knows what they’re doing and join their network.

Another cost-effective way to find the right marketing agency, for both merchants and affiliates, is to join a reputable B2B (business to business) network. Focus on B2B groups in professional communities that are dedicated to topics and discussions relevant to your target niches and industries. You can find many of these social groups in LinkedIn, Facebook and a variety of popular Web forums among others.

You’re likely to find a handful of credible affiliate marketing companies in these Web communities. That’s because they hang out in the same places where their target audience spends time. Another reason is that many of these social groups have marketplaces where they can advertise their subscription offers and services.

This provides you with the opportunity to learn more about each affiliate marketing management team that you’re interested in. Many merchants and affiliates are likely to leave ratings and reviews about their experience in working with each agency in your shortlist. You can even directly contact them to request for more information about these affiliate marketing companies. Once you find the best one, don’t forget to start out with a short term subscription. This way, you won’t spend too much time, energy and money while you’re still verifying if they can really deliver what they promise.