Why Do Marketing Consulting Services Carry Out an Audit of Your Website?

A digital marketing agency is not a substitute of the selling function. They are facilitators and enablers of the marketing function. One of the fundamental and preliminary steps conducted by a marketing agency is an end-to-end assessment of your online presence. A website audit is also an ongoing process and takes place during and even after the ad campaigns have been executed in full. To assess your website for its UI, UX and SEO efficiencies, a complete digital audit is not a stand-alone but an interconnected and on-going requirement.

  • An Assessment Of The Overall Web Performance Of Your Brand

Marketing consultancy services take up the onerous task of auditing your web performance since the weaker is the performance, larger must be the marketing budget. There is no point in devising a cost-effective pricing for the digital marketing campaign, when the overall website rankings are poor. The web agency cuts a sorry figure in front of the client when conscious marketing efforts fail to yield tangible results because of poor performance of the website. To avoid such problems, an extensive website audit in conducted well in advance so that remedial measures can be budgeted for.

  • Evaluation Of Search Engine Visibility Of Your Website

The most popular type of audit is SEO audit. Businesses invest in website marketing consulting services with the chief intention of getting listed in the search engine result pages in a competitive manner. An SEO audit ensures that your website is geared to generate maximum traffic out of search queries. The website is checked for optimum implementation of organic SEO practises and ruling out of black hat practises like keyword stuffing, duplicate content etc. Websites are checked for various SEO related factors such as meta titles, indexed pages, loading speed, back links, error pages and HTML validation, that may have an effect on on-page and off page SEO. With the recent Panda 4.2 and mobilegeddon updates from Google, every business needs to optimize its website’s SEO features.

  • Conversation Optimization Audit

When the number of leads are satisfactory but the sales figures are not proportionately rising, then there is a problem in the website’s conversion capabilities. Onsite conversion issues are brought to light by this audit. Whether appropriate CTA  (call-to-action) buttons are available, whether navigation is clear and easy and whether the landing pages are customized to the search preferences of visitors are all brought to light by the CRO audit of your website.

  • Enhancing The Website Health Of Your Business

Evaluating a website for its usability is no longer a technical function of the IT department. It is an essential function in marketing and any agency that extends marketing consulting services assesses the website of its clients for various technical factors like web architecture, layout, responsiveness, downtime, caching, site speed etc., to  mention a few. When a business puts in place proper safeguards for smooth technical performance and user experience, all deficiencies are removed and potential conversion opportunities are identified by the digital marketers.

  • For Protecting The Privacy Of Consumer Personal Data

A website security audit is often conducted by marketing consulting services to ensure that all personal and confidential data that are shared by consumers on the web pages of the business remain safe. Any failure to scam-proof your website will result in negative publicity and expensive litigations, causing damage to brand repute. Vulnerable areas are covered and any gaps thereof are rectified immediately. The website is assessed for penalty issues using a red flag audit.

  • Finding Out Weak Points In Your Social Media Presence

A Social Media Audit scans the performance potential of the online presence of your business in popular social platforms. It is also called as a social media presence audit. Being influential on the social media is a traffic accelerator to your website. The type of content used on social media, the channels and tools used for the same are analysed for optimum performance.

  • Competitor Intelligence And Market Research

Businesses can gain a vantage position when they get the websites of their competitors audited to get deep insights into their selling strategies. Analysing a competitor website will unravel precious opportunities that can be exploited by a business. A business can tweak, sharpen and refine its own digital marketing strategies based in competitor audit. It helps in a realistic SWOT analysis of the business and helps in conducting intelligence on competitor selling strengths. Auditing multiple websites becomes a starting step in market research. Another type of audit called the negative SEO audit, brings to light any unscrupulous and callous practices undertaken by competitors to dampen the SEO rankings of your business.

  • Disadvantages Of Not Getting A Website Audit Done

Marketing consulting services always recommend timely audit of websites. A failure to do so might lower SEO position. When users do not find your website friendly and fast, they may not hesitate to switch brands. Slackened web performance may lead to futility of marketing efforts. It hampers conversion and retention possibilities. Finally it leads to loss of banking on potential and marketable opportunities.

There are several other types of audit like backlink audit, adwords audit, technical audit, on-site audit, content audit and duplicate content audit, that may be used by marketing consulting services specialists as proactive measures to justify the marketing spend. The audits may be conducted on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis. There are many free online tools for conducting website audits. However, they may not be so comprehensive as an exclusive website audit conducted from the scratch.

Among all other advantages, the  most significant and direct one is the assessment of the core selling abilities of your website. Selling ability of a website is the capacity of the web pages to draw traffic; traffic that qualifies for conversion. A website audit presents a realistic and objective picture of the online marketing potential of your firm, to attract and retain customers.