Why LinkedIn are Classed as Professional Marketing Services These Days!

The professional marketing services industry has long relied on referrals for fuelling business growth. Trust and excellent relationships are the consequence of creating and building on hours of recommendations and networking tools from existing clients. While word-of-mouth publicity is valuable, what matters most is the use of social media. LinkedIn is a professional networking channel which has the potential to tap connections and expand your business. It can impact professional marketing services and form an integral part of your brand building efforts.

  • Build a Stronger Audience

Attending network events can get you only so far. Bounded by factors like geography, logistics and time, these methods of connecting are still primitive compared to LinkedIn. Search for a connection and build strong networks on LinkedIn. While connecting on LinkedIn, include a personal message for reaching out. It needs to be relevant, helpful and add tremendous value.

  • Leverage Opportunities

Research shows that close to 59.9% of professional marketing services clients consult social media before arriving at a decision to purchase a product or service. Close to 70% of them opt for LinkedIn. Consider that only 8% use Twitter and fewer of around 26% use Facebook, YouTube and Google Plus along with other social media channels. Using LinkedIn, access touchpoints with the people met at networking events.

Look for connections within the same organisation you can connect with who are potential decision makers or influencers. Multiple touchpoints ensure you remain primarily on the mind of all key stakeholders. It is possible to upload existing contacts database to sales navigators and platforms like HubSpot for integrating seamlessly, enabling the accrual of valuable and actionable insights on LinkedIn within the HubSpot contact and company profiles. Build on this platform for spurring professional marketing services and growing your business.

  • Gain Authority

Once LinkedIn empowers you to have the attention of prospects, you need to create trust and build authority to show who are the market experts and promote your business. Search for opportunities to take part in discussions and offer practical advice and practical tips where possible.

Always aim to help, not merely sell. Search for trends in the topics for discussion, if the same questions keep coming up. LinkedIn profiles, which build authority, are also shared with connections and followers in news feeds and notifications. LinkedIn members that are not present in the present network follow from the article and finally dependant on profile settings, the article may be easy to search on and off LinkedIn.

  • Garnering Expertise

Positioning yourself as an expert in LinkedIn Groups allows opportunities to be leveraged. You can build a reputation, gain fresh contracts and referrals. In a crowded marketplace, going the extra mile is important. Shoot videos when talking through specific client problems and posting them on YouTube. YouTube integrates with LinkedIn meaning videos will play inline in the feed for people. A smartphone is enough and all you need is good lighting and sound quality.

  • Measure Results

As with different elements of the marketing strategy, the effectiveness of the professional marketing services also need to be checked. For this, one needs to measure the effectiveness of social strategies, test back against progress for goals and ensure time and resources are effectively utilised. With LinkedIn, one can monitor results such as increase of connections, likes and content shares as well as follower engagements with the company page. Further, the pages can be showcased. Setting goals on a quarterly or monthly basis is important while searching for trends.

Other LinkedIn metrics can show up in CRM or Google Analytics or HubSpot. One can check the sources, report and filter through social media. The aim for LinkedIn referral traffic is converting leads into customers. For this to take place, clear conversion opportunities and websites that are easy to navigate and rich with useful content retain the visitor’s interest. Growing your audience and reaching out consistently is important. LinkedIn can help you to do both.

  • Locate Targeted Customers and Connections

Targeting on LinkedIn is unparalleled when it comes to online advertising. Small businesses can zero in on the exact industry, job role and company size that would result in products or services being purchased. Staying on the radar of customers is easy. Small businesses can generate leads on LinkedIn. Clients can inform regarding the kind of people making top quality customers for them.

LinkedIn is the key to finding people who fit the criteria and then introduce them. One can stay in touch with people expressing interest using LinkedIn. We carry out daily status updates and weekly LinkedIn blog posts to present the client’s name ahead of their network. Monthly emails can also share information about the kind of issues clients can solve for customers. Results can be shared and achieved for other customers as well.

  • Grow Your Email Marketing List

LinkedIn contacts can translate into an email marketing list. LinkedIn can prove to be an effective medium used by professional marketing services for connecting with people and further communicating with them via email. Businesses can also utilise sponsored updates onto an individual feed. This Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-1000 impression has demographics similar to other social platforms (gender, age and location) but one key differentiation is the customization of the job title, skills, job function, schools and groups.

Users can target industries that are interest without competing against the noise of irrelevant messages and companies. Sponsored updates can be a wonderful way to promote thought-leadership content useful for targeted audiences with strong CTA. People shy away from pure ads and want something that comes for free.

  • Post Useful and Viral Content

Excellent content can be easily targeted and should accomplish two goals. First, it should impart how to solve problems or do jobs better. It then establishes one as a thought leader in the space. Each aspect leads to more businesses. If one offers real value, you can get authentic results. Posting directly makes it the most powerful tool available on LinkedIn. This is a great way to improve visibility while reaching readers in ways not possible on websites or blogs.