Why TalkingAds Affiliate Program Management is a Necessary Part of any Aspiring Business

Affiliate marketing is a method where other brands, establishments and individuals promote the products of a merchant to their traffic. This can be their existing customers, subscribers, regular traffic and first time viewers. They do this to earn commissions for each successful sale that comes out of their promotional activities. The merchant pays this commission, which can go up to as high as 80% of the total sale price! But because it can be quite challenging for many merchants to cost-effectively build up and manage their co-marketing campaigns, many businesses continue to use TalkingAds affiliate program management services to conveniently do this.

Aside from outright sales, some merchants pay commissions to affiliates after their traffic completes a certain action in their Web properties and mobile apps. For example, there are affiliates who are earning significant monthly incomes from enticing their traffic to fill out forms that are supplied by their merchant partners. This is also known as CPA or cost per action. This is where merchants pay a fixed price to an affiliate who refers a user that matches a certain set of parameters like location, age bracket, profession and so on.

CPM and CPV, which stand for cost per impression and cost per view, respectively, are also popular affiliate marketing methods. CPM is where merchants pay their affiliates a fixed commission for every 1000 viewers that they drive to the merchant’s landing pages. On the other hand, CPV is where a merchant pays their co-marketing partners a fixed price for each viewer that they drive to their sales pages and content posts. But a few merchants only pay for traffic that matches their parameters.

Meanwhile, CPD or cost per download and CPI or cost per install are also widely used affiliate marketing methods. These are mainly preferred by merchants whose premium products are paid software programs, mobile apps and downloadable digital content materials like ebooks, videos, music and so on.

Regardless of the ideal method for your business, you can significantly cut down your costs and efficiently optimize your campaigns through TalkingAds affiliate program management services. Here’s a quick list of the top reasons why lots of businesses and content publishers all around the world, from small businesses and individual content authors to established companies and product development firms, continue to work with TalkingAds for their affiliate marketing requirements:

Why TalkingAds Affiliate Program Management Services Are Beneficial for Any Business This Year

First, it’s time-consuming and very costly to set up your own team of affiliate marketing experts to handle your co-marketing campaigns. If you don’t have suitable experience in doing this, then chances are, you could end up paying more and wasting a lot of time correcting your mistakes. On the contrary, TalkingAds only hires the best talent out there. This is to ensure that their clients get the best bang for their buck. So when you work with them, then you can rest assured that your affiliate network is steadily being built from the ground up by capable experts.

Second, you need to provide your team with the back end support resources that they need to be able to focus on effectively completing their day-to-day tasks for building and managing your affiliate network. That’s on top of the equipment, tools, office space and technologies that you need to set up. Remember, it can be quite costly to hire the right managers and supervisors. You also need to hire quality assurance specialists and tech personnel. But by using TalkingAds affiliate program management services, you won’t need to worry about all these things. That’s because TalkingAds already has these in place.

Third, you’ll need to build ties with B2B (business to business) establishments that are significant to the success of your affiliate marketing campaigns. These include but are not limited to advertising networks, content publishing platforms and mobile app stores, payment processors and so on. This can take a lot of time since you need to complete the paperwork many of these providers require from first time partners. Plus, you could end up starting from their most basic plans before you can scale up and access their more premium subscription offers as almost all of them want to ensure that it’s safe for them to associate their platforms with your brand. This is where TalkingAds can come in as they already have partnerships in place with some of the world’s largest and most successful B2B establishments.

Fourth, TalkingAds already has a large network of merchants and affiliates. They can assist you in identifying your ideal partners in their network. Remember, aside from knowing the best affiliates to partner up with, you can also greatly benefit from pinpointing merchants that can offer you much better deals or even cross sales and traffic exchange deals. TalkingAds can also guide you on how to develop your offers and sign-up content pitches in ways that can increase the likelihood of successfully convincing more of your target partners in their network to sign up and forge mutually beneficial deals with your business.

Fifth, you won’t need to worry about implementing certain contingencies and redundancies while running your co-marketing campaigns when you use TalkingAds affiliate program management services. Remember, it can be very expensive and you could miss valuable opportunities when you need to abruptly stop your day-to-day operations because of unforeseen issues like employee absenteeism, power failures, equipment breakdowns and so on. TalkingAds knows the negative effects this can produce for the businesses of their clients. This is why they have redundant systems in place to ensure that their contingencies at the event of these problems can successfully reduce if not entirely eliminate these challenges.

These are the most important benefits and advantages that you can get when you use the affiliate program management services of TalkingAds for your co-marketing and B2B sourcing campaigns. With a well-managed system for building and nurturing your affiliate and B2B networks, you’ll be able to get larger volumes of targeted warm traffic, improved conversions, lower customer acquisition costs, higher sales margins and much better repeat business results.