Why Your Internet Marketing Service Needs a Carefully Considered Twitter Campaign

If your business offers Internet marketing service packages, then you should take advantage of the promotional benefits that you can get from popular social media platforms. That’s because you can cost-effectively reach your target customers through these online networks. However, finding the right platforms to promote your online marketing services isn’t as simple as identifying the most popular ones out there today. Instead, you should determine the social media networks that are widely used by your ideal prospects.

When it comes to Internet marketing in general, many analysts claim that the majority of indicators they use today for knowing this point to Twitter as the most suitable social media network for promoting Web marketing service deals and the like.

That’s because there’s a lot of Twitter users and communities with members that have Web development skills, online business expertise and Internet affiliate marketing knowledge. These are mostly Webmasters, site owners, bloggers, online affiliate marketers, independent mobile app developers and Internet content publishers. These can very well be the ideal prospects for your business. That’s because these groups and individuals have a constant need for Web marketing services.

A lot of Web forums and online communities that are wildly popular across the same audiences integrate with Twitter. Many of these platforms allow each of their members to enter their Twitter handles into their user control panels in these sites. This enables their latest Tweets to be displayed in their user profile pages at these online communities. Keep in mind, these Web forums are dedicated to discussions relevant to SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), SMM (social media marketing), PPC (pay per click) / PPM (pay per impression) / PPV (pay per view) / PPI (pay per install) / PPL (pay per lead) advertising, mobile app development, website management, affiliate marketing and Web businesses in general.

That’s why you should take a closer look at Twitter for optimizing the social media promotional campaigns of your Internet marketing service business. There are lots of options for you to cost-effectively do this. Here’s a quick shortlist:

How to Use Twitter for Successfully Promoting Your Internet Marketing Service Business

  1. Organic Content Marketing — Twitter can help you drive organic traffic from your Twitter profile to your content posts in your website and also in your other social media pages. For example, you can create posts and pages in your website, blog and Facebook business page. These can be about interesting topics that can help your target customers to improve the bottom-line results of their online businesses, ecommerce portals and affiliate marketing ventures.

Then, you can post Tweets in your Twitter profile that link to your onsite posts and pages. Don’t forget to include captivating headlines and images as well as compelling call to action messages in your Tweets. Your objective is to entice your followers to check out and reTweet your onsite content and Tweets.

More importantly, you should identify other Twitter profiles with content that’s relevant to your target niches and also to your ideal prospects. Zone in on those with lots of followers that are part of your target audiences. Your objective in these third party Twitter profiles is to participate in relevant discussions and share meaningful content that’s relevant to your own content, products and Internet marketing service offers. Remember, your main priority is to build a solid reputation across those Twitter profiles as a friendly expert resource of timely info, content and advice. So don’t spam the followers of those Twitter profiles.

  1. PPC / PPM / PPV — You can promote your latest offers for your online marketing services in Twitter through these options. You can pay for each click that your ads get (PPC), or for each thousand views or so (PPM or PPV).

You’re advised to promote an irresistible opt-in offer for your paid ads in Twitter. This is a cost-effective way of leveraging the full benefits of your advertising dollars. That’s because not too many users are expected to purchase anything from a website that they’ve just learned about a few minutes ago! So when you do this, they’ll be more receptive of handing over their contact details in exchange for your opt-in offers, which can be discounts for your online marketing services or guides on how to improve their campaigns for their businesses.

  1. PPI — If you have a mobile app for your business, then you can pay Twitter for each app install that you get from your ads in their platform. If you don’t have one, then consider developing a captivating and compelling mobile app for your Internet marketing service business. Remember, having a mobile app allows you to reach your users wherever they are, anywhere in the world, without any additional advertising cost for you.
  1. Optimized Organic Twitter Content Marketing — One of your more important objectives for your promotional campaigns in Twitter is to steadily build your follower base. Your goal should be to have as many targeted followers as possible for the Twitter profile of your business. You can optimize your Tweets and content shares in Twitter by including compelling call to action messages that can remind your viewers to follow your Twitter profile.

For example, you can create a content series for your website or blog. You can then link each post or page under this guide in your Tweets, along with a message reminding your viewers to follow your Twitter profile in order for them to receive updates as soon as your next posts in the series are published.

You can also do this in your website, blog and other social media pages. There are plugins that allow you to easily integrate Re-Tweet or Twitter Follow buttons into each post and page. There are also plugins that can enable you to ask your viewers to first follow your Twitter profile before the rest of the content in your posts can be unlocked for private viewing. For example, you can do this by offering a discount code for your Internet marketing service packages.

By following these tips and recommendations, you’ll be able to take advantage of the benefits that Twitter can offer your online marketing service business. Don’t forget to also take a closer look at Twitter remarketing. This can enable you to display your ads in Twitter to viewers who have already visited the posts and pages in your Web properties where you’ve integrated your Twitter remarketing code. Your ads will be displayed to them while they’re browsing Twitter as a logged in user.